JTG and Shad Gaspard had a memorable run in WWE as the tag team Cryme Tyme. But they never held tag team championship gold while they were on the company’s main roster.

“While I was in the WWE, I definitely felt like we, Shad and I, were shafted,” JTG recently told SO CATCH By Hal.

Cryme Tyme debuted on Monday Night Raw in late 2006. The following year they challenged Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch for the WWE World Tag Team Championship on a number of occasions. However, they never won the titles.

JTG and Shad Gaspard were released by WWE in 2007. But quickly returned to the company in 2008.

They had dozens of tag team title matches in 2008, challenging Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase and John Morrison & The Miz. But again, they did not take home the gold.

“Post-WWE career, looking back, I believe having the fans, being the fan favorites is way more important than being tag team champions, you know what I mean?” JTG said. “Because they choose, the company chooses who they put the tag team titles on, but they can’t choose who they want the fans to love. We’ll always be fan favorites, we earned that. WWE didn’t give that to us.”

The title matches for Cryme Tyme started to dry up In 2009. In 2010, WWE broke up the tag team. Weeks later, the company released Shad Gaspard. JTG remained on the roster for several more years before WWE released him as well in 2014.

Before his release, JTG spent years toiling in low-profile matches for WWE. But despite being out of the spotlight, he said he felt he could approach Vince McMahon if he had an idea for his character.

“Vince, when I was there, he wasn’t very hard to get in,” JTG recalled. “I mean you just had to be patient because he’s got a lot of things going on. But yeah, you could definitely knock on his door, he’ll give you a minute or two. You just have to have the balls to go knock on his door.”

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