Former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, was a special guest on Jim Varsallone’s JimmyV3 Channel this week and discussed a variety of topics.

One particular topic of conversation was Kofi’s annual elimination avoiding spot in the Men’s Royal Rumble match. During the 2022 contest, Kofi tried a spot where he would land on the barricade to avoid being eliminated from the match. However, the spot fell apart when Kingston’s feet hit the floor upon landing. The New Day member opened up about the moment and explained why he thinks it failed.

“I feel like we all go out there to try and top ourselves,” Kofi Kingston explained. “Whether we’re talking about tag team matches with The Uso’s or singles matches that we’ve had, myself and Dolph Ziggler. We’ve had a lot of classics. The goal has always been to go out and top yourself.

“Obviously when the Royal Rumble comes around, it’s become something synonymous with something I’m going to do in the match. So, what happened was not supposed to happen. I was trying to kind of land on the barricade. It was something – I walked through it a few times, but it was always going to hurt. It was gonna hurt no matter what, so I couldn’t really practice it like full out. When I did, I think that I jumped too high which has never usually been a problem. I could’ve jumped like further out.”

Kofi stated that he already has some plans in mind for next year’s Men’s Royal Rumble match, to try and compensate for what happened at this year’s show.

The four-time Intercontinental Champion also expressed his delight at Big E rejoining him on SmackDown after E’s singles run, which also saw a first-ever WWE Championship reign. Kofi mentioned that it feels right that they are now back together.

“It has been awesome just to be reconnected with my brother on the road,” Kofi Kingston said. “You kind of forget just how long it’s been since we’ve even traveled together. Obviously, we had the pandemic year where nobody was really traveling, plus us being on different shows for the past couple of years, it’s been different. You feel like there’s a piece of you that’s missing.

“I’ve been lucky, that when we got drafted when we got split, I was with Woods. I had somebody to kind of like go back and forth with, you know, travel with, and be in the ring with, and have fun with. E’s been doing it by himself for the past two years. He’s done a great job, really kind of earned his keep and he made an incredible champion, and it was awesome to see. But I will say, now that he and I are back together, it just feels right.”

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