Kofi Kingston Reacts To WWE Opening The “Forbidden Door”

Kofi Kingston says he was surprised and excited to see WWE open the "forbidden door" and he's happy to see Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Champion Mickie James walking through it to enter the women's Royal Rumble later this month.


"It's so Mickie," Kingston told Bleav In Pro Wrestling. "You know what I mean? I love it. You know, Mickie to me has been like an older sister throughout my entire career. So I'm really excited just to see her, just so we can b.s. a little bit and go back and forth. But I was real happy when I heard that and I think a lot of the fans were happy too because now the intrigue is there, right? Like, what other doors are we gonna open? Who else is gonna be there?

"Now you really have your eyes on the Royal Rumble because I think we've done a great job at bringing people back from the past who have been with WWE and that's one of the main things of the Royal Rumble – one of the main levels of intrigue and excitement that the Royal Rumble brings. It just gives a whole new level because you really have no idea. It can literally be anybody from anywhere coming in at any time.


"So yeah, I'm really excited about the Rumble and when it's in front of people it's just that much better. This is one of – I feel like it's WrestleMania and the Rumble as the top two pay-per-views of the year. People get so excited, man. Like, people in the crowd and the countdowns – like this huge, big-ass party. It's just awesome, man. So, I just can't wait. The energy is gonna be off the chain."

Kofi Kingson has turned the Royal Rumble into a personal showcase for himself, finding creative ways to avoid elimination over the years. However, he admitted that he hasn't spent a lot of time thinking about what he'll try to do next.

"You'd be surprised at how little I do cook on these – on the Royal Rumble," Kingston said. "But now that you start to talk about it, I'm like, man this is right around the corner. Maybe I should start thinking about what's going on out there. But you know, we'll see what happens, man. We'll see what happens. It'll be a great show regardless."

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