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Hangman Page (c) vs. Bryan Danielson (AEW World Championship Match)

The TBS era of AEW begins with a bang as Hangman Adam Page defends his World Title against Bryan Danielson. It is revealed that the judges are: Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn, and Paul Wight.  When the bell rings the champion goes after the challenger, but he smartly heads out of the ring and does some jumping jacks by the judges. The two men then lock up inside of the ring, and Bryan quickly gets the upper hand by bringing Page down. But when he turns things around, Bryan gets out of the ring again.

They then work several wrist locks, but yet again it is Bryan who gets out and obnoxiously jogs around the ring. Bryan tries to head out of the ring again, but this time Page attacks him with a dive. He misses with a moonsault to the outside, but when Bryan tries to attack him, Hangman connects with a powerbomb to the ring apron. The champion then aims for a Buckshot Lariat, but Bryan rolls out of the ring.

Page goes for another dive to the outside, but this time Bryan avoids it and launches him into the barricade. Danielson then follows that up by slamming him into the ring post, shoulder-first multiple times. Once they get back into the ring they trade chops, but Danielson once again focuses on the shoulder. Bryan attempts to pick up the pace with a crossbody, but Hangman catches him and hits a fallaway slam.

Page then knocks Bryan off the ring apron and he follows that up by launching himself over the top rope to hit Bryan outside of the ring. Danielson looks to respond with a dive of his own, but Page catches him and just launches him across the floor. Bryan then connects with a drop toehold as Adam goes face-first into the steps and that busts him open.

Bryan then takes Page directly to the judges to give them a front-row view of the damage he has caused. Once again, the challenge sends the champion arm-first into the turnbuckle, as he continues to work the arm. Inside the ring, Bryan connects with several headbutts before a series of elbow strikes and then a cross-arm breaker. However, Page eventually connects with his offense, grabbing Bryan before he drives him into the mat.

Bryan aims for a German suplex, but Page lands on his feet and he then hits his own, but Danielson is able to kick out. Bryan and Page spill over the top rope while holding onto each other in a suplex spot. However, when they get to the floor, Bryan once again sends the champion into the ring post. But after that, Page gives his opponent a taste of his own medicine by slamming him into the ring post several times.

Danielson is now busted open and this time it is Page doing his jumping jacks in the ring. Bryan is then checked up on by the doctor, but he waves him away and refuses help. Because of that, Page cracks him with another shot to the head and then wipes Bryan’s blood on his chest.

Page hits countless punches on the top turnbuckle and then unloads with a series of headbutts. Then he launches Bryan from the top rope to the mat, but the challenger is able to kick out. The two men spill to the floor and this allows Hangman to hit the Deadeye! He puts Bryan back into the ring, and then he goes for the Buckshot, but Bryan just collapses to the mat underneath Page’s attempt.

With Page stunned, Danielsonalmost catches him with a roll-up before he locks in the Lebell Lock. However, Page gets out and boots him out of the ring. He follows that with a big moonsault, hitting Bryan who stands on the floor. Back inside the ring, Page misses with another Buckshot Lariat. But, Bryan immediately hits his Running Knees, yet Page kicks out!

When they get back to their feet the two men trade headbutts as they then bounce off the ropes and back into the move. However, that all comes to a halt with a piledriver from Bryan, but the champion kicks out again. Danielson then stomps away on Page and goes for the knee again, but Hangman counters with a powerbomb this time. Yet when he goes to pin him, Bryan locks in a triangle choke.

The champion gets himself out and a back-drop driver folds Bryan in half. Once again, Page sets up the Buckshot Lariat, and he connects and retains his title!

Winner: Hangman Page 

– The Acclaimed are then shown backstage talking about how they stood tall last week. They claim to not be finished with Darby Allin, and next week they’ll be dropping a viral music video about him.

MJF vs. Shawn Dean

Before the match begins, CM Punk sprints down and hits the ring. However, MJF slides out and leaves the ring. Punk then turns around and nails Shawn Dean with a GTS, which means that MJF loses his first match of the year.

