WWE Royal Rumble Results – New WWE Champion Crowned, Ronda Rousey Returns, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Royal Rumble Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, MO.

- The 2022 WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show opens live from The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri as Kayla Braxton welcomes us. She's joined by Peter Rosenberg, Kevin Patrick and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Jerry Lawler. They hype tonight's show and reveal that the WWE Title match will open the show. We get a "By The Numbers" video for The Rumble. Back from a break and Sonya Deville joins the panel. She talks about what happened on SmackDown with Naomi and referee Dan Engler, and how she will be in action for tonight's Women's Royal Rumble Match. We take another break and get a video package for The It Couple vs. The Grit Couple. The panel discusses the match now.


We get a video looking at AJ Styles' WWE debut in the Royal Rumble. A new backstage promo airs with AJ talking about how he wants to secure his first Rumble win tonight. We see MVP and Bobby Lashley arriving backstage as the Kickoff panel sends us to another break. We come back and Kayla sends us to a preview for the new Broken Skull Sessions episode with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin talking to RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch. We get a video package for tonight's WWE Universal Title match and now the panel discusses the bout. We see the RAW split-screen interview with Doudrop and Lynch now. Deville returns to the panel for a discussion on the match. We take another break and come back to footage from the Cricket Wireless 5G Fan Zone with fans giving their picks for the Women's Royal Rumble.


A video airs showing footage from Bad Bunny's 2021 WWE run. WWE United States Champion Damian Priest is backstage with a promo now. He sends a warning to the other Rumble competitors and tells them, "Do. Not. Wake. Him. Up." We go back to the panel and they discuss the Men's Royal Rumble Match now. Lawler believes Omos has a good chance at winning tonight. Booker picks WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to win the match but he hasn't been announced, so could that be a spoiler? Patrick goes with Randy Orton. Lawler jokes that he wants to change his pick to Johnny Knoxville, who was wearing a crown backstage. Kayla shows us a brief clip of Knoxville on The Jimmy Kimmel Show this week. We get a video showing WWE Hall of Famer Edge and his recent Rumble win but the package is abruptly interrupted by a commercial break. Back from the break and we get more Cricket Wireless Fan Zone footage with fans giving their picks for the Men's Rumble. We get a good video package for Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar and a brief discussion by the panel. That's it for the Royal Rumble Kickoff as Kayla signs off while fans in the arena cheer.

- The 2022 WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event opens up with a video package. We're live from The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri as Michael Cole welcomes us. He's joined at ringside by Pat McAfee and the crowd is ready to go.


WWE Universal Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a pop. This appears to be a change of plans because it was said earlier that the WWE Title match would be the opener. Reigns gets the pyro and heads to the ring as the mixed reactions get louder. Reigns poses in the ring as the fireworks explode over the ring. The Shield's music hits next and shocks everyone. Reigns hears this and he's not happy about the mind games. Seth Rollins now appears up in the crowd, making his entrance like they did as The Shield. Rollins is even dressed like he was in The Shield. Reigns seethes in the ring as Rollins comes through the crowd. Rollins laughs as he enters the ring and faces off with Reigns. We get formal ring introductions from Samantha Irvin.

Reigns tries to intimidate Rollins during the intros and it seems like Rollins got more cheers. The bell rings and they size each other up. Cole reminds us SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos are banned from ringside. Rollins taunts Reigns and Reigns charges but Rollins ducks and goes behind. Reigns escapes. They go at it and Rollins nails right hands to the face. Reigns launches Rollins into the corner and unloads with big forearms. Rollins quickly turns it right back around and beats Reigns down, then stomps away. Rollins goes on and hits a Slingblade.


Rollins sends Reigns over the top rope and into the barrier. Rollins runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive, sending Reigns back into the barrier. Rollins returns to the ring, plays to the crowd for a pop, and nails another big suicide dive. Rollins keeps control and rolls Reigns back in. Rollins laughs while waiting on the apron for Reigns to get up. Rollins springboards in with the flying knee but Reigns knocks him out of the air with a big right hand.

Reigns with a Drive-By now. Reigns runs around and leaps off the steel ring steps but Rollins boots him in the gut in mid-air. Rollins then catches Reigns with a big Shield Bomb through the announce table, or just a regular powerbomb. Fans go wild and Rollins brings Reigns back into the ring. Rollins nails a top rope Frogsplash but Reigns kicks out just in time.

Rollins wastes some time after climbing back up in the corner. He goes for the corkscrew but Reigns ducks it. Reigns goes for a Spear but Rollins kicks him. Rollins keeps fighting and hits Reigns in the back of the neck. Rollins follows up with a Buckle Bomb and then hits the Stomp for a huge pop. Reigns kicks out just in time and Rollins can't believe it. Fans are also in shock.


Rollins laughs as he waits for Reigns to recover. Rollins goes for a Stomp but Reigns turns him inside out with a big clothesline. They're both down trying to recover but Reigns snaps a bit and scurries over while down, mounts Rollins and unloads with strikes as the referee warns him. Reigns powers Rollins up and slams him with a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Reigns talks some trash while getting back to his feet. He stops and unloads with forearms because Rollins laughs at him. Rollins blocks a shot and pulls Reigns into an armbar in the middle of the ring. Reigns powers up and slams Rollins with a big powerbomb.

