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Terminus: All Roads Lead Here card

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander for ROH Original World Championship in a Pure Rules Match

Bandido (c) vs. Baron Black for the ROH World Championship

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan – IMPACT Digital Media Championship

Moose vs. Mike Bennett

Lee Moriarty vs. Josh Woods

Diamante vs. Janai Kai

JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest in a Terminal Eliminator match

Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi

All matches can be won by pinfall, submission, knockout, or disqualification – unless a substitute stipulation is agreed upon by the wrestlers in the match. There will also be five-second count outs. Time limits will be strictly enforced, with all matches except championship bouts having a 15-minute time limit. Championship matches will have a 20-minute time limit.

– The show was due to begin at 6 pm EST, but it has been confirmed that the event will now start at 6:30 pm EST. The reason given is due to inclement weather in Atlanta and to allow people more time to arrive safely at the venue.

– The show eventually gets underway at 6:22 pm EST as a video package plays highlighting tonight’s matches.

Lee Moriarty vs. Josh Woods

Jay Lethal was due to be Moriarty’s opponent. The bell rings and we get underway as Woods and Moriarty slowly feel each other out. Woods then takes Moriarty down as he tries multiple covers, before taking Moriarty down with a number of arm drags. Both men then reverse each other’s holds before they reach a deadlock as the referee separates them. Woods then manages a unique roll-up, but Moriarty escapes and tries to keep Woods down on the canvas locked in a submission. Woods and Moriarty then reverse each other on the mat. Both men have similar styles so lock-up in a similar fashion as Woods takes some control and builds his confidence in the match.

Woods then takes Moriarty into the corner and delivers a strong boot to the elbow. Moriarty then finds some energy and gets Woods down on and locks Woods into submission on the canvas. Moriarty eventually gets Woods shoulder down but Woods kicks out, as he continues to focus on Woods’ arm. He then manages to get Woods locked into a Crossface. Woods eventually escapes and delivers a devastating German Suplex as Moriarty was caught between the ring ropes. Moriarty then counters Woods with a European Clutch and pins him to pick up the victory.

Winner: Lee Moriarty via pinfall

JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest in a Terminal Eliminator match

Khash and JDX start the match and tags are necessary for this contest, with only two legal men in the ring at a time. Khash and Adam Priest are then in the ring following some tags and they lock up as the 15-minute time limit clock counts down. Khash gets Priest in a headlock but Priest counters, hits the ropes and they both trade arm drags. Adam Priest eventually delivers a dropkick to take Khash down. Khash then gains some control, but whilst he’s in the corner Garcia tags in who now works on Priest. Garcia tags out after trading moves with Priest as he tags in JDX.

Adam Priest has been the longest in this match so far. JDX manages to attempt a pin on him but he kicks out before Priest tags in Khash. JDX and Garcia are now in the ring and they hit the ropes before Garcia drives his knee between the shoulder blades of JDX. Garcia gains an advantage before Adam Priest tags in. Adam Priest works on JDX as Garcia then tags himself in once again. JDX is down as Garcia as Khash chops Garcia into the match. Khash and Garcia then trade chops to tag each other in.  JDX attempts a roll-up in the midst of the chops.

JDX now has the crowd behind him as he plants Garcia with an Elevated Spinbuster. There is some confusion as it appears JDX has been eliminated following a pinfall from Garcia after JDX inadvertently low-blowed himself from an attempted move. JDX is then confirmed as eliminated. All three men are now in the ring. Khash takes out both men before Priest delivers a German Suplex to Khash before Garcia hits a pinfall on Priest to eliminate him. Khash and Garcia are the final two men. There are three minutes left in the match. Khash and Garcia trade open-handed strikes. Khash was knocked out and the referee awards Garcia the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia via knockout

IMPACT World Champion Moose vs. Mike Bennett in a non-title match

Matt Taven joins the broadcast table for this match. This is the first singles match between Moose and Bennett since 2017. Moose offers to shake hands with Bennett. Bennett responds but Moose gives him the middle finger and then takes him down. Bennett then tries to play with Moose as they hit the ropes but Moose knocks him down. Taven says Bennett needs to get Moose down on the mat. Moose sends Bennett out of the ring over the top rope. If Moose were to do the same, he would lose the match as per the Terminus rules.

Moose has Bennett down in the ring as he continues the beating, before sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. Moose is firmly in control now toying with Bennett. Moose lifts him up into the corner of the ring and delivers a devastating chop. He sends him to another corner and does the same. This time, it fires Bennett up and he responds with his own chops. Bennett gets the better of a chop exchange before Bennett hits a superkick. Bennett then hits a huge DDT on Moose, but Moose kicks out of the pinfall attempt.

There are nine minutes left on the clock for this match. Bennett lifts Moose up for the Piledriver, but Moose strikes Bennett and sets himself up for the spear before Bennett rolls Moose up after the Sunset Flip. Bennett goes for another roll-up but Moose kicks out. Moose is now hanging on the ropes and Bennett looks for a knockout blow. Bennett tries again, but Moose sends Bennett over the top rope, which gives Mike Bennett the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett via technical foul 

There was a face-to-face between Moose and Alex Coughlin before Moose exited through the curtain.

Diamante vs. Janai Kai

Janai Kai takes Diamate down to kick off the contest. Janai keeps Diamate locked into submission before pounding down with open hand strikes. Diamante traps the head to try and stop the assault from Kai. They then proceed to strike one another down on the match. Back on their feet, Kai takes Diamante and connects with a kick to the spine. Kai then has Diamate back down on the mat. Diamante takes Kai down and locks her into a Hammerlock. Both reverse each other on the canvas.

Kai hits some devastating kicks to Diamante, but Diamante eventually gets a near fall. Kai continues to use her legs to her advantage to kick Diamante and claims another near fall. Diamante now has a laceration on her left side following the kicks. Diamante traps Kai’s arm and locks her into submission in the middle of the ring. Kai rolled through and escaped. Kai gets another near fall after planting Diamante with an elbow drop to the chest in the middle of the ring. Kai tries some more kicks. Diamante blocks a Penalty Kick to the face and reverses into a Boston Crab. Kai eventually gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Diamante still has hold of Kai’s leg but Kai kicks her out of the way. Diamante immediately responds with a chokehold in the middle of the ring and locks in the body scissors. Kai taps out and Diamante wins.

Winner: Diamante via submission 

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan – IMPACT Digital Media Championship

Both ladies shake hands before the match. They lock up and Grace pushes Hogan into the corner. Hogan and Jordynne Grace exchange standing submissions before Hogan manages to take the champion down and strike her face-first into the canvas with a leg drop. Eventually, Grace bulldozes Kiera Hogan down and takes control of the match. Grace then lifts Hogan for the Standing Suplex and keeps Hogan in the air for a number of seconds. Grace then places Hogan onto the top rope, but she responds with a Missile Dropkick. Hogan then manages to hit a Superkick in the middle of the ring and scores a two-count with the pin.

Hogan then drives her boot into the midsection of Grace as she’s down on the canvas. Hogan tries to send her across the ring, but Grace has ahold of the top rope. Grace then hits a powerbomb, as she counters the Sunset Flip, and then hits a Muscle Buster from the top rope but Hogan kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Hogan regains some momentum and hits a neck breaker in the corner of the ring to Grace and then hits a dropkick. Hogan tries to the pin but Grace kicks out. Grace then sends Hogan crashing into the corner before hitting a Deadlift German Suplex. Grace hoists Hogan up but she reverses into the small package, but Grace kicks out. Hogan hits a kick to the head and hits Grace with the clothesline but Grace kicks out at two once again. Grace and Hogan exchange shots before Grace eventually counters her into the Fall From Grace to retain her championship.

Winner: Still IMPACT Digital Media Champion, Jordynne Grace, via pinfall

A video promo is shown of Baron Black as he talks about which path he wants to take. Baron says the path that makes him undeniable and the path where people will learn to put some respect on his name, that is the very path that he has chosen. Baron says he is kicking in the forbidden door of opportunity. He says it will be a privilege to fight with Bandido to face him in modern-age wrestling. Baron says it will be a privilege for him to take something he possesses that he never lost.

