Billy Gunn Thinks Young AEW Wrestlers Do Not Take Advantage Of Legends

WWE Hall Of Famer Billy Gunn a recent guest on Busted Open Radio where he spoke about working with his sons. As a member of The Gunn Club, the wrestling legend admits he coaches on the ground. The former DX star also admitted he's proud of them.

"I am really bad about coaching on the ground, and they're like, 'dad, you have to stop doing that.' But, they're so in tune to what they're doing sometimes they kind of... not fully understanding what the people are doing. So I just try to get them to put the brakes on a little bit," he said. "Let the people jump no, and then go. I am super proud of them and they're doing an awesome job."

Billy Gunn is one of the many legends that is part of the AEW roster. However, he admitted that the younger wrestlers could do a better job of taking advantage of them all. He feels that the rosters do not want to be told differently from their game plan at times.

"I think they could do a better job of it," he said on younger wrestlers learning from the veterans. "Honestly, that's one of the things. We have Arn, Dean, Tully, Jerry, we have some of the greatest talent and minds that are in the business, and I feel like they don't take full advantage of it. I feel like they need to take more advantage of it.

"But sometimes I think that they are in their own heads, not that they know it all. But they kind of don't want someone to tell them to do differently from what their game plan is."

Billy Gunn also spoke about the AEW locker room in general, which he loves. The veteran stated there's no backstabbing backstage, but the talent do not know how good they have it.

"I love it. They are really into what they are doing, they are a lot of fun," Billy stated. There's no backstabbing, all that. I don't think they understand how good they have it. Sometimes I wish I could take everybody there and stick them in that up North system for about an hour, and then bring them back down, and let them realize how good they actually have it. But it's really good, it's super positive."

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