Rollins charges but Reigns side-steps and sends him into the ring post. Reigns follows Rollins to the floor and launches him into the barrier, sending him over into the timekeeper's area. Reigns sends Rollins into the steel ring steps now and keeps control. Reigns brings it back in and stands tall so the crowd can acknowledge him but most boo. Reigns levels Rollins with a Superman Punch but he still kicks out at 2. Rollins rolls outside for a breather. Reigns runs and delivers another Spear on the floor. Reigns brings it back into the ring and gets the crowd riled up with mostly boos. Reigns calls for the Spear and runs but Rollins turns it into a Pedigree. Rollins is slow to make the cover but Reigns kicks out right before the 3 count.


Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Rollins readies in the corner and gets the "Burn it down!" chants going as he stomps. Reigns side-steps the Stomp and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Rollins with elbows and kicks to the head as he unloads. Reigns powers out and rocks Rollins. They run the ropes and Reigns hits a big Spear. Rollins starts laughing while down on his back. Reigns is up to his knees first. Rollins offers his fist for a Shield-style fist bump, saying they will always be brothers. Reigns paces now as Rollins keeps laughing and ranting about The Shield, still down on the mat.

Reigns snaps a bit and grabs Rollins, then drops him hard into the Guillotine submission. Reigns tightens the hold as Rollins tries to break free and get to the ropes. Reigns tightens it even more but Rollins fades and his arm drops before he can touch the bottom rope. Referee Charles Robinson checks the arm but Rollins grabs the bottom rope. Reigns keeps the hold locked as the referee counts to 5. Reigns will not let go and the referee calls the match while Rollins is holding the rope. Fans boo.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

- After the bell, the referee yells at Reigns to break the hold but Reigns rants about Rollins deserving this and forcing him to do this. Reigns finally breaks the hold and gets back to his feet. Rollins is still down and fans are not happy. Fans chant "Roman sucks!" now as The Tribal Chief looks out at the crowd. Rollins is still down. Reigns slowly exits the ring and walks over to a steel chair. He grabs it while Rollins is finally up to his knees but still dazed. Reigns brings the chair back in and stalks Rollins, who is barely holding himself up by the ropes. Reigns delivers a big chair shot to the back as soon as Rollins stands up. Reigns unloads on Rollins with chair shots while he's down now. Reigns tosses the chair and the boos get louder as he stares down at Rollins now. Reigns goes to exit the ring while the referee holds the Universal Title belt for him but Reigns changes his mind. He brings another chair in and talks some trash before unloading with more chair shots to Rollins back and arms while he rolls around in pain. The loud boos continue as Reigns stops and raises his one finger high in the air. Reigns tosses the chair and makes his exit, grabbing the Universal Title belt and walking up the ramp while fans talk trash to him. Reigns is also talking to himself while he marches up the ramp. Rollins is still down on the mat as Reigns walks through the entrance-way to the backstage area. Rollins sits up to his knees and that ends the segment.


30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

We go back to ringside and Jimmy Smith is with Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. There's still debris all over the ringside area due to what happened in the opener. Mike Rome does the introductions and out first is Sasha Banks to a pop. Out next comes former WWE Women's Champion Melina making her return, red carpet entrance and all.

Banks and Melina have some words and taunt each other in the middle of the ring. Melina kicks but Banks catches it and kicks her in the face. Banks grabs Melina and easily tosses her over the top rope for a pop. Melina has been eliminated. Banks drops a split and mocks Melina some more, while Melina also does a split on the floor at ringside. Tamina Snuka is out next.

Banks attacks Tamina from the apron as she approaches the ring, then nails a Meteora from the apron to the floor. Banks brings Tamina into the ring and tries to dump her over the top rope but Tamina pounds on her and saves herself. Banks catches Tamina in a big Bulldog off a counter. Tamina is down in the corner when Banks nails the running knees, and then for a second time. Banks works on dumping Tamina again but she hangs on. Tamina levels Banks with a headbutt. The music hits and out comes former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly next.


Banks gets sent to the apron but she hangs on. Kelly enters and goes at it with Tamina, nailing her handspring back elbow into the corner. Tamina comes out of the corner and flattens Kelly while Banks watches from the corner. Banks attacks Tamina while she works on Kelly. Banks and Kelly tangle and Banks eliminates Kelly. Kelly has been eliminated and Banks laughs at her. Aliyah is out next.

Banks and Aliyah go at it now. Aliyah with a Thesz Press and big right hands. Tamina stops Aliyah's celebration and they go at it but Aliyah nails an enziguri. Banks tries to dump Aliyah over the top rope now. Aliyah fights back but Banks drops her with a knee. The timer starts up and the next entrant is Liv Morgan. She rushes the ring and starts fighting. Banks and Morgan tangle now. Liv almost kicks Banks out of the ring but Banks hangs on. Tamina saves Banks and sends Morgan to the corner. Morgan with a missile dropkick to Tamina. Banks goes back to work on Aliyah but Morgan saves her. Liv drops Banks and Aliyah in the corner and points at the WrestleMania 38 sign. All four are fighting in the corner now. Banks with the three suplexes to Aliyah to pay tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. The music hits and out next comes WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina Vega.


