MJF Rips Twitter User After Being Called "A White Man In Wrestling"

AEW's Maxwell Jacob Friedman, known for being a loudmouthed heel on television, also applies his outspoken ways when using social media. In this instance, MJF was defending his place in All Elite Wrestling as a Jewish man.

Friedman posted a selfie of his physique and wrote the caption "born better" along with the photo. But someone commented on the post and pointed towards MJF being white and entitled as the reason for his success in pro wrestling.

"I'm glad you can admit "hard work" has nothing to do with your success as a white man in wrestling," they responded. The user eventually deleted the tweet but not after receiving some education from MJF on how he brings diversity to AEW.

"You think antisemites and klansman who attack Jews and vandalize our places of worship daily consider me to be a normal white guy?" Friedman began. "You think 6 million+ of my people who were viciously murdered were considered privileged? Sorry it's not cool to talk about me being a minority https://twitter.com/thall000/status/1479947855028699140.

"Sorry I don't fit your category of making my company diverse," he also added. As the posts garnered more attention and praise from AEW fans, MJF had one last thing to add in true heel fashion.

"I don't need your likes you fu**ing marks," MJF wrote.

You can see the full exchange below: