Cody Rhodes made it clear he is not the one deciding the direction of his on-screen character in AEW. He says the responsibility lies solely with Tony Khan.

“I don’t have any say, have you not read the, read the news in terms of I do not book AEW?” Rhodes asked Rasslin’. “I am not the head honcho, actually, the head honcho is coming in, coming in later, ‘The Khan’, as I like to refer to him. I’m not referring to him as TK.”

Cody Rhodes is currently in his third reign as TNT Champion. He won the title from Sammy Guevara on the Christmas Day episode of AEW Rampage. But Rhodes said the traditional transition from one champion to another did not go exactly as planned. That’s left him to carry the TNT Championship belt in a pillowcase.

“Why it’s a pillowcase is because the individual I won it from did not pass the belt bag along, and that’s super taboo,” Rhodes said. “Because it’s such a pretty belt, it’s a very pretty belt. Three times, and it’s in a pillowcase. Three times. So that’s what I think happened.

“And finishes are still tricky,” Rhodes continued. “Once you’ve, once somebody’s found out you’re winning, I’m losing, whatever it might be or how this is going, the last thing you want to do is come back to him an hour after he wrestled or the next day and say, ‘Hey, I need the bag'”.

Cody Rhodes went into more detail about the tradition of the belt bag in professional wrestling. He also acknowledged that Guevara may be too young to know about it.

“The real traditional thing that you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to put the bag in the other person’s bag,” Rhodes explained. “So the bag belt that carries (the title), you’re supposed to put it in their bag before the match happens. I don’t know how taboo this is, I’m just swinging, might have to take it all out, but that’s the rule. You’re supposed to put it in their bag. ‘Oh look, it’s in my bag. I can back it away easy’.

“I would say responsibility is a strong word for it, maybe just a time-honored tradition,” Rhodes continued. “Maybe a time-honored tradition, that Sammy, who is eight years old, I shouldn’t expect to know said time-honored tradition.”

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