Tamina stops Vega from trying to dump Banks. Tamina works on Banks now but Vega comes back and dumps Banks to the floor. Banks has been eliminated. Bianca Belair is out next to a pop. She rushes the ring swinging her hair. Belair runs over Liv, then dropkicks Tamina. Fans chant for Belair as she crushes Tamina's head into the ring post. Belair counters Liv and sends her to the apron but she hangs on. Belair springboard kicks Liv on the apron and hits a moonsault to Vega. Tamina stops Belair from knocking Vega to the floor. The timer starts up and the next entrant is WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, who comes out with Reggie. Brooke goes in and attacks Aliyah but can't get her out. Brooke tries to dump Vega but Tamina stops her. Brooke with kicks to Tamina now.

Brooke dropkicks Tamina and shows off some. Brooke with a springboard elbow to Belair in the corner. Brooke with a big neckbreaker to Liv. Vega and Brooke brawl now. Belair is trying to eliminate Aliyah. Liv tries to dump Belair while she's busy. The next entrant is former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool. McCool enters the ring and runs wild. Brooke gets knocked out but Reggie catches her and saves her, putting her back on the apron. McCool with offense, including a Faithbreaker to Vega or maybe Belair. McCool eliminates Brooke but Tamina drops McCool from behind. Sonya Deville is out next at #11.


Deville comes out with her jacket on so she's an official. Deville joins the announcers for commentary. Natalya is out at #12. Natalya enters but Liv attacks her and unloads. Natalya sends Liv to the apron but she fights back in. McCool works on Aliyah in the corner. Belair scoops Natalya but she hangs on. Tamina scoops Belair. Natalya comes from behind and dumps them over but Belair hangs on. Tamina has been eliminated. Belair and two others try to dump Natalya but she hangs on. The next entrant is Cameron to her Funkadactyls music. Deville teases eliminating Cameron because she might be Naomi's friend. Deville takes her jacket off and looks on while Cameron delivers moves to others. Deville rushes the ring and flattens Cameron while rag-dolling her. Deville sends Cameron to the apron but she hangs on. Deville runs her into the ring post and Cameron is eliminated.

Naomi is out next at #14 and Deville looks a bit worried. Naomi goes over and checks on Cameron, then enters the ring and brawls with Deville. Naomi with the big springboard kick to Deville. Naomi sends Deville to the apron and then kicks her off. Deville has been eliminated. Natalya comes from behind but Naomi blocks the elimination. The next entrant is WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Carmella at #15.


Carmella slowly walks around the ring and takes her time. She stops and talks to Corey Graves. Belair works on McCool in the ring now. Aliyah works on Liv. Out next at #16 is Rhea Ripley to a big pop. Ripley grabs Carmella from ringside and rolls her in, then goes to work. Natalya levels Ripley with a clothesline. Naomi and Natalya double team McCool. Vega and Carmella double team Ripley. Ripley sends htem to the apron and then eliminates them both at the same time. Ripley continues to dominate, slamming people face-first into the mat. The next entrant at #17 is SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

Belair and Naomi are close to eliminating Natalya. Flair enters the ring and levels Ripley, then Aliyah. Flair eliminates Aliyah and continues dominating other Superstars. Flair kicks Naomi to the apron but she hangs on and looks to perform a stunt but Deville runs over and yanks her to the floor. Naomi has been eliminated.

Flair and Liv go at it now. McCool, Belair and Liv try to dump Flair. The next entrant at #18 is WWE Hall of Famer Ivory. Ivory comes out in her RTC gimmick and goes on about how it's been a long time but not much has changed and it's hard to look at these little girls, these wayward, lost little girls. Ripley approaches Ivory and scoops her. Ivory is still ranting on the mic while Ripely places her on the mic, then shoves her to the floor. Ivory has been eliminated, while still crying on the mic.


WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella is out at #19. Brie runs wild on various Superstars as fans cheer her on. Brie yells out and tries to dump Natalya but she hangs on. Liv works on McCool. Brie works on Natalya. Belair and Ripley double team Flair. The next entrant at #20 is Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James and she brings her title belt with her. McCool drops Mickie before she can get in and they go at it in the ring. Mickie drops McCool and then kips up. Alicia Fox is out at #21. Fox enters the ring with dropkicks and axe kicks. Flair works on dumping Natalya but she hangs on. Mickie ended up dumping McCool but it didn't look planned possibly. Nikki A.S.H. is out at #22.

Ripley waits for Nikki but she runs in from the other side. Nikki grabs Ripley from behind and dumps her to the apron but Ripley fights back and fights back into the ring. Nikki goes under the bottom rope to the floor. Flair decks Ripley from behind. Summer Rae enters at #23 and goes at it with Natalya. They trade big slaps and Rae levels her with a big kick. Flair levels Rae as she celebrates. Natalya eliminates Rae. WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella is out at #24. The Bella Twins run wild together. The Bellas drop Belair face-first into the mat. They miss a high-five together but then dump Fox. Fox has been eliminated. Sarah Logan is out at #25.


