Christian Cage Names AEW Star He Has Given “Confidence” On The Mic

AEW star and pro wrestling veteran, Christian Cage, recently caught up with ET Canada to discuss his excitement in teaching today's younger generation of talent. The two men he teams with now, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus, are just as dedicated when the cameras stop rolling.

"That's huge. The business is all about giving back," said Cage. "It's given me so much in my life that I do want to share. I don't know everything, but I feel like I know a lot. I'm still learning this business too. We're all learning. That's a beautiful thing about it — you're never finished learning as a performer. But the knowledge that I do have, I'm very happy to share, especially with people that want to learn and the younger stars that want to learn.

"The two guys that I'm with, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, they're sponges. They pick my brain. We are a legit team. We hang out together, we talk together. We talk during the week and we're not at the arena. We keep in touch and we're always brainstorming. I love their enthusiasm. In turn, it gives me enthusiasm. Just seeing the hunger in their eyes."

Gaining confidence in promo delivery is an area Christian feels he's had a major influence on Jungle Boy. He's also admittedly impressed with the athleticism of Luchasaurus despite the 6ft 5in height of the AEW star.

"With Jungle Boy, for example, he's mentioned before that he was kind of shy about talking. About doing promos and interviews and things like that. I feel like I've helped him come out of his shell and given him confidence. When you have confidence, you can kind of do no wrong," Christian Cage explained. "So he's every time he's speaking, at this point, those are his words. You can just feel the confidence every time that he gets up to bat with one of these promos or interview segments. Every time he gets reps, he's just getting better and better and more confident. I can see it in him.

"I'm so proud of him because I really think he's a future face of AEW. I really think he has that kind of potential talent. Luchasaurus, of course, you know the old saying you can't teach size, but the athleticism that this guy has at his size, it's unbelievable. The sky's the limit for both of them. For me to be a small part in helping them realize their full potential, it's huge for me."