AEW Dynamite Results (2/2) – MJF Faces CM Punk, Ruby Soho In Action

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Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta w/Orange Cassidy & Danhausen

Jon Moxley is able to take down Wheeler Yuta in the ring, while the fans chant for Danhausen who is at ringside here. Yuta manages to crawl underneath Moxley and then hit a dropkick. Moxley goes to the outside to take a minute and Yuta attempts a dive, but Moxley catches him, only for Wheeler to reverse with another dropkick.

However, back in the ring, Jon swipes away an attempt at a dropkick from the second rope. Moxley then takes things to another level with a big chop which he follows with a piledriver. Yuta attempts a chop of his own which has no impact, so Jon puts him on the top rope and hits two of his own. Yuta then jumps down after fighting out and he hits a step-up enziguri before a splash into the corner.

Yuta looks to go high-risk, but Moxley rolls out and then they brawl on the apron until Moxley spikes him. Moxley then gets surprised by Danhausen who poses in front of him, which sets up a huge dive by Yuta. He then connects with a German suplex, but Moxley kicks out. Yuta then gets sent to the ropes and as he bounces back, Moxley hits a cutter!

Jon attempts his finisher, but Yuta reverses and drops the former champion, following up with a splash, but that only gets a two-count. Moxley hits an open-handed shot and then locks in a sleeper hold. He releases and connects with a King Kong lariat before hammering down with elbow strikes and then the Paradigm Shift.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After a brief celebration, Moxley turns around and sees Bryan Danielson inside of the ring. Bryan asks the fans if they want to see them fight, which gets a "Yes" chant. Bryan says for a long time he wanted to see them fight, because Moxley was different. Bryan says since he's come back, we have seen a new Jon Moxley. Deep inside, there's always been a part of Bryan that wanted to test him.

He saw him as the AEW World Champion, and Bryan says he was the best World Champion. He thinks if Moxley had some support, he'd still be World Champion, and that's when he realized they shouldn't be fighting. They should be fighting together. This gets a "Yes" chant as well. Danielson says he gets the fans love AEW, but there's no reason a millennial cowboy should be World Champion. Or someone dressed as a dinosaur should be a champion, or someone whose biggest contribution is creating a vlog should be champion.

Bryan tells Moxley that they could run this place. Bryan says they could take anything they want. They could take someone like Daniel Garcia and mentor him to train the future of professional wrestling. He says Jon doesn't have to answer right now, but he wants to him to think of the possibilities.

- Brandi Rhodes is in the ring and says everyone is so nice to her in Cleveland...but they're in Chicago. However, she is immediately interrupted by Dan Lambert. He says they might have given Brandi a reality show, but she needs a reality check. He tells her that she can pretend that Cody earned her spot, and that Chief Brand Officer is a real role, or her Brandi from the block accent is as fake as the bulldogs popping out of her chest.

He feels like a decent human being stood next to her. Brandi then tells Ethan she doesn't know why he's laughing, as everyone knows he only got signed for them to get closer to Josh Alexander. Brandi puts over Lambert's achievements, but this gains a "shut the f**k up" chant from the fans.

Brandi says it is a little telling that his best fighter got knocked out by Jake Paul. Dan says isn't it time her whole family goes heel. Dam Lambert says he has an idea for Brandi tonight...and Paige Van Zant. She hits the ring and attacks Brandi until the women's locker room appears and splits them up.

- Backstage Matt Hardy tells Private Party he's disappointed in them. He then tells Sammy Guevara he wants the TNT Title and he says Isiah Kassidy will take that shot. He then asks Andrade where Darby Allin is, but he says more money is the situation.

House Of Black vs. PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo

PAC has to hold the back of Alex Abrhantes to get to the ring, and he then stands in the ring with a blindfold on. However, when Malakai Black goes for a move, he avoids it, and he then lights up Black with a series of kicks as he pulls the blindfold down. Death Triangle then both launch themselves over the top rope to take down their opponents.

Brody King then comes in and turns the tables with his power advantage, connecting with a senton. Black then returns to the ring and maintains his control. However, PAC's speed gets to his partner and Pena begins lighting up both of his opponents, dropping Brody with a DDT.

Penta then connects with a backstabber to Malakai, but that doesn't get the job done. PAC then makes a blind tag and he and Black start trading stiff shots against each other. PAC hits a release German and then a brainbuster, but Brody King breaks up the tag. Penta nails him with a superkick and those two men then go back and forth before Brody dumps him out of the ring.

However, Penta is able to get back in and send the bigger man out. He then steps up and flips over the top rope to crash onto Brody, continuing his momentum. Death Triangle look for Fear Factor, but Pac gets launched from the top turnbuckle. This allows Black to spray the mist into Penta as they then connect with their double team finish for the win.

Winners: House Of Black

- Adam Cole is backstage on the Cutler Cam as he tells everyone his record still reflects he is undefeated as a singles star. But he doesn't get the respect that he deserves, and he promises fans will see a new side of him. Cole claims he will fight and beat Evil Uno on Friday, and then the world will know what he wants.

Nyla Rose vs. Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho hits the ring, launches her jacket at Nyla Rose, and immediately starts attacking her. However, Nyla then charges in with a big clothesline and a power slam that changes the momentum. She then misses with an attempt to drop down on Ruby though, but Rose regains control with a Samoan Drop.

Nyla then takes a focus on the arm of her opponent before driving her shoulder into the mid-section of Soho. Despite an attempt at fighting back from Ruby, Nyla immediately drops her down to the mat, following up with a leg drop and then a Death Valley Driver. However, Soho manages to kick out.