Logan unloads and takes out both of The Bella Twins. Liv and Logan share a moment for their time in The Riot Squad but The Bellas attack her. The Bellas eliminate Logan. Liv flies at them but they send her to the apron. Liv fights but The Bellas eliminate her as well. The next entrant at #26 is WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The Bellas wait to fight but Lita takes them both out. Mickie drops Lita from behind as fans go wild for Lita. Lita sends Mickie to the apron but she fights back in. Lita with a big DDT and Mickie is eliminated.

Flair and Lita face off and then go at it. Out next at #27 is WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly. Nikki A.S.H. immediately attacks Molly at ringside and destroys her, sending her into the ring steps. Lita and Flair are on the top turnbuckle fighting now. Nikki brings Molly into the ring and rag-dolls her some. A.S.H. eliminates Molly. The #28 entrant is Ronda Rousey and out she comes to a huge pop. The others in the ring are also shocked, including Flair and The Bellas. Rousey rag-dolls Nikki and Nikki at the same time, then eliminates Nikki A.S.H. with a superkick. Nikki B pleads from the apron. Brie swings at Rousey but misses and hits Nikki. Brie then accidentally eliminates Nikki. Rousey unloads on Brie now. Shotzi is out at #29.


Rousey eliminates Brie. Rousey unloads on Belair in the corner now. Ripley decks Rousey from behind. Natalya and Flair go at it. The final entrant out at #30 is Shayna Baszler. Rousey and Baszler have a moment and Baszler drops Ripley, taking her from Rousey. Baszler runs wild on various Superstars, slamming Lita on her face. Rousey goes back to work on Ripley while she's down. Rousey and Baszler smile at each other again but then size each other up to fight but Flair interrupts and drops Baszler. Natalya grabs Rousey but Rousey knees her against the ropes. Rousey sends Natalya to the apron but she hangs on. Shotzi bumps into Rousey and Rousey kicks her in the head, then eliminates her. Shotzi has been eliminated. Rousey works on Natalya but Belair comes over and dumps Natalya. Natalya has been eliminated by Belair. Natalya runs back in and attacks Rousey but Rousey sends her back out.

Lita drops Flair with a Twist of Date. Ripley attacks Lita against the turnbuckles. More action between Lita and Ripley. Lita goes to the top for a Swanton but Ripley kicks her to the apron. Flair runs over and kicks Lita to the floor to boos. Lita has been eliminated. Ripley works on dumping Rousey but she hangs on. Ripley fights off Flair and Rousey. Ripley sends Rousey into the ring post but Flair kicks Ripley to the floor. Ripley has been eliminated. Belair tries to dump Flair now but she comes back in. The action between the remaining Superstars continues. Belair tries to KOD Baszler to the floor. Flair runs over and dumps them both. Baszler and Belair have been eliminated.


Flair and Rousey face off in the ring now as fans pop. They go at it and Flair charges but Rousey immediately dumps her over the top rope to the floor. Flair has been eliminated.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

- After the bell, a shocked Flair looks on from ringside as Rousey's music hits. Fans cheer her on and Graves says she is going to WrestleMania 38. We go to replays. Rousey poses in the ring and looks up at the WrestleMania 38 sign, pointing at it as the fireworks go off. Rousey makes her exit and stops to turn around as fans cheer her on.

RAW Women's Title Match: Doudrop vs. Becky Lynch

Back from a break and out comes Doudrop first to the ring. RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Back and forth to start the match. Lynch shows some frustration as Doudrop sends her to the ropes. Lynch gets countered but she runs back and Doudrop levels her with ease. Lynch goes to the floor for a breather out of frustration. Doudrop continues to dominate and shut Lynch's attempts down. Lynch goes to ringside and calls for a time out but Doudrop keeps control.

Lynch finally gets an opening while down on the floor. Doudrop charges to smash her into the steel ring steps but Becky moves and Doudrop hits the steel. Lynch brings it back in and works Doudrop over. More back and forth now. Lynch counters and applies a Sleeper while on Doudrop's back. Lynch brings her down to one knee now as Doudrop fades but hangs in there.


More back and forth now. Lynch snaps at one point and goes to work on Doudrop while yelling at her. Doudrop comes back and turns it around, hitting a big senton for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Lynch with a Dis-Arm-Her submission out of nowhere in the middle of the ring. Doudrop overpowers and rages herself out of the hold, powering up with a big sitdown powerbomb for a close 2 count.

Doudrop with big corner cannonballs in the corner but Lynch barely kicks out. Doudrop climbs up and goes for the big Vader Bomb but Lynch gets her knees up. Lynch goes to the top for a Molly Go Round but Doudrop kicks out just in time. Lynch wails away out of frustration again. Doudrop headbutts from the apron now, beating Lynch down to her knees. Doudrop tries to suplex Lynch from the ring to the floor but Lynch fights her off, dropping her throat over the top rope. Doudrop grabs Lynch's hair while still on the apron. Lynch drapes her over the top rope and goes to the top turnbuckle, delivering the big flying leg drop while Doudrop is draped over. Doudrop kicks out just in time.

Lynch keeps fighting and goes for a Man-Handle Slam but Doudrop blocks it and nails a Big Ending for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Doudrop drags Lynch to the corner and climbs up but Lynch gets to her feet and fights back. Lynch climbs up and delivers a super Man-Handle Slam from the second rope. Lynch covers for the pin to retain.


Winner: Becky Lynch

- After the match, Lynch stands tall and celebrates as the music hits. WE get replays as Lynch stands with her title and talks some trash to the crowd, ending the segment with a smile.

- Back from a break and Mike Rome is in the ring to announce attendance of 44,390. The crowd celebrates and Rome says WWE thanks St. Louis and the WWE Universe.

- We get a video package for tonight's WWE Title match.

WWE Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar

We go back to the ring and out comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. The All Mighty poses in the corner as the pyro goes off. Out next comes WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Lesnar also gets a pop and some pyro. We get formal ring introductions from Rome.

Heyman grabs the mic from Rome and gives his own grand introduction for The Beast. The referee raises the title in the air and here we go. Lesnar and Lashley lock up in the middle of the ring and they both hold the other there. They do a clean break and lock up again. Lesnar is all business tonight, no smiling and laughing yet. Lesnar with a big German suplex with ease. Lashley gets right back up and they're both still all business.

Lesnar laughs some now before they lock up again. Lashley goes behind and nails a big belly-to-back suplex. Lesnar goes to the corner and nods his head at Lashley, rubbing the back of his head. Lesnar man-handles Lashley a bit and delivers Germans but Lashley still gets back up. They fight now and Lashley backs Lesnar against the ropes with right hands. Lesnar goes for the F5 but Lashley slides out and nails a big Spear in the middle of the ring.


Lashley waits for Lesnar to get up, then nails a second bigger Spear. Lesnar rolls to the floor for a breather, clutching his mid-section. Lashley follows at ringside and charges but Lesnar moves and this time Lashley goes flying through the barrier into the timekeeper's area. Lesnar grabs Lashley for a F5 on the floor but Lashley slides out and sends Lesnar face-first into the ring post. Lashley brings it back into the ring but misses in the corner as Lesnar uses his speed. Lesnar tries for a German from the corner but Lashley is holding onto the turnbuckle. Lesnar with a big German and Lashley is slower to get up from this one. Lesnar with another big German suplex and another.

Lesnar stalks Lashley a bit and delivers another German suplex. Lesnar works Lashley over while he's down and sends him flying with yet another German as MVP and Heyman bark from ringside. Lashley slides out of a F5 attempt and applies The Hurt Lock in the middle of the ring. Lesnar tries but can't shake the move. Lesnar finally starts to fade but he turns and rams Lashley back into the turnbuckles, but the referee gets smashed behind them.

The referee goes down in the corner but he slowly gets back up. Lashley goes for The Hurt Lock again but Lesnar counters and delivers the F5. Lashley's leg knocks the referee down again on the way down in the F5. Lesnar covers for the win but the referee is down. Lesnar had the match won by a long shot but there is no referee to count.


WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns hits the ring out of nowhere and levels Lesnar with a Spear. Fans boo. Reigns looks down at Heyman, who is clutching the WWE Title belt at ringside. Heyman stares back. Heyman hands Reigns the WWE Title belt now. Reigns clutches the title and stares Lesnar down. Lashley is also trying to get up. Lesnar gets up and Reigns drops him with a belt shot to the head. Reigns tosses the title to the mat and laughs as he exits the ring. Heyman walks over and joins Reigns at ringside.

Lashley wakes up and covers Lesnar for the pin to win the WWE Title as Heyman and Reigns head up the ramp together.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley

- After the bell, Reigns is all smiles as he heads to the stage with Heyman. Lashley's music hits as he takes the WWE Title and begins his celebration in the ring. We go to replays as Lashley poses in the corner. Lashley and MVP head up the ramp as Lashley slaps hands with fans and they chant his name. Lashley continues posing for fans on his way up the ramp.

- We get another break and a video package for the next match.

The Miz and Maryse vs. WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix

We go back to the ring and out first are The Miz and Maryse. WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix are out next.


The bell rings and Beth chases Maryse around the ring. Maryse and Miz end up falling down and Miz seethes. Miz comes in the ring, which means Edge has to tag in. Miz talks some trash to Beth but Edge attacks him and unloads, beating Miz from corner to corner. Maryse hits Edge from the apron, allowing Miz the chance to deck Edge from behind and knock him out of the ring.

Miz keeps control and brings it back in the ring for the It Kicks. Edge rolls Miz for a close 2 count. Miz fights Edge off and nails a neckbeaker for a 2 count. Maryse lands another cheap shot from the floor but this time Beth has had enough as she chases Maryse away. Beth grabs a steel chair but decides to throw it away as the referee warns h er. Edge takes advantage of the chaos and drops Miz with the big DDT.

