Bret Hart Announces New Cartoon Related NFT Venture

Professional wrestling legend and Hall of Famer Bret Hart is launching a new venture into the world of NFT's. He announced his new business endeavor on social media Tuesday, along with the promise of more details to follow.

"I'm excited to announce my upcoming NFT Project, Bret Hart's Cartoon World!" Hart announced. "I've been working on this since the Spring and can't wait to share the details with all of you."

Bret Hart invited his social media followers to join a Discord server for his new project. Hart promised to hold a live AMA on the platform Monday night.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's a digital collectible that has exploded in popularity over recent years.

Last summer, WRARITIES announced plans to release officially licensed NFT's for Bret Hart. However, there is no indication the company released any. None are listed by WRARITIES on the online digital collectible marketplace OpenSea.

WRARITIES did deliver on its promise to release officially licensed NFT's for Jim Cornette. The company continues to sell them today.

WWE took its first steps into the world of NFT's last year. The company's experiences could be considered cautionary tales for Bret Hart and others looking to profit from the NFT boom.

WWE released NFT's for The Undertaker during WrestleMania weekend, which sold out quickly. Silver tokens sold for $1,000 apiece. The rarest Undertaker NFT's sold for even more during online auctions. They included a personal message from The Undertaker, signed memorabilia, and VIP tickets to WrestleMania.

John Cena NFT's were released before SummerSlam with more disappointing results. The NFT's were bundled with collectible merchandise. But during an appearance at the  Florida Supercon last September, Cena said they sold poorly. He called the venture "a catastrophic failure".

Last October, WWE signed an agreement with Blockchain Creative Labs to launch an NFT marketplace for WWE licensed digital tokens and collectibles. Blockchain Creative Labs is a business and creative studio formed by FOX Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment.