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GCW Welcome To Heartbreak 2022 card announced before the show (subject to change)

Joey Janela & X-Pac vs. The Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona)

AJ Gray (c) vs. ACH for the GCW Extreme Championship

Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Blake Christian vs. Nick Wayne

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Homicide

Tony Deppen vs. Kevin Blackwood

Mike Bailey vs. Ninja Mack

Matthew Justice vs. Gringo Loco vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. TBA in a Scramble Match

– The show opens with a video package focusing on X-Pac’s return to the ring, and how his match came about tonight.

Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

The match gets underway with Jacob Fatu sending Mark Briscoe into the corner of the ring. Fatu doing a lot of trash-talking to the crowd. Mark responds with a number of chops, but Fatu replies to that with a devastating upper-cut. Jay gets tagged in and sends Fatu to the floor with a Hurricanrana. The match breaks down immediately, as Juicy sends Mark Briscoe through a chair in the ring.

Fatu and Finau now take control, double-teaming Jay. Fatu and Finau showcase their agility with separate dives to Jay in the middle of the ring. The Briscoes manage to build some momentum and Mark dives over the top rope into Finau, using a steel chair for leverage. Mark introduces the first door into the match. He sets it up in the corner of the ring. Mark grabs a chair and throws it at Fatu.

Fatu eventually sends Jay Briscoe crashing into the door. Fatu and Finau both work on Mark, with Fatu delivering a splash from the top turnbuckle. Fatu works on Jay on the outside of the ring. Fatu takes flight by diving into Jay and into the chairs set up for the fans. Mark and Finau are now on the outside. Mark jumps off the top turnbuckle to send Finau through a wooden chair. Fatu once again dives onto the outside taking out Mark Briscoe.

The brawl continues around ringside. Finau then pushes Starboy Charlie who is in the crowd. His mother slaps Finau before Charlie crossbody’s onto both Finau and Fatu to take them down. Back in the ring, The Briscoes gain an advantage. Mark smashes a door over the head of Finau. Jay sets up another door onto a chair in the middle of the ring. Mark dives from the top turnbuckle with a Froggy Elbow onto Finau to pick up the win.

Winners: The Briscoes via pinfall

– After the match, Jay Briscoe grabs the microphone. Mark says they dropped the tag team titles in New York City. Jay says they’re ready for their rematch and want the match in Dallas during The Collective weekend.

Blake Christian vs. Nick Wayne

Both athletes shake hands before the match begins. Blake immediately takes down Nick Wayne, before giving him a little slap on the back of the head. Wayne tries to lock Blake in a Wristlock, but Blake tries to play some mind games with his opponent. Blake takes Nick Wayne down again, this time with the Waistlock. Blake has Wayne pinned to the mat, but Wayne continues to kick out of the pin attempts as they lock hands. They eventually double bridge in the middle of the ring and let go. The pace immediately picks up with Blake knocking down Wayne with the shoulder block.

Wayne Springboards off the rope, but Blake counters The Cutter. They end up in a stalemate as the crowd appreciate the action. Blake sends Wayne out onto the apron, and Wayne uses it to his advantage. Wayne eventually takes Blake down with Headscissors, followed by a Dropkick which sends him out of the ring. Wayne then dives over the rope onto his challenger. Back in the ring, Blake counters and hits a standing Frog Splash. Blake then Dropkicks Wayne whilst he’s sat on the canvas. Blake shows off his incredible agility and hits a standing Dropkick on Nick Wayne as the fans chant for him.

Wayne goes for a Full Nelson, but Blake counters and hits a Snap Suplex. Blake delivers a thunderous kick to the spine of Wayne. He then hits it again for a second time. Blake attempts a cover, but Nick Wayne kicks out at two. Blake then goes for a Headlock as he continues to wear him down. Blake next connects with a kick to the head. Wayne attempts a Cutter from the top turnbuckle as he finds a burst of energy. Wayne hits a Thunder Powerbomb countering Blake Christian’s offence.

Wayne goes to the top turnbuckle and misses with a Double Stomp. Blake hits a Sunset Flip into the turnbuckles. He then attempts a 450 but Wayne evades. Blake then smashes Wayne to the mat with a Powerbomb after he snatched him out of mid-air. Both men now trade blows in the middle of the ring. A flurry of quick moves eventually sees Blake hit a Belly-T0-Back Suplex from the top turnbuckle. Wayne and Blake trade kicks, before Wayne hits a Fisherman Suplex. Wayne performs a Swanton Bomb, but Blake Christian kicks out of the pin attempt. Blake hits the Spanish Fly to Wayne, following it up with a Springboard 450 Splash, but Nick Wayne kicks out of the cover.