It finally comes down to Maryse and Beth after some more stalling by Maryse. Beth unloads and mounts Maryse, slamming her head into the mat over and over. Beth catches Maryse in a tilt-a-whirl side-slam in the middle of the ring for a 2 count as Miz makes the save. Miz gets up celebrating but he feels Beth standing right behind him. Miz turns around and talks some trash in Beth's face. Beth wants to fight as the crowd cheers h er on. Miz yells at her to get out of the ring so he can kick Edge's ass and Maryse can kick hers.


Beth rams Miz into the corner and beats him down until the referee pulls her off. Maryse grabs her purse with a brick in it, and drops Beth with it from behind while the referee is distracted. Maryse covers but Beth kicks out at 2. She kicks out again and Maryse is frustrated.

Maryse mounts Beth with right hands now but she stops when she breaks a nail. Maryse shows off some and Miz is loving it. Maryse mounts Beth for a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring as Edge and Miz look on. Beth powers up with Maryse on her shoulders now, drops her into positions for a Glam Slam but Maryse slides out and rocks her. They both go down after colliding with double clotheslines.

Miz and Edge both tag in. Edge runs over Miz with clotheslines, then a flying forearm. Edge drops Miz with the inverted DDT for a 2 count. Edge goes to the top but Maryse distracts him from the apron, allowing Miz to turn it around. Beth runs over and drops Maryse on the apron. Beth pulls Miz off the top where Edge is, and powerbombs him to the middle of the ring. Edge flies off the top rope with a big elbow drop but Miz still kicks out at 2.

Beth ends up sent into the steel ring steps at ringside. Edge drops Miz with a flapjack. Edge waits in the corner now while Miz slowly recovers. Maryse grabs Edge's foot as he plans to go for a Spear. This leads to Edge tweaking his knee. Maryse goes to the top and hits a hurricanrana on Edge. Miz is shocked but Maryse is even more surprised. Beth comes in and drops Maryse with a DDT. Miz follows up with a Skull Crushing Finale to Edge but he kicks out just in time. Miz is shocked again.


Miz and Maryse go for a double Skull Crushing Finale on Edge but Beth makes the save. Edge and Beth keep going and hit a double Spear to The Miz for a big pop. Edge grabs Miz and Beth grabs Maryse, then they both hit Glam Slams to their opponents in the middle of the ring for the pins to win.

Winners: Edge and Beth Phoenix

- After the match, The Grit Couple celebrate as Edge's music hits. We go to replays. The celebration continues as Edge and Beth pose in the corners. The segment ends with Edge going to ringside to greet their children.

- Back from a break and it's time for the main event. Michael Cole is at ringside with Pat McAfee. Cole introduces us to a video package on US Army Retired Capt. "Flo" Florent Groberg, who in 2015 was awarded the National Medal of Honor for his heroic acts in Afghanistan. Captain Groberg and his family are shown at ringside, and they receive a standing ovation.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

We go back to the ring for tonight's 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, the main event. Samantha Irvin does the introductions and out at #1 is AJ Styles to a big pop. WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is out next at #2 and he also receives a big pop. Nakamura lays on the apron as the pyro goes off and McAfee goes wild.


AJ and Nakamura briefly face off before going at it for the hot crowd. They trade big offense. AJ with elbows to the back of the head. Nakamura beats AJ down with kicks and knees. AJ comes back with a sliding forearm. More back and forth between the two. The timer counts down and out at #3 is Austin Theory making his Rumble debut. AJ drops Nakamura in the corner as Theory enters and AJ waits.

AJ charges but Theory fights in and nails a rolling dropkick. Theory with a big slam to Nakamura. Theory tosses Nakamura but he hangs on. AJ comes from behind and tries to dump Theory. Nakamura rolls back in and Theory stomps AJ in the corner. Nakamura drops Theory. Nakamura drives knees into Theory now. AJ and Nakamura work on dumping Theory in the corner. The #4 entrant is Robert Roode.

Roode with big Spinebusters to Nakamura and then Theory. Roode and AJ have some words as some fans chant "TNA!" now. They go at it and Roode fights off a Styles Clash. Roode fights back in from the apron but gets sent back to the apron. AJ knocks Roode off. Roode has been eliminated. Theory works over Nakamura now. The #5 entrant is Ridge Holland in his Rumble debut. AJ tries to dump Nakamura but he hangs on. AJ eliminates Nakamura out of nowhere and fans boo.


Holland rocks Theory and launches AJ with a big throw. Theory takes turns on AJ and Holland to keep them down now. The #6 entrant is Montez Ford. Ford tries to dump AJ but he hangs on. Theory and Ford go at it with Ford nailing a dropkick. Holland saves Theory from an elimination by Ford. Ford unloads on Ridge with kicks now. Holland catches Ford with a big powerslam. Holland with a big back-drop to AJ. The #7 entrant is WWE United States Champion Damian Priest. Theory works on AJ but Priest attacks Theory and they go at it. Priest rocks AJ with right hands now. Holland works Ford over. Priest and AJ work on Theory together but Priest drops AJ with a right hand.

