Rising AEW star Wardlow recently sat down with PWInsider to talk about his growth in AEW. Wardlow credits his stablemates Shawn Spears and FTR, as well as some of the producers backstage, as people that have guided him on his journey with All Elite Wrestling. Wardlow also had praise for Cody Rhodes and the advice he provides when more personal, real-life situations occur.

“Shawn Spears, Cash and Dax, FTR, those guys have given me an incredible amount of advice and pointers and what to dos and don’t dos,” Wardlow explained. “So I’m very appreciative of those guys in the Pinnacle. As far as the true vets, I’ve had some good conversations with Arn Anderson, Jerry Lynn — very helpful. Jerry Lynn helps so many people backstage. He’s an absolute angel. And I think my biggest go-to is Billy Gun. He has really taken me under his giant wing and given me a lot of direction.

“Every week, he has something for me to work on, and I’m very, very thankful for Billy Gun. And then when it comes to like real, real stuff, my go-to person is always Cody. I read somewhere that he was unapproachable and that is so far from the truth. He is the most approachable person there is backstage. And I can go to him for anything, any advice, any questions, concerns.”

Furthering his statement, Wardlow added that during his time knowing Cody, he’s only been gracious and helpful. He’s confused why part of the wrestling community dislikes Cody Rhodes, and questions if it’s jealousy-based.

“Yeah, it’s wild, man. I’ve been affiliated for two and a half years, almost three years now. And I have never had anything but a pleasurable experience with Cody,” Wardlow said. “I mean, he’s literally the biggest reason I am talking to you today and that I’m in AEW. I have him to thank, extremely. But yeah, man, I don’t know where all that talk comes from. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, people just hating on him, but I’ve never seen him treat anybody badly and I’ve never had a bad experience with him.”

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