John Cena Confirms He Has Not Watched AEW

John Cena recently spoke with Pardon My Take about AEW, admitting that he has never watched their product. However, he does believe that competition is a good thing as it brings the best out of everybody in the business.


"I haven't watched AEW. Do I think competition is good? I think competition is great," Cena said. "There is internal competition within WWE about performers wanting to be champion, performers wanting to be headliners. I think whenever there is more buzz around an industry, it is good for the industry.

"It forces all of us to be at our best because if you're not, your segment isn't going to be good. Your performance is not going to be good, you may not have a future with the company you are with, and repeated bad segments from the group means the company isn't going to be good, which means the competition will succeed.

"So, I think competition brings out the best in us. For all my time going out there as a performer, I always wanted to do the best I could possibly do, certainly set the tone for wanting to be the best show between Raw and SmackDown, certainly, have eyes on the segments that I was on. I was fueled by a sense of internal competition."


John Cena also spoke about his social media accounts. The WWE Superstar follows a large number of people, and he revealed why. For Cena, it is all about learning more regarding topics he doesn't know much about.

"I use Twitter, I use Instagram. It's tough to follow the timelines because of how many people I follow. But I am trying to learn more about the world," he said. "I just went into a rabbit hole following EDM dance culture and non-fungible tokens and also Twitch streamers, because I know nothing about any of these avenues of the world.

"Just like people may not know about WWE, like, 'oh, isn't that the fake stuff where this happens?' But there's fandom there and there's passion there and performers and stories. A lot of times we're explaining to people, 'yo, check out how many people follow me. I am really glad to say that 364,000 people allow me to follow them, and I am learning a little bit about each and every person as I go."

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