John Cena Recalls Announcing Death Of Osama Bin Laden At WWE PPV

John Cena was a recent guest on Pardon My Take where he reflected on announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden at a WWE live event. It was something that he felt that the fans deserved to know at the time due to the level of the news.


"So, that was a big piece of news and it just happened. I was being fed the news live, and we were at a PPV in the D.C. area. We are talking this is a piece of news that shuck the United States to its very core with the events of 9/11. I thought it was something that people should know. Like, 'okay, I know this information now, I am in front of this audience. They should know this.' I just tried to think of a way to convey the message," he said. "To make it as digestible as possible and that's what popped into my head."

John Cena continued to talk about the situation, admitting that it was a moment that had a lot of gravity. He also stated the idea was to do it for the live fans, not the broadcast, as he wanted to update people.


"To be in a position where people pay attention to your message. There's no doubt, like I said that's a moment that had a ton of gravity," Cena stated. "I didn't do it for the broadcast, I thought we were off air. I just did it literally for the people in the arena. Because if you're on the broadcast you can click and find the news elsewhere. So I just really did it for the live people in the arena that may not have instant access to that piece of information."

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