Bandido (c) vs. Baron Black for the ROH World Championship

Bandido pushes Baron Black away and then they start with an aggressive lock-up. Baron then takes Bandido down with an arm lock on the canvas. Bandido reverses with a quick roll-up but Baron escapes into the corner of the ring. Baron extends his hand for a handshake. Bandido accepts but Baron pulls him into a headlock. They then hit the ropes and Baron avoids Bandido’s offense but he eventually tries a knee strike, as Baron counters. Bandido then extends his hand for a handshake.

Bandido goes for the Three Amigos and connects with all three. Bandido then shakes his shoulders in a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Bandido then lifts Baron upon his back into submission before putting him into a pin, but Baron kicks out each time. Baron uses his neck strength to kick out of Bandido’s pinfalls as he still has him in submission, but he uses his strength to lift up and escape. Bandido then jumps from the ropes but Baron counters and takes him down. He then locks Bandido into an Abdominal Stretch, then into a Side Suplex. He tries for the pin but Bandido kicks out.

Baron Black continues to work on Bandido to wear him down. Both men then exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Bandido then hits a flurry of chops before delivering a lariat kick to take Baron down. He then hits a Death Valley Driver to Baron but Bandido can only get a two count. Bandido then locks the legs into an inverted Indian Death Lock in the middle of the ring. He eventually reaches the rope to break the hold. Baron quickly responds and locks Bandido in a Texas Cloverleaf submission. Bandido then gets his hand on the rope to break the hold.

There are three minutes left of the match according to the count-down clock. Baron takes his time to follow up and Bandido delivers a kick to the face and Springboards from the ropes onto Baron and gets a roll-up but Baron’s arm was underneath the rope. Bandido hits the Head Scissors but Baron kicks out of the pinfall. Bandido heads to the top rope, Baron knocks Bandido down and goes up to the top rope with him. Baron then delivers a Butterfly Superplex and almost scores a three-count with the pinfall. Bandido then hoists Baron up before drilling the knee to the face before hitting the 24-Plex to win.

Winner: Still ROH World Champion, Bandido, via pinfall

Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi

The match gets underway with Williams and Keys starting the match. Caballero is then tagged in but Williams immediately takes control of the arm on the canvas. Yehi is then tagged in and immediately gets aggressive in a split second taking full control of Caballero. Joe Keys is eventually tagged in and proceeds to slam Yehi’s face into the canvas. Tracy Williams is tagged in and he knocks Cabarello to the floor and hits Keys with a devastating clothesline. Caballero enters and Williams takes him out. Keys now has Williams reeling, but Williams counters with a Suplex.

The referee loses some control as all four men are in the ring for a moment. Williams hits a knee strike to Joe Keys. Yehi is tagged back into the match as he continues the assault on Joe Keys. He works on the neck then delivers an explosive kick to the back of the head. Yehi and Williams have Joe Keys in the middle of the ring, as Caballero is taken down by both men. Yehi then exits and Williams, now the legal man, works on Joe Keys leg. Williams hits multiple forearms in the middle of the ring. Joe Keys manages to reverse and hits a Gory Bomb.

Caballero is now tagged in and he goes to work on Williams and hits an arm drag from the top rope followed by an explosive kick turning Williams inside out. Yehi enters but is sent over the top rope. Williams then goes for the roll-up but Caballero kicks out. Joe Keys is tagged in and hoists Williams up for the Back Breaker and goes for the cover but Yehi breaks it up. Less than five minutes to go in this match. Williams and Joe Keys exchange strikes. Williams then tags in Yehi, before Williams and Yehi double team Joe Keys. Both men now have submissions locked in on each opponent, but Caballero sends Williams into Yehi and Joe Keys to break up their submission.

Yehi stomps away on Joe Keys before he gets to his feet and they exchange open hand chops, before Yehi hits a back fist, then into the sleeper. Tracy Williams now tags in. Williams hits a DDT from the top rope onto the top turnbuckle to Joe Keys, followed by German Suplex by Yehi, but Joe Keys kicks out. Caballero is sent down from the apron again. One minute left. Caballero and Joe Keys then work together, then after a diving headbutt, pin Tracy Williams.