Sami Zayn is out at #8. Sami comes close to dumping Ford but he hangs on. Holland keeps Theory down in the corner. Priest goes to work on Sami in the corner. AJ drops Ford and goes to work on Sami. Johnny Knoxville is out at #9. He comes out with Jasper Dolphin, Preston Lacy and Wee-Man of Jackass. Knoxville is wearing a ridiculous outfit but he hits the ring and unloads on Zayn. Knoxville points up at the WrestleMania 38 sign as the others look on. AJ also points at the sign and has some words with Knoxville. Knoxville rocks AJ with a forearm. AJ unloads with a flurry of strikes and drops him. Ford goes to the top and hits the big Frogsplash to Knoxville. Holland scoops Knoxville and puts him on the apron, allowing Zayn to eliminate Knoxville with a Helluva Kick. Sami celebrates the elimination but AJ comes over and dumps him. Sami has been eliminated.


Angelo Dawkins is out at #10. Dawkins hits the ring and beats AJ down in the corner. The Street Profits work on Priest but Holland attacks Ford and Theory beats Dawkins up. The #11 entrant is Omos. Omos marches to the ring as the others stop and look on. Omos steps over the top rope and starts dropping Ridge, Ford, Theory, Dawkins, all with ease. Omos eliminates Dawkins. Ford goes to the top rope and flies but Omos grabs him by the throat and eliminates him with one arm. Theory attacks Omos but gets leveled. Omos rocks AJ and launches him into the lower part of the ring post. The #12 entrant is Ricochet. Ricochet goes flying and fighting Omos but Omos levels him with ease. Omos is the only one standing now as he steps on Holland in the corner.

Theory and Ricochet double team Omos but he fights them off and levels Ricochet out cold with a huge shot. The #13 entrant is RAW Tag Team Champion Chad Gable. Gable comes in and gathers the other Superstars as Omos looks on. Gable rallies them all and gets ready to attack Omos, but he doesn't ant to go first. Priest goes first and he puts up a good fight but Omos drops him. Omos eliminates Priest. The others come from behind and they try to dump Omos but he hangs on. The #14 entrant is Dominik Mysterio. The other still team up on Omos and AJ ends up eliminating his former tag team partner. Omos has been eliminated and he's not happy but AJ is.


Happy Baron Corbin is out at #15. Corbin goes to work on Dominik and then chokeslams Theory in the middle of the ring. Ricochet attacks Corbin. Ricochet tries to springboard up but Corbin shoves him to the floor. Ricochet has been eliminated. AJ comes from behind but Corbin hangs on. AJ and Corbin go at it now. The #16 entrant is Dolph Ziggler entering his 15th Rumble. Ziggler hits the ring and superkicks Corbin, then unloads on him in the corner. Corbin sends Ziggler to the mat. Corbin sends Dominik into the corner and ends up hitting a big Deep Six. Corbin eliminates Dominik.

AJ and Theory go at it. AJ eliminates Theory. Sheamus is out at #17. AJ eliminates Holland right in Sheamus' face. Sheamus checks on Holland and hits the ring, going right for AJ. Sheamus drops AJ with a knee and Gable attacks Sheamus from behind. Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker to Gable. Sheamus tosses AJ to the apron but he hangs on. Sheamus with 10 Beats of The Bodhrán to AJ on the apron. Rick Boogs is out next at #18. Boogs unloads and then attacks Gable, showing off some and placing him on the top turnbuckle. Gable pulls Boogs into an armbar using the ropes but Boogs easily curls him back into the ring and slams him. Sheamus works on dumping Corbin. Boogs presses Gable with one arm, then eliminates him.


AJ works on eliminating Ziggler but he hangs on. The #19 entrant is Madcap Moss. Corbin and Moss team up on Sheamus in the corner now. moss attacks AJ while Corbin sends Sheamus to the apron but he rolls back in. Boogs presses Ziggler high in the air and tries to dump him to the floor but Ziggler hangs on to the ropes. Moss runs into AJ's boots in the corner. AJ springboards up and Moss ducks but Corbin catches him with a chokeslam backbreaker. Moss eliminates AJ. Corbin and Moss celebrate the elimination.

The #20 entrant is Riddle on his scooter. Riddle flies in and kicks his flip-flops off, ducks Moss and drops him on his head. Moss ends up beating Riddle down but Boogs makes the save. Corbin saves Moss from Boogs. Moss tosses Boogs to the apron and then knocks him off. Boogs has been eliminated and fans boo. Moss and Corbin celebrate their elimination. The #21 entrant is Drew McIntyre for the surprise return.

Dew hits the ring as Moss and Corbin look on. Drew drops Ziggler and unloads on Moss. Drew fights off Moss and Corbin now. Drew eliminates Moss and then eliminates Corbin. Drew stands tall to a big pop. Drew then goes to the floor and unloads on Corbin and Moss some more, launching them with big throws. Drew takes half of the steel ring steps and rams them to Corbin's face. Drew with another big shot to Corbin and then he slams Moss on top of the second half of the steps. Referees surround Drew and try to get him to relax. The #22 entrant is Kevin Owens. Owens and Drew meet at ringside and start brawling.


