Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live AEW Rampage Viewing Party. Tonight’s matches were recorded Wednesday at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Four matches are announced for tonight’s show.

  • TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match qualifier: Orange Cassidy vs. Anthony Bowens
  • Wardlow vs. Nick Comoroto
  • Serena Deeb’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenge

There will also be a contract signing between AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa for their title match at Revolution.

Plus, we could see even more.

Our live coverage of AEW Rampage begins at 10 PM ET.

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We’re underway with Excalibur, Taz, and Chris Jericho on commentary.

TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo (with Jose The Assistant, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy)

Andrade and Guevara both go for their finishers early, but both manage to escape.

Andrade offers a handshake. Guevara gives him a middle finger.

Andrade backs Guevara into the corner with some chops. Guevara hits a dropkick and sends Andrade to the outside. Guevara catches Andrade charging back into the ring and plants him with a Spanish Fly for a 2-count.

Guevara climbs to the top rope, but Andrade cuts him off. Andrade climbs to the second rope and pulls Guevara up with him. They trade strikes and Guevara kicks Andrade off the second rope.

Guevara goes for a springboard cutter, but Andrade pushes Guevara off the top rope and down to the floor as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Guevara nearly catches Andrade in a small package but Andrade kicks out.

Andrade goes for a suplex but Guevara escapes and takes down Andrade with a clothesline and a knee strike. Guevara tries for the GTH, but Andrade escapes and then misses a charge into the corner and crashes down to the arena floor.

Guevara lands a dive over the top rope and onto Andrade.

Guevara rolls Andrade back into the ring. Guevara climbs to the top rope. He misses a 450 Splash but lands on his feet. Andrade catches him with a kick and then DDT’s Guevara on the ring apron.

Andrade sends Guevara back into the ring and he climbs to the top rope. Guevara cuts him off with a kick. Guevara hits a top rope Spanish Fly on Andrade. That gets a 2-count.

Guevara and Andrade trade strikes from their knees and wear each other out to the point that both collapse to the mat. Referee Paul Turner starts the 10-count for both men. Andrade gets back to his feet first and tries to remove one of the turnbuckle pads. Turner stops that but Matt Hardy actually does remove a turnbuckle pad behind his back.

Andrade misses a running double knees to the corner. Guevara hoists up Andrade for the GTH but Andrade and rolls up Guevara with his feet on the ropes. That gets a 2-count.  Matt Hardy appears to push Andrade’s foot off the bottom rope. Commentary is speculating but can’t say for certain. Instant reply doesn’t really answer the question either.

Guevara takes down Andrade with a superkick and goes to the top rope. Andrade cuts him off with an elbow strike. Andrade escapes and kicks Andrade off the second rope and Andrade lands head-first on the exposed turnbuckle. Chris Jericho says Guevara asked him not to intervene in tonight’s match.

Guevara hits a springboard cutter and that gets the pin on Andrade.

Sammy Guevara defeats Andrade El Idolo via pinfall to retain the TNT Championship

Matt Hardy attacks Guevara after the match. Darby Allin and Sting run down to the ring to rescue Guevara.

Back from the break and QT Marshall is out on stage. He’s chewing out Taz over the recent actions of Hook. Marshall talks about training Hook and trying to teach him respect. He wants Hook to come out and thank him.

Hook finally has heard enough and comes out. Marshall waves in some extras to take on Hook, but Hook lays out all of them. He strolls backstage leaving Marshall looking dumbfounded.

Backstage with Dan Lambert, Ethan Page, and Scorpio Sky. Lambert says he demanded a TNT Championship match for Sky. Lambert says he was assured Sky will get his shot before the winner of the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.

Wardlow vs. Nick Comoroto

Comoroto powers down Wardlow to start, but Wardlow kips up and takes down Comoroto with a suplex.

Comoroto tries to power up Wardlow, but Wardlow escapes and then catches Comoroto and throws him over the top rope to the floor as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Comoroto hoists up Wardlow for a press slam but Wardlow escapes and chokeslams Comoroto. Wardlow looks for a powerbomb but Comoroto reverses it. Wardlow reverses the reversal and hits a powerbomb. He follows with a second powerbomb.

The Powerbomb Symphony is on. Wardlow hits a third and a fourth powerbomb and pins Comoroto to get the win.

Wardlow defeats Nick Comoroto via pinfall

Aaron Solo tries to jump Wardlow after the match but gets caught by Wardlow. Wardlow flips Solo into a powerbomb position. Shawn Spears hits Solo with a chair while he’s up for the powerbomb. Solo falls to the mat and it appears Wardlow was hit in the hand.