Winners: Dante Caballero & Joe Keys via pinfall

A video package is shown highlighting the main event between Jonathan Gresham and Josh Alexander for the ROH Original World Championship.

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander for ROH Original World Championship in a Pure Rules Match

The commentators mention that there is a 60-minute time limit on this match, but the on-screen countdown starts at 20-minutes as per the Terminus rules. Alexander and Gresham feel each other out reversing each other’s wrist locks and takedowns to start the contest. Alexander and Gresham now begin to showcase their strength, whilst having ahold of each other, before Gresham takes Alexander down locking the wrists. Alexander then manages a backslide but Gresham kicks out at two. Side headlock take-down is now delivered by Alexander to the champion. Gresham is unable to counter it as Alexander keeps locking it in when he tries to reverse it.

Gresham uses his quickness to take some minor control of the match and eventually hits a beautiful dropkick to Alexander which lifts the fans from their feet. Gresham soaks it up, but Alexander takes Gresham down and twists his leg and ankle. Gresham tries to roll out by Alexander applies the Ankle Lock. Gresham then uses his first rope break. Alexander takes Gresham back to the middle of the ring and reapplies a hold to the ankle, then into a Half Crab. Gresham again goes to the rope and uses his second rope break. Alexander stomps on Gresham. Gresham mounts some offense fighting back with some chops. Gresham then hits a Basement Dropkick and locks Alexander into a Figure Four Leglock, as Alexander uses one of his rope breaks.

Gresham builds momentum now, but Alexander uses a closed fist to punch Gresham away and he is given a warning. Alexander then delivers a number of German Suplexes. Gresham tries to grab the ropes but doesn’t reach as Alexander hits the Suplex then into the bridge for the pin, but Gresham kicks out. Alexander then tries a Butterfly Suplex but Gresham reverses and sends Alexander down as they both hold their knees on the canvas. The commentators mention that Jonathan Gresham has never beaten Josh Alexander.

Gresham and Alexander trade chops, with Gresham going for the chop to the thigh on Alexander. Alexander’s knee buckles as Gresham hits a Moonsault from the middle rope. Gresham tries it again but Alexander caught him and hits a Tombstone but Gresham kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Both men now exchange forearms. Alexander knocks Gresham down, but the champion flips back up, as Alexander takes him down again into the Ankle Lock. Gresham escapes then traps the knee, but Alexander escapes. Alexander drills Gresham to the mat, but the champion gets his foot on the rope, meaning Gresham has now used his final rope break.

Alexander immediately locks into the Ankle Lock, knowing Gresham can not use a rope break to escape the submission. Gresham does reverse it and sends Alexander into the corner before locking in the Figure Leg Leglock in the middle of the ring. Alexander immediately counters into an Ankle Lock as he grabs the bottom rope but the hold doesn’t need to be broken. Gresham is now on the apron as Alexander hits a Suplex, but as they land they both lock in a cover as the referee counts to three. Both competitors’ shoulders were down on the mat meaning the match is a draw.

Winner: Still ROH Original World Champion, Jonathan Gresham via double pinfall

ROH World Champion, Bandido, then enters the ring. Gresham and Bandido show their titles to each other. Gresham holds out his hand for Bandido to shake, but Santana appears, one-half of Proud N’ Powerful in AEW. Santana grabs a microphone in the ring. He tells the fans to give a hand to Terminus. Santana says he has missed this atmosphere. This do-it-yourself attitude, this build from the ground up. Santana says this is the kind of thing that makes him realize why he fell in love with pro-wrestling in the first place. Santana says let’s get down to business. Santana says this new year is going to be all about challenges that are going to make him grow. Santana says he and Gresham have got a lot of history together. Santana says that Gresham is one of the best wrestlers in the world and then issues a challenge for February 24, the second Terminus show, and challenges Gresham to a match for the ROH World Title. Gresham immediately shakes his hand. Gresham grabs the mic and says that wrestling is back in Atlanta. Gresham says the ROH World Title is the most prestigious title in wrestling today. He tells Bandido their time will come and says he looks forward to February 24. He tells everyone to spread the word that pro-wrestling is back in Atlanta.


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