Road Dogg On Possibly Reuniting With Billy Gunn In AEW

WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James is open to the idea of reuniting with his former tag team partner, Billy Gunn, in AEW.

On Thursday, a fan on Twitter asked James if he would consider joining AEW as a backstage producer. In response, James wrote: "The light bill ain't gonna pay itself!"

Earlier in the day, James confirmed that he was back on Twitter after 15 months, making his first tweets since October 2020.

Through another tweet, James thanked "all the individuals" from WWE NXT, especailly the young talent. This led to several current and former NXT Superstars showing their appreciation for James. Adam Cole tweeted that he expects to see James "down the road," fueling speculation among fans of a possible AEW reunion.

Road Dogg was released earlier this week as part of the mass overhaul to the NXT 2.0 staff. Besides James, several NXT producers, writers and coaches were let go. You can click here for our report on those cuts.