Spears takes the mic and tells Wardlow he doesn’t think the Powerbomb Symphony is working. He doesn’t think it’s “getting over”. He wants Wardlow to get back to basics. Spears declares “no more powerbombs”. The crowd boos.

“You have so much potential and me and Max are so proud of you,” Spears says. He gives Wardlow a hug. Wardlow does not look happy.

We get another look at the Double or Nothing announcement for Sunday, May 29.

Serena Deeb vs. Kayla Sparks

This is another 5 Minute Rookie Challenge. Deeb attacks Sparks and chokes her with her robe.

A European uppercut puts down Sparks. Deeb attacks Sparks’ back with some forearms.

Deeb puts Sparks on the top rope and stretches her with a variation of the Gory Special while Sparks is still tied up on the top rope.

Deeb works on a hammerlock on Sparks. He’s toying with her. Deeb finally locks on the Serenity Lock and gets the submission victory.

Serena Deeb defeats Kayla Sparks via submission

Back from the break for the contract signing Revolution title match between Thunder Rosa and AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker.

Rosa says, “Let’s give the people what they want. A better champion you cheating (expletive)!”

Rosa signs the contract. Baker takes the mic and says Rosa is only relevant when she’s mentioned in the same breath with Baker. She says they made history in their “Lights Out” match and Rosa won, but everyone was talking about Baker after the match.

Baker says Rosa is bitter. Baker says Rosa thinks winning the title will solve all of Rosa’s problems but Rosa will never be Baker. She dunks on Rosa for “wrestling on YouTube”.

“You will NEVER be the face of All Elite Wrestling,” Baker said.

Baker says Rosa doesn’t hate her. She says Rosa actually hates herself because she’ll never be Baker. Baker signs the contract.

Rosa immediately dives across the table onto Rosa. Jamie Hayter and Rebel intervene. Mercedes Martinez arrives to even the odds. Martinez puts Hayter through the table.

Backstage, Mark Henry is speaking with Orange Cassidy and Anthony Bowens. Cassidy isn’t sure what’s going on so Wheeler Yuta explains the situation to him. Max Caster and Bowens try to talk trash but Cassidy says he stopped listening. It’s time for the main event.

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite

  • Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish
  • Casino Tag Royale for the final spot in the AEW Tag Title match at Revolution
  • Tony Khan will have a huge announcement

Also, it’s officially announced that Jade Cargill will defend the TBS Championship against Tay Conti at Revolution.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Orange Cassidy (with Wheeler Yuta) vs. Anthony Bowens (with Max Caster)

Caster comes in with a subpar rap during Bowens’ entrance. Then, Cassidy gets the mic. He holds the mic to his feet as he lays in some lazy kicks on Caster. The ring is cleared and Cassidy concludes, “Word to your mother”.

Cassidy dives onto Bowens outside the ring but Bowens is able to retake control and slam Cassidy against the ring apron. He rolls Cassidy back into the ring for a 2-count as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Bowens is in control. He rams Cassidy into the turnbuckle.

Bowens showboats and Cassidy retakes control.

Cassidy hits a crossbody from the top rope. Caster grabs Cassidy’s foot and Bowens takes down Cassidy with a superkick.

Cassidy rallies with a Stundog Millionaire and a running boot. Bowens replies with a spinning facebuster and a running knee to Cassidy’s face for a close near-fall.

Cassidy hits a Michinoku Driver for a 2-count. Cassidy is distracted by Caster and Bowens cuts him off in the ropes. Bowens hammers away on Cassidy but Cassidy fires back. Both men collapse in exhaustion.

Bowens tries for a piledriver but gets flipped over the top rope to the floor. Cassidy follows with a dive and quickly gets both of them back into the ring for a diving DDT and another DDT for a near-fall.

Caster throws the boombox to Bowens. Referee Bryce Remsberg removes the boombox but that allows Bowens to retake control and get another near-fall.

Cassidy goes to the outside where Caster is lurking but Danhausen sneaks up on Caster and surprises him. Cassidy takes down Caster with an Orange Punch and then rolls back into the ring and hits Bowens with an Orange Punch to get the pin.

Orange Cassidy defeats Anthony Bowens via pinfall

Orange Cassidy is the fifth man qualified for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match along with Keith Lee, Wardlow, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Ricky Starks.

That’s our show!

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