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– We kick-start tonight’s AEW Dynamite with Tony Schiavone in the ring with Tony Khan. The AEW President says normally he keeps people on time, so he will get us to the wrestling tonight. He thanks everyone for being here, and he thanks everyone at home for keeping the company going in the pandemic.

Tony says when we started AEW three years ago, it was out in the parking lot. 17 years before that, another company started, known as Ring Of Honor. Tony has been a fan for a long time, so he’s excited…Tony Khan is the new owner of Ring Of Honor! Tony says, Shane is not here, it is him.

He says the era of honor show featured Christopher Daniels in a triple threat. One of the opponents is here tonight, and neither of them won, and it has eaten them up. That is this man…Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels

Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels shake hands and show respect, but the Fallen Angel quickly takes control. They shake hands again and Danielson takes down his opponent and then drops him again with a shoulder tackle. Bryan then works the arm of Christopher, but he fires back with a leg lariat.

Daniels dives to the outside with another kick and he follows it with a springboard moonsault to the outside. However, when Daniels looks to drop from the top rope, Bryan catches him with a huge kick to the chest. Bryan then works the legs of Daniels, but after a few chops, he reverses with a blue thunder bomb.

Daniels looks to charge into the corner but eats a kick. However, when Bryan climbs to the top turnbuckle, Daniels hits an uppercut and then drops him to the mat from the top. Bryan then counters Christopher, sending him into the turnbuckles, and then hitting a German suplex. He then connects with the running dropkick into the corner, and he unloads several chops and strikes after.

Danielson looks for an arm submission, but Daniels counters with a pinfall attempt. The two men then exchange counters, and that stops with Daniels slapping Bryan, but he fires back with a forearm. They then go back and forth with shots until the American Dragon slaps Daniels so hard he drops to the mat.

Bryan then hits a rolling elbow strike, and that grants him a near fall. Danielson once again takes too long at the top turnbuckle, and Daniels cuts him off with a big strike. He tries to hit a hurricanrana, but Bryan pushes him away, only for him to be caught in mid-air and dropped. Christopher goes for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Danielson catches him and locks in the triangle choke to get the submission victory.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

– Danielson then says 20 years after the first Ring Of Honor show, they were in the main event. They started matches and ended them with a handshake. Bryan grabs his hand and says, ‘let’s hear it for Christopher Daniels.’ But he’s not in Ring Of Honor, he’s in AEW, and it is time to kick somebody’s head in. He pulls Daniels’ arms and then stomps away on his head.

He then says on Sunday, it will be Jon Moxley’s head that gets stomped in. This leads to the former AEW World Champion making his way to the ring. Jon says he can see Danielson is better and more violent than ever, but he’s got it wrong. There’s two paths he can walk right now, as he’s at a crossroads.

Danielson thinks Moxley will walk down a path to get his head kicked in. But that isn’t what will happen. He chooses another path, through sheer force of will, he will walk through bullets and through Bryan. At the end of the path, he beats the American Dragon. He says the story of Jon Moxley is just starting, and the first chapter is written this Sunday, and it will be written in blood.

He says there’s millions watching right now, and Moxley invites Bryan to take a shot. Danielson pretends to punch, but rolls out and walks away.

– Sting says he is not worried about the fact there are fines for anyone who gets involved on Friday. Darby Allin says it doesn’t bother him either, and no matter what happens, he and Sammy are teaming up on Sunday. They will steal the show, but as for Friday, it is showtime.

Casino Tag Team Battle Royale 

Darius Martin makes his return to the ring here, reuniting Top Flight following his injury, and they kickstart things with FTR. The Experienced team starts in control, but Top Flight then pick up the pace as Darius pulls the ropes to launch his brother into their opponents. They then take down Dax Harwood with some strong double team moves.

* The Acclaimed enter

The duo rap their way to the ring, which includes a funny shot at Kane, following his recent tweets. Anthony Bowens takes down Darius Martin with a great thrust kick. However, FTR then beat down the fresh team to make their mark.

* The Dark Order (10 & 5) enter

The Dark Order make their mark immediately, cleaning house of everyone still standing. Everyone then gets to their feet and begins brawling.

* The Butcher & The Blade enter

Allan Angels ends up being the first man eliminated as he is launched out of the ring.

* The Varsity Blonds enter

They immediately look to eliminate Bowens, but he clings on and fights back.

* Bear Country enters

Bear Country hit the ring and start causing chaos with their power. Bear Boulder launches both Top FLight members around.

* Santana & Ortiz enters

They immediately begin brawling with Bear Country, and they eliminate the two bigger men together. However, after doing that, FTR almost dump them out, but they cling on. Max Caster gets eliminated at the other side of the ring.

* Best Friends

Best Friends then get some time to shine, hitting a half and half/soul food combination on Dante Martin. Bowens throws out Griff Garrison.

* The Dark Order enters (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno)

The Dark Order work well together, as 10 hits a kick to eliminate The Blade. The Dark Order work together on The Butcher, taking shots one at a time, and they then throw him out of the ring.

* The Young Bucks enter

They square off with FTR, but before they can wrestle, all the other teams get involved. Chuck Taylor takes the attack to Matt Jackson, beating down on him in the corner, but he almost ends up eliminated from him.

* Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon enter

The new duo are able to make an impact early, but they quickly get jumped by the other teams.

* The Gunn Club enter

They don’t hang around long, as The Young Bucks and FTR eliminate a man each, and then the two teams begin going back and forth.

* Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson enter

They get to make an impact. However, 10 gets eliminated by Bowens after he pulls at the mask, then hitting an elbow while 10 is on the ring apron. The Wingman get launched out together.

* 2point0 enter

The Young Bucks hit a double clothesline to eliminated Anderson, and not long after Johnson is set out as well. Top Flight take the fight to Bowes, clotheslining him out. Trent hangs on to the ropes, and he and Uno trade punches on the aron. However, Danhausen pops up and he curses Uno, and that allows Chuck to hit a German suplex, which eliminates Evil Uno.

2point0 and Santana and Ortiz brawl on the ring apron. The heels end up being sent out, but they then come back and work an assist which leads to the former Inner Circle stands being bumped out. Chuck Taylor is out