Cody Rhodes On What AEW’s Paul Wight Thinks Of ‘Go-Big Show’ Name

When the Go-Big Show was announced, pro wrestling fans immediately drew comparisons of the name to The Big Show, now Paul Wight in AEW. It's something the legendary giant won't let Cody Rhodes forget. Rhodes touched up Wight's reaction to the show's name on today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily.


"I know he is ripping me pretty lighthearted about Go-Big Show being the name," he said, during a recent interview while promoting the series' return for season 2. "At one point The Big Show was actually workshopped as the name.

"I think for him, not so much royalties, but I think he expects some sort of cameo or some sort of element involving him. Because he truly is not only Paul Wight, which is how we refer to him, but he is The Big Show. I've had my run-ins with him, including one at WrestleMania. I can see a little crossover happening. Maybe in season 3. Maybe that is something that will go down. He won't let it sit for too long."

With AEW under the same WarnerMedia umbrella as Go-Big Show, it isn't out of the question to see wrestling stars popping up on a future season. The company is not short on talent, that is for sure, but who do you think would do well on the competition series? Cody Rhodes has a few suggestions of his own.


"Johnny Hungee John Silver because he is genuine would fit into that strongman area," Rhodes revealed. "You have guys like that who are so strong, almost that double tendon strength. Those are two that stand out. Then if you're looking at classic acrobatic and balance and high spots, Private Party, Dante Martin. My gosh, he could just do a vertical. We had a guy in season 1 who just did a vertical leap on different obstacles. I think Dante could be good. So many talents I share in the locker room could do the thing when it comes to Go-Big Show."

Another name that comes to mind for Rhodes is former women's champ Nyla Rose. But maybe not necessarily for the reason you expect. One that goes beyond physical strength.

"I'll also say Nyla has some vocal talents," he said. "Perhaps that is hidden from the world. I may be speaking out of turn here, and if I am, she is going to slap me outside the head. I think Nyla knows how to have a good time and the show is all about having a good time, and at the same time, putting on a really good show."

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