Jon Alba appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily earlier today to promote the brand new podcast he will be co-hosting, The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, which will release it’s first episode this Friday. The first episode does feature an appearance from Jeff Hardy, which Jon was not anticipating.

“I had no idea. I did all the research and prep and had everything ready to go for this show,” Jon said. “And it was just for Matt. I had given Jeff an open invite to come on whenever he wants, he’s a huge part of Matt’s story. I get a text as we are starting and Matt’s like, ‘I may have to get the door at some point,’ I was like, ‘okay, no problem.’ Then he was like, ‘can we stop for a second, I’ve got to go let someone in.’ And then there’s Jeff.

“I’m not kidding you when I say this. The 45 minutes that Jeff is on this show, we break down the match in detail, the ladder match,” Jon said. “It is some of the most insightful, and wholesome pro wrestling podcast content you will ever hear in your life. The genuine excitement that Jeff had in breaking this historic match down with his brother was so heartwarming and so insightful.”

Jon Alba was asked by host Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman how Jeff Hardy was looking and sounding during his appearance. While Alba stressed that this podcast appearance will not address his WWE departure, he did state that Jeff looks good. Jon also said that Jeff is in a good place and focusing on music.

“Jeff, to me, sounded great. I ask him how he’s doing and everything and you’ll hear what he has to say,” Jon revealed. “I want to make it clear, we don’t talk about in this episode what happened with Jeff and WWE. This was not the platform for that or the time or place. I imagine at some point, Jeff will address that when he’s ready to. He has an open invite to do that on The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy.

“But what you’re going to hear from Jeff is about the No Mercy ladder match, and how he’s doing right now. I think everybody has been concerned about how he’s doing. From my observation, he’s in a really good place,” Jon stated. “And I know he’s really excited about his music career that he’s going to start trying to take off again.”

Jon Alba also exclusively revealed what song he will be using for the podcast’s theme. That just so happens to be one created by Jeff Hardy from his time with Impact Wrestling.

“Spoiler too, another exclusive for Wrestling Inc. The theme song for the podcast is Obsolete by Jeff Hardy,” he said. “Which he was using briefly in Impact, but very briefly. I was like, ‘this song is too much of a banger not to give attention to,’ so that is the theme song for the podcast.

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