WWE Reportedly Called Jeff Hardy For A Return

WWE reportedly offered a 2022 Hall of Fame induction to Jeff Hardy but he turned it down.

As we've noted, WWE released Hardy in early December after he reportedly turned down an offer of rehab from the company. This came after an incident at the December 4 WWE live event in Edinburg, Texas, where Hardy became sluggish as the six-man main event went on, then tagged out, and disappeared through the crowd with security following him. He was pulled from the road after that incident, and then released. Matt Hardy later stated that he didn't feel like Jeff needed rehab at that point, and that he was in a good place in his life.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that WWE Talent Relations head John Laurinaitis called Hardy a few weeks back to talk about possibly bringing him back, and offered to put him into the 2022 Hall of Fame Class.

Hardy reportedly turned the offer down and asked for his drug test results from when he was released in December, because he knew he wasn't going to test positive for any recreational drugs. It took Hardy and his wife Beth six weeks to get the results back.

There is a feeling that Hardy is one guy WWE does not want in AEW because they've realized The Hardy Boyz tag team will be revitalized with so many teams in AEW to work with. Jeff and Matt have already started accepting indie and signing dates together.

Hardy is under contract to WWE through Wednesday, March 9 when his non-compete clause expires, so AEW can't make a legal offer to him until then, but the belief is that unless he does go back to WWE, and it doesn't look like he will, then he will end up in AEW.

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