Ruby then connects with several kicks, and the two start trading blows on the ring apron. Soho lifts up Nyla and then drops her face-first onto the ring apron. Soho is not able to keep it going though, as she gets nailed with a spinebuster after a distraction from Vickie Guerrero. Nyla looks for the Beast Bomb, but Soho reverses with the No Future Kick.

However, before Ruby can get the win, Vickie pulls Nyla's foot under the ropes. Soho goes after her, but this allows Nyla to drag her into the ring and drop her with a neck breaker from the second rope. Nyla goes to the top rope but Soho joins her, but she then misses with her finisher. As she lands, Nyla hits a senton and then the Beast Bomb.

Winner: Nyla Rose

- Gunn Club are shown backstage attacking Jungle Boy, throwing him into the snow.

- Tony Schiavone interviews Hangman Page. The Cowboy says he has begged for a challenger, and now here he is still waiting. He says he doesn't give a sh*t if it's a Texas Deathmatch. He needs something, and he needs it tonight, so he invites Lance Archer out to the ring for a fight. This brings out Dan Lambert and Jake Roberts out. Dan says a soft-ass cowboy would be better in Cleveland.

Roberts tells Hangman to shut up. He says Page is acting different, and he asks him if he is scared. However, as he keeps talking, Lance Archer appears and tells them to shut up as he heads for Page. Hangman dives out of the ring and then sends him to the stairs. However, Lambert then hits the champion with a chair from behind.

Page looks to attack Lambert, but this provides an opening for Archer to regain control. He slams Page onto the upside of the stairs, and then launches him through the announce table. He tells him that next week, he'll be World Champion.

- Chris Jericho is then shown backstage, questioning why Santana and Ortiz did what they did last week. He says nobody has more influence in this company than him. He wants to hear from them face to face, and that's why he's demanding a full Inner Circle team meeting next week.

CM Punk vs. MJF

Immediately MJF hides behind the ropes and then takes a cheap shot to Punk. However, the former WWE star is quick to get some shots in of his own, which sends MJF outside of the ring.MJF ten looks to run away through the fans, but Punk goes after him and they fight on the staircase, with Punk smashing someone's drink into them.

He then fights him back down the staircase and launches him back to the ring. He hits a couple of scoop slams and then looks for a shoulder attack in the corner, but MJF moves, and Punk crashes and burns. MJF then stands on the hand of Punk on the table. and drops down with a knee to the area.

MJF then takes his time working the arm of Punk's, but he is able to fight through the issue with a big crossbody. Back on his feet, Punk hits a neck breaker and then his running knee to the corner, which he follows with the bulldog. Punk then continues his beatdown with a body slam onto the ring apron.

CM Punk then allows a fan to take a shot at his rival. However, while he gets up to the top turnbuckle, MJF knocks the ropes, which stops him, as MJF then launches Punk from the top to the mat, getting a near fall. However, Punk creates separation again, only for MJF to pull the referee in front of him. This then allows MJF to use some tape to choke Punk without the official seeing it. He keeps the move locked in and this leads to MJF choking out Punk for the win.

Winner: MJF

However, as the official raises MJF's hand, he drops the tape. Because of that, this match will continue.

Punk then begins clobbering MJF, launching him into the turnbuckles as he hammers down with punches in the corner. MJF responds well by sending Punk out of the ring, and once again he focuses on the arm once again. MJF tries to use the tape to his advantage. However, Punk fires back and springboards in with a clothesline.

He looks for the GTS, but with just one arm, MJF is able to pull away and rag the arm of Punk's onto the top rope. Despite that. He then springboards up and hits a dropkick and Punk follows it with a dive to the outside. When they get back to the ring, MJF begins working on the knee of Punk, focusing on another limb.

However, CM Punk reverses and locks in the STF, but with his injured arm, he is unable to hold on. Punk then looks for the GTS again, and this time, his leg gives way on him due to the attack that MJF has put on it. MJF goes for an inside cradle, but Punk kicks out. MJF once again focuses on the leg, and this time Punk pulls himself, which sends MJF into the second turnbuckle.

The two men then start throwing punches and shots back and forth, but a poke to the eye from MJF gives him an advantage. However, he connects with a reverse hurricanrana, but MJF kicks out. MJF then goes for a chop block, and after Punk misses with a kick, hit hits another one.

MJF then drops Punk down, but he is able to kick out! MJF then ends up hitting a low blow when the official can't see, and as he goes for the pin, he gets his feet on the ropes, but Punk kicks out again. MJF then wraps Punk's leg around the ring post, exposes his knee, and does it again.

Back into the ring, Punk hits a leg lariat and then his knee to the face. However, as he looks for the bulldog, MJF bites Punk to stop it.  They then head to the top rope, and this time it is Punk who bites. He hits the Pepsi Plunge from the top rope, but MJF rolls away from him to stop any pinfall attempt.  He then looks for a piledriver, but MJF reverses with a pinfall attempt.

Punk kicks out and then hits a roundhouse kick, which he follows up with his Elbow Drop, but MJF kicks out! MJF then rolls out of the ring and Wardlow then makes his way out. He goes face to face with CM Punk, but then he steps out of the way. The referee talks to Wardlow, but then MJF hits Punk with the Diamond ring to get the win.

Winner: MJF

It is then shown in a post-match camera angle that Wardlow actually passed the ring to MJF for him to hit that move.