The fans chant “fight forever” showing their appreciation for this contest. They are now both on the apron trading forearms. Wayne goes for a Cutter, but Blake counters and nails Wayne with a Tombstone on the apron. Blake goes under the ring and finds a wooden door, and sends it into the ring. He also sends in two wooden chairs. Blake Christian sets the door between the chairs. Blake brings Wayne back into the ring. On the top turnbuckle, Wayne counters and eventually connects with an Ace Cutter through the door, but Blake kicks out of the pin. Blake hits a knee to the back of Wayne. Wayne counters with his own kick to the back of the head. Both men counter each other. Blake then plants him into the mat head-first for the win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

– Blake Christian raises Nick Wayne’s arm after the match, as the fans show their appreciation for that fantastic bout. We then lose signal from the venue for a moment.

Tony Deppen vs. Kevin Blackwood

Deppen and Blackwood go at it, as Blackwood locks him in a Headlock. Both men try and feel each other out to gain an advantage. Deppen hits a huge kick to the back Blackwood. Deppen and Blackwood perform a sequence of avoiding each other’s moves at some speed. Deppen eventually makes it to the corner as the fans applaud what just happened. Blackwood misses a kick and Deppen goes for a roll up. Blackwood has Deppen up but he manages to counter. Deppen goes through the ropes, from the apron, to plant Blackwood head-first into the canvas.

Deppen now has Blackwood in a Headlock on the mat. Deppen has Blackwood in the corner and delivers an open hand chop. He goes to the top turnbuckle going for the Double Stomp, but Blackwood moves out of the way and hits a Double Stomp of his own from a standing position. Kevin Blackwood hits a flurry of strikes. He then locks in Deppen for a number of German Suplexes. Blackwood hits a Death Valley Bomb but only gets a two count with the pin attempt.

Blackwood goes to the top but Deppen slaps him. Deppen follows him up to the top turnbuckle. Back in on the canvas, both wrestlers trade Suplexes, before they trade strikes with slaps, kicks and forearms. Blackwood gets the upper hand and hits a Brainbuster. Blackwood charges to Deppen, but he moves out of the way. Deppen hits a knee to Blackwood and follows it up with a Powerbomb and tries a Double Stomp from the top. Blackwood counters it and locks Deppen in with a Sharpshooter. Blackwood then hits a Gotch Piledriver but Deppen kicks out of the pin attempt. Blackwood goes back to the Sharpshooter, but Deppen makes it to the ropes. Deppen goes for the small package but his opponent escapes. Deppen makes a Blackwood tap out as he went for the Cattle Mutilation, applying his arm around the neck.

Winner: Tony Deppen via submission

Mike Bailey vs. Ninja Mack

Mike Bailey and Ninja Mack show respect for each other before they get the contest underway. Bailey tries to strike first showing off his quickness. Ninja Mack responds with the same. Both go over the top rope and both land on their feet. Bailey then parts the crowd as he runs towards Mack and takes him down with a kick. Mack then hits a hard kick to the chest of Bailey to take him down. They continue to fight through the crowd. Ninja Mack then finds a wooden door and sets it up on two wooden chairs that the fans were sitting on. Bailey reappears and delivers double knees to Mack’s back.

They both return to the ring. Mack goes for a kick but Bailey blocks it and counters into a Half Crab. Bailey then repeatedly stomps Ninja Mack in the corner of the ring. Ninja Mack delivers a kick from the top turnbuckle, but Bailey counters with his own kicks. They both attempt a standing Shooting Star Press, as Bailey eventually connects. Mack then goes up to the top turnbuckle and misses a 450. Bailey escaped to the floor, and Ninja Mack follows him out, diving through the middle rope. Bailey then follows it up with his own dives to the outside. Ninja Mack then performs four handsprings, before sailing over the top rope onto Mike Bailey.

Now back on the outside, Ninja Mack finds a big ladder. Mike Bailey looks shocked. Ninja Mack climbs up the ladder and stands on a ledge. Mike Bailey follows him up the large ladder to the top ledge. They walk the ledge and meet in the middle. They then trade kicks to the chest. Bailey delivers a big kick, and Mack falls down through the wooden door that was set up earlier. Bailey climbs down and picks up Ninja Mack, sending him back into the ring. Ninja Mack flips the bird to Bailey before he strikes him with a kick to the head. Bailey then follows it up with a Superkick, but Ninja Mack finds a burst of energy. He goes for a 450, but Bailey catches him with his knees. Bailey then has Mack held high before he plants him into the canvas.

Winner: Mike Bailey via pinfall

AJ Gray (c) vs. ACH for the GCW Extreme Championship

We get underway as ACH locks AJ Gray in a Wristlock. ACH manages to get Gray down, but the champion manages to counter. AJ Gray locks ACH in an abdominal stretch, as ACH counters by taking Gray down once again. Gray delivers a devastating chop to ACH. ACH eventually lands a standing Dropkick. On the outside, AJ Gray delivers a Double Leg Slingshot to ACH, who goes flying into the ring post face first. Gray hits another big chop to ACH. ACH responds with his own chop to the champion. They continue to trade chops as they go around ringside, as ACH ultimately hits a Snap Suplex to AJ Gray on the floor.

Returning to the ring, ACH goes for a cover, but the champion kicks out. ACH seeks to lift AJ Gray, but Gray responds with a spinning heel kick. Gray hits a running chop to ACH in the corner. ACH fights back and hits a German Suplex, locking in the bridge, but Gray kicks out of the cover. Gray delivers a Chokeslam and follows it up with a Powerbomb, and this time, ACH kicks out of the pin attempt. ACH goes back to the chops and kicks. He then hits a Frog Splash from the top turnbuckle.

ACH and Gray now trade forearms. Gray goes for a Powerbomb but ACH counters with a Hurricanrana, which sends Gray out of the ring. ACH then dives through the middle rope and onto the champion. Back in the ring, ACH hits a Superkick and a Brainbuster to Gray. ACH goes to the top and misses the Frog Splash. Gray bounces off the ropes and smashes ACH with Clothesline. He then hits another big Clothesline, before he drives ACH into the canvas for the win.

Winner: And still GCW Extreme Champion, AJ Gray via pinfall

– AJ Gray speaks after the match. Gray said every time GCW needed someone, they always call on AJ Gray. He says he’s one of the most reliable in the company. Gray says he gets any match he wants at Spring Break with his Brass Ring accolade. Gray says he wants Jon Moxley.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Homicide

Wagner Jr. takes off his mask before the match, honouring the Lucha Libre tradition of not wearing the mask in action after losing the mask. He baits the crowd who he turns on by not giving his mask to them. Homicide teases Wagner Jr. as the match gets underway. They eventually lock up with Wagner Jr. getting the early advantage before they both have a stand-off. Wagner Jr. connects with a Dropkick to Homicide, who was down on the mat. The match then goes to the outside, as Wagner Jr. sends Homicide into a wooden chair.

Both wrestlers trade open hand chops around the ringside area. Wagner Jr. then drags Homicide over to the stage area. He then uses a crutch on Homicide. Back inside the ring, Wagner Jr. has Homicide placed in the corner of the ring and smashes a steel chair against his lower region. Wagner Jr. then locks Homicide into a submission. Wagner Jr. then shows off his power, lifting Homicide above him on the canvas whilst in submission. Wagner Jr. uses the chair once again. Homicide manages to counter and build his own momentum.

They both trade blows in the middle of the ring, as Homicide nails Wagner Jr. with a DDT. Homicide goes to the top and misses his Frog Splash attempt. Wagner Jr. immediately regains control of the contest and delivers a Cutter from the top rope. Wagner Jr. goes for a Piledriver, but Homicide counters and hits his own Cutter. Wagner Jr. eventually sends Homicide into the corner where a steel chair is set up and then hits a Power Slam to score the pinfall.

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr. via pinfall

– Dr. Wagner Jr. speaks on the microphone after the match in his native language. He then speaks in English, but it’s hard to work out what he’s saying because of the audience noise level. The fans make it clear they don’t want to listen to him anymore and boo. It appears he’s calling out Psycho Clown for a rematch.

Team Reefer (Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd, Jack Cartwheel & Grim Reefer) vs. Second Gear Crew & Friends (Gringo Loco, Allie Katch, Dark Sheik & Matthew Justice) 

Jordan Oliver and Dark Sheik get us started. Oliver and Sheik search for an advantage, but Sheik hits a Basement Dropkick on Jordan Oliver. Oliver goes out of the ring and Sheik dives through the rope and plants Oliver with a DDT on a wooden chair at ringside. Allie Katch and Jimmy Lloyd are next in the ring. Lloyd sends Katch to the outside, and now Grim Reefer and Matthew Justice are in the ring. Jack Cartwheel shows off his agility. Gringo Loco enters and shows his quickness to Cartwheel.

Cartwheel is now on the apron and again expresses his agility and athleticism. He then takes a dive over the top rope, taking out some of the opposition team. Grim Reefer is on the top turnbuckle and lights up a joint. He then takes a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Reefer is still going at it with the joint in between his lips, as he works on Gringo Loco. Matthew Justice then enters to go up against Reefer. However, Justice shares Reefer’s joint first. Reefer is thrown into the wooden chairs on the outside by Justice. Cartwheel and Sheik trade blows and kicks in the ring.

Jordan Oliver and Allie Katch now slug it out in the middle of the ring. Oliver nails her with a kick as Allie responds with a Clothesline. Cartwheel enters before Sheik hits him with a Death Valley Driver. Jimmy Lloyd hits a Package Piledriver on Sheik. A wooden door is sent into the ring to break up Lloyd’s offence. Justice and Gringo go to the top rope and jump onto Lloyd below, however, Jordan Oliver breaks the pin attempt up. Cartwheel and Oliver set up the wooden door in the corner of the ring. Cartwheel is eventually Speared through the door by Justice. Justice then smashes Jimmy Lloyd with a chair, as Allie nails him with a Piledriver. Gringo Loco hits a Powerbomb from the top turnbuckle to Cartwheel to win the match for his team.

Winners: Second Gear Crew & Friends (Gringo Loco, Allie Katch, Dark Sheik & Matthew Justice)

– Chris Dickinson is introduced and he makes his way to the ring. Dickinson says they told him that he may be out of action for a year. Dickinson says five months to the date he will make his return. Dickinson says he has unfinished business in GCW and unfinished business at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. He mentions his last match in this building against Minoru Suzuki. He says he’s starting off where he left off. Dickinson tells Barnett to call Suzuki to meet him in Dallas at Bloodsport.

– The Major Players cut a promo before their match to rile up the fans. Chris Dickinson challenges Matt Cardona for Joey Janela’s Spring Break.

Joey Janela & X-Pac vs. The Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona)

Janela and Cardona start things off. Cardona immediately tags Myers in, who knocks down Joey Janela. Janela manages to knock Myers down. Cardona enters and Janela takes him out too. Myers tags Cardona in now. Cardona says he wants X-Pac. X-Pac is tagged in for his first match since 2019, and his first match in a decade injury-free. X-Pac is looking in great shape and delivers a number of moves, following it up with a Dropkick in the corner. He then takes Cardona out on the outside. X-Pac is distracted by Myers, and Cardona manages to knock him down from behind.

Cardona and Myers now work together on X-Pac, as Myers is tagged in. Janela tries to enter but the referee stops him in his tracks. Myers has X-Pac in a sleeper hold. Cardona is again tagged and hits X-Pac in the abdomen. X-Pac was draped over the bottom rope, as Chelsea Green got involved whilst the referee’s back was turned. Myers, the legal man now, once again applies the sleeper hold. Janela is tagged in and he’s fired up, knocking down Myers and Cardona. Janela hits a Death Valley Driver on Myers, but Myers kicks out of the pin attempt.

Chelsea Green gets involved and hits a Canadian Destroyer to Joey Janela, as the referee was distracted again. The Major Players are now in control and work on Janela in their corner. Janela eventually reverses Myers’ offence, but Cardona is tagged in and he takes out X-Pac, restricting Janela from making a tag. X-Pac is eventually tagged in. X-Pac hits some of his classic moves on Cardona, including a Sit Down Powerbomb and Bronco Buster.

The Major Players manage to turn the tables again. Janela instantly responds to build some momentum. He goes to the outside and takes out a wooden door from underneath the ring. He sets up on some chairs at ringside. Janela gets Cardona up on the apron, but Cardona reacts by hitting a Backstabber. Cardona now brings the wooden door into the ring. Cardona and Myers set the door up in between two chairs. Cardona accidentally sends Myers crashing through the door. Janela then takes out Cardona on the outside. X-Pac hits the X-Factor on Cardona, then Janela hits an Elbow Drop, but Cardona kicks out of the pin attempt. Cardona returns and smashes Janela and X-Pac with a steel chair. Another wooden door is brought into the ring. The Major Players double-team Janela. They set up the door between the chairs again. X-Pac is then lifted up, but he counters. X-Pac then hits an X-Factor through the door on Myers to claim the victory.

Winners: X-Pac and Joey Janela via pinfall

– X-Pac speaks to the fans after the match and tells them GCW for life. X-Pac thanks the whole GCW roster and says thanks to everyone for allowing him to be a part of this. The fans chant his name. X-Pac says he’s back and he’s happy that GCW allowed him to be a part of their family. X-Pac says if this is his last match, then he can’t think of a better place to do it. He then gives thanks and praise to Joey Janela. Joey Janela Superkicks X-Pac out of nowhere. The fans are stunned. Janela looks down at X-Pac as the fans boo.

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