Sami Zayn Attending Jackass Forever Premiere To Continue Johnny Knoxville Feud

Sami Zayn is attending the Jackass Forever premiere in Los Angeles tonight to continue his feud with Johnny Knoxville.

Zayn and Knoxville feuded for weeks leading up to the WWE Royal Rumble, and Zayn then eliminated Zayn from the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match on Saturday night. Knoxville entered at #9 but was the 3rd elimination, tossed out by Zayn, who was assisted by Ridge Holland, after just 1:26 in the match. Zayn was the #8 entrant, and the 4th elimination, tossed out by AJ Styles after 3:17 in the match. AJ eliminated Zayn while he was celebrating the Knoxville elimination.

After The Rumble, Megan Morant interviewed Knoxville backstage and he said he's just getting started with his goal of becoming WWE Champion, despite the quick elimination. Knoxville also said Zayn has payback coming his way. Zayn then confronted Morant and seethed over how she interviewed Knoxville first instead of him. Zayn continued to rant and promised he wasn't done with Knoxville.

In an update, Zayn took to Twitter today and revealed that he flew to Los Angeles for the invite-only world premiere of the new Jackass Forever movie. He plans on confronting Knoxville at the premiere.

Zayn re-posted his post-Rumble interview with Morant and wrote, "He thinks I'm kidding around, but I just flew myself to LA for the Jackass world premiere."

Zayn added in a follow-up tweet, "Flew myself to LA for the Jackass world premiere. Having a great time! Can't wait to see Johnny Knoxville doing his thing. It's gonna be great!"

He posted several other tweets documenting his day in LA and teased a showdown with Knoxville, writing, "The food in LA is so delicious! Today might be the best day of my life! AND it's only going to get better...Jackass world premiere tonight!!! Johnny Knoxville is probably nervous about his big night, but he's got no reason to be. Everything is going to be great! :) "

Zayn has posted a few more tweets as he waits for tonight's premiere to begin. Knoxville has not responded as of this writing, but he did re-post some of Zayn's Instagram Stories and mock him. WWE has re-tweeted most of Zayn's posts.

Stay tuned for more on Zayn and Knoxville. You can see all of Sami's tweets below: