Drew McIntyre On Criticism About Madcap Moss Match At WWE Day One

Drew McIntyre will take on Madcap Moss at WWE's next Pay-Per-View, Day 1, tonight, in Atlanta Georgia. During an interview with SportsKeeda Wrestling, McIntyre discussed Moss receiving this PPV opportunity, and shot down some fans' criticism towards the match.

"I'm excited that he's been given the opportunity now on the big stage to do something. He's 100% committed to the part. He and Corbin are fully invested in the characters, that's why it works. The jokes are terrible, but their reactions to the jokes are hilarious," McIntyre explained. "At the same time, they're both such incredible high-level athletes and people kind of know about Corbin's background, know what he's capable of, but they don't know much about Madcap unless you follow NXT... he crushed everybody every time.

"A few people I can see on the social media, like, 'oh why's Drew doing this match against Madcap or whatever? This isn't a match that should be on there'. Anyone who feels that way, and hopefully you don't, are going to learn a thing or two about Drew McIntyre on a big stage, as you should know already, but also what Madcap's truly capable of. We're going to give them a match they're going to be talking about for a long time."

Drew McIntyre then revealed what his 2022 goals look like in and out of the ring.

"I treat every day like 'Day 1', I always give it, you know, 100%," said McIntyre. "I always assume everyone doesn't know who I am, doesn't know what I'm capable of in the ring, on the microphone, during an interview, especially if they don't follow the product. I want to perform for the people that know me, but also those who don't know me, and keep reinforcing, you know, who I am and always being at the top of my game.

"Specific goals, I mean, I'm gonna eventually fight for the Universal Title, that's the obvious one. That's the inevitable goal, I'm not trying to rush there either, just trying to keep the path I'm on. Outside the ring, I've got big goals — get a UK Pay-Per-View. That, I mention every time. I'm gonna make it happen one way or another."

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