Winner: Shawn Dean (via DQ)

– CM Punk then tells MJF that this is his future and that this will happen every time he gets in the ring until he faces him. However, MJF tells Punk everything Punk does induce boredom. MJF points out that Punk said he was dropping this situation last week, but here he is. MJF claims without him, Punk is nothing. He then asks if Punk thinks he is Roddy Piper, because the last time he checked, Piper could headline WrestleMania.

MJF then claims if he doesn’t start getting shown respect, he might go headline a WrestleMania as well. However, Punk tells him to go and see if the grass is greener. He can headline night four of a buy one get one extravaganza show, and get released quicker than he lasts in the sack.

MJF teases that the match will happen next week, but instead, he says Punk can face Wardlow. Punk says the difference between himself, Piper, and a worm-like MJF is he and Piper would fight anyone. He says eventually MJF will run out of people to hide behind and he will put him to sleep.

– Chris Jericho hits the ring to a huge ovation. He says this is a historical night, which gets a “TBS” chant. Jericho says he hasn’t been on TBS since 1999 when he was on WCW Thunder, losing to Booker T. Jericho says it is great to be back anywhere after 2point0 took him out. But he’s back.

Jericho says he didn’t come out last week to save Eddie Kingston, it was to simply get some revenge. But speak of the devil, 2point0 arrive. They point out that the last time they met each other, they gave Jericho a taste of a steel chair. Jericho then mocks them, calling them square head and pinhead. Chris then grabs a bat and says he might just have to hit them right now.

Daniel Garcia makes a sneak attack and the three of them start jumping Jericho. However, Santana, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston make the save as the heels run away.

– Adam Cole is shown backstage with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, and he says he knows it was an accident when Kyle kicked him. But it wasn’t an accident when The Young Bucks helped them. He claims they’re a supergroup. However, he then says that on Rampage, he will face Jake Atlas, and he will buy him a one-way ticket back to Orlando.

Wardlow vs. Antonio Zambrano

Antonio Zambrano heads out of the ring at first while Wardlow gets checked by the referee. Shawn Spears takes the time to grab him and hit a Death Valley Driver on the floor. He throws him in and demands that Wardlow pins him. However, Wardlow has other ideas, and he hits five Powerbombs before winning.

Winner: Wardlow

Jade Cargill vs. Ruby Soho (TBS Championship Final)

Ruby Soho and Jade Cargill stare each other down and then lock up to kick things off. Cargill uses her power, throwing Ruby across the ring as she then hits an impressive kip-up. However, Ruby fires back with several forearms before goading Cargill to the outside. She then hits a winning kick and a shotgun dropkick to Jade.

However, Cargill gets in the ring first and she takes advantage as Ruby gets in, kicking Soho. Cargill heads to the top rope, but Soho pulls her down. Mercedes Martinez then makes her way to ringside, but Thunder Rosa charges down and, those two brawl to the back. Cargilllooks for Jaded on the apron but Ruby blocks it.

However, Cargill is able to charge her into the turnbuckle instead. While Jade continues to dominate the power, Ruby looks for a roll-up, which Cargill powers out of. However, Jade misses with an elbow splash in the corner, and Ruby follows it up with a series of kicks.

Ruby begins focusing on the leg with a series of kicks, but Cargill responds with a major pump kick, yet Soho kicks out. The former Riott Squad member keeps fighting though, connecting with a saito suplex. Mark Sterling then heads to the apron to complain, but he gets sent to the back.

Cargill then looks for Jaded, but Ruby reverses with a roll-up, yet she kicks out. Soho then hits No Future, but Cargill kicks out at the last second. Soho then unloads on the bigger opponent with a series of hammer fists. Cargill then gets set to the top turnbuckle, however, she manages to fight back and use her power. Cargill then lifts up Soho and connects with Jaded from the second turnbuckle.

Winner: Jade Cargill (The first-ever TBS Champion)

– Serena Deeb sits down with Jim Ross, and she says this is about hurting Hikaru Shida and claiming her spot at the top of the division. Deeb says the reason they call her the professor is that she has a PHD in this sh*t. Deeb says she takes what she wants. Today, she demanded another match, and that is happening next week on Dynamite. She promises Shida won’t walk out on her own.

Malakai Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian Pillman Jr. is accompanied by Julia Hart, who has an eye patch on. The two men lock up and then split, but as Malakai goes for his finisher, Pillman sits down to avoid it. He then connects with a dropkick and dumps Malakai to the floor as he dives through the ropes with a dropkick.

As they get back to the ring, Pillman looks to springboard back in, but he eats a roundhouse kick instead. Outside of the ring, Black wraps his arm around the ring post and then kicks it into the metal. Back inside of the ring, Black continues to remain in control, working the arm with a submission. Pillman breaks out with a pinfall attempt, but after Brian throws a kick, Black catches it and just drops him to the floor.

Despite that, Pillman fights back and throws Black as the two men then trade chops and forearms. Pillman connects with a clubbing right hand and then an elbow strike. But he then charges into a kick, but once again Pillman fights back, planting him to the mat. Pillman once again looks to springboard from the top rope, but he slips and falls. This allows Black to connect with the Spinning Kick for the win.

Winner: Malakai Black

Malakai then stares down Julia Hart, but the Lucha Bros make their way out. Then the lights go out, and Black is outside of the ring, while the Tag Team Champions are inside of it.

– Ruby Soho is about t be interviewed, but Britt Baker appears and says it is the second time she’s failed to the job done. However, Ruby says Britt has never beaten Riho without any help, so she should go prepare. However, Baker and her group just attack Soho until Riho makes the save and they have to be pulled apart.

The Lucha Bros (c) vs. Jurassic Express (AEW Tag Team Championship Match)

Rey Fenix kicks things off with Jungle Boy with the two men going back and forth early on until Rey nails a dropkick. Both teams make a tag and Penta and Luchasaurus end up staring each other down. He tells him there’s zero fear, but Luchasaurus just eats all of his chops until he drops the champion with one of his own. However, Fenix appears with a superkick to knock him down.

All four men then end up in a row holding hands as Jungle Boy and Fenix springboard back off the top rope and launch their opponents out of the ring. However, they then come back in and take out the others and we are back to Luchasaurus and Penta.

Jungle Boy tags back in and he looks to slide out of the ring, but Penta bends down and then pops him back up onto the apron where Fenix runs across the top rope to nail a kick to the face. The champions isolate Jungle Boy, with Penta hooking his leg across the ropes as Penta hits a running kick to the area. Jungle Boy tries to use his speed to avoid Fenix, but he stops him.

However, Jungle Boy then nails Fenix with a clothesline, turning him inside out as Luchasaurus tags in. He sets up for a double Chokeslam, but the champions fight back and then hit double superkicks. They hit a great double team on the bigger man, but he still kicks out. Penta tries to then dive from the top rope, but Jungle Boy stops him.

Luchasaurus then holds up Penta on his shoulders as Jungle Boy leapfrog them from the top rope to catch Fenix with a Candian Destroyer on the landing, which looks fantastic. But it isn’t enough to get the win. However, Fenix then plants Luchasaurus on his neck, while Penta ends up getting a near fall on Jungle Boy with Made In Japan.

The Lucha Bros look for a double team but the lights then go out. However, when they come back on, nothing has changed. They take down Luchasaurus, with Fenix launching himself over the top rope to the bigger man. Lucha Bros then connect with the combination Fear Factor, but Jungle Boy kicks out!

On the outside, Alex sets up a table. With Luchasaurus on the ring apron, the champions attempt to send him through. However, he grabs Fenix and Chokeslams him through it (this looked like a possible injury for Fenix). However, back in the ring, Jungle Boy manages to counter the Made In Japan with a roll-up as he scores the victory! We have new champions.

Winners: Jurassic Express

– As they celebrate a lot of tag teams make their way out to watch down upon them, while Malakai Black and Chris Jericho are shown watching from a box.

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