They bring it in the ring and Owens hits a big Pop-Up Powerbomb to Drew, then a corner cannonball to Ziggler. Owens yells out about this being his show and fans pop. Owens unloads on Sheamus now, then Riddle. Owens stomps Riddle's bare feet, then kicks him in the face. The #23 entrant is Rey Mysterio in his 13th Rumble match. Drew runs under Owens' legs and sends him flying with a head scissors. Rey springboards off the second rope with a crossbody to Sheamus. Rey dumps Riddle to the apron but he hangs on. Riddle saves himself as Owens goes for Rey. Owens nails a big Stunner to Rey.

Sheamus and Drew take turns on Owens now. The #24 entrant is Kofi Kingston. Kofi and Owens fight in the corner. Kofi springboards in from the apron but Owens shoves him out of the air. Kofi flies out and lands on the barrier to perform his annual Rumble stunt but he hit the barrier so hard hit feet briefly touched the ground. He tries to hide it but the referees come over and we get a replay. Kofi is eliminated. The #25 entrant is RAW Tag Team Champion Otis.

Otis levels Ziggler and tosses Riddle on his head. Sheamus tries to dump Rey. Otis scoops Drew for a powerslam. Ziggler works on Riddle now. Sheamus still has Rey on the apron. Owens pounds on Otis in the corner now. Drew takes a breather while Ziggler works on Riddle. The #26 entrant is Big E. Big E runs in and launches Owens with a belly-to-belly suplex, then catches Riddle in mid-air and launches him with a big throw. Big E runs the ring and hits a splash on Owens. Big E rallies the crowd now but Sheamus drops him with a Brogue Kick. Rey gets on Sheamus' back and they go at it now. Sheamus catches Rey in mid-air and nails a rib breaker, and another. The #27 entrant is rapper Bad Bunny.


Bunny hits the ring and goes right to the top. He flies and hits a crossbody on Sheamus. Owens kicks Bunny but the Stunner is blocked. Bunny takes Owens down with a scissors. Riddle wants to team up with Bunny but Bunny kicks him and gets the crowd hyped up before hitting the Bunny Destroyer. Bunny is fired up but Sheamus decks him. Sheamus tosses Bunny but he hangs on. Sheamus goes for a Brogue to kick him off but Bunny ducks and Sheamus hits the floor. Sheamus has been eliminated and he's furious. Ziggler attacks Bunny now. Rey helps Bunny and they do an assisted 619. Bunny eliminates Ziggler. Bunny and Rey go to shake hands but Bunny tosses him to the apron. Owens drops Bunny with a Stunner. The #28 entrant is Shane McMahon. Otis eliminates Rey while Shane is coming out.

Shane rushes the ring and unloads on Owens. Fans chant "you still got it!" at Shane as he unloads on Otis now. Owens superkicks Shane and yells at him to get out of his ring. Owens tries to toss Shane but it back-fires and Shane eliminates Owens. Drew attacks Shane and tries to eliminate him now. Otis watches as Big E and Riddle go at it. Otis and Big E both work on Riddle now. The #29 entrant is Randy Orton to a huge hometown pop.


Orton hits the ring, ducks Big E and drops him with the RKO. RK-Bro eliminates Big E. Orton with the RKO to Otis. Riddle leaps off Otis' back and drops Drew with a big RKO. Orton poses up top for a big hometown reaction. RK-Bro eliminates Otis now. It's down to Orton, Riddle, Shane, Bunny and McIntyre. The #30 and final entrant is Brock Lesnar to a huge pop.

Lesnar seethes as he marches to the ring, ready to destroy. Lesnar enters as the others look on. He drops, Shane, then Riddle, then unloads on Orton in the corner with thrusts. Lesnar tosses Orton, then Shane with German suplexes. Lesnar with strikes and a German to Riddle. Lesnar stands tall and clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Orton has been eliminated and fans are not happy. Bunny looks terrified at Lesnar's dominance.

Bunny squares up with Lesnar now and Lesnar laughs. Lesnar with a big F5 to Bunny. Lesnar scoops Bunny and tosses him over the top rope. Bunny has been eliminated. Lesnar tosses Riddle with ease next and Riddle has been eliminated. Lesnar goes to work on Shane and clotheslines him over the top rope. Shane has been eliminated.

Lesnar stares Drew down now and the crowd is standing. Drew talks some trash as they meet in the middle of the ring. Lesnar shoves Drew away as Drew backs him off. Lesnar unloads and rams Drew into the turnbuckles. Lesnar scoops Drew for the F5 but Drew fights off and nails a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Lesnar dodges a Claymore Kick, then scoops Drew for a F5 but tosses him over the top rope instead. McIntyre has been eliminated and Lesnar is the winner.


Winner: Brock Lesnar

- After the match, Lesnar stands tall as the music hits and the pyro explodes. Lesnar is going to WrestleMania 38. We go to replays as Cole talks about how WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman screwed Lesnar earlier in the WWE Title loss to Bobby Lashley. Lesnar points up at the WrestleMania 38 sign as the Royal Rumble goes off the air.