Jake Roberts Derides Vince McMahon’s Penchant For Humiliating People

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW manager Jake "The Snake" Roberts has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction during his life. Roberts credits Diamond Dallas Page with helping him turn things around.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts and DDP recently discussed some of the deepest moments of despair in Roberts' life – when he considered committing suicide. He also responded to DDP saying Roberts didn't really want to kill himself.

"Nothing funny about suicide man," Roberts said on the DDP Snake Pit podcast. "You know I've been there in the past and I've considered that. Even attempted it a couple of times and I failed. I would've shot myself. I took handfuls of pills. Wasted drugs is not a good thing."

This is not the first time Jake "The Snake" Roberts has discussed his past thoughts about suicide. He also discussed drug use in pro wrestling during the 1980s.

Roberts has complimented WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in the past. But on this occasion, he also mentioned one thing McMahon does that bothers him.

"One thing Vince McMahon did that just made me want to throw up is when you got ready to leave, or if you really wanted that job, he wanted to humiliate you," Roberts recalled. "He wanted to break your spirit and that's just f*cking wrong, man. Look at Terry Taylor. That's, you know, that's my only b*tch about Vince. Yeah, he screwed me over some money, yeah he could've done this, yeah he could've done that, that's okay. But when you try to break a man's spirit and try to humiliate him, why?"

On another recent episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake "The Snake" Roberts claimed that Vince McMahon lied to him, promising Roberts the backstage role that Pat Patterson held in the company. Roberts said after Patterson left WWE, McMahon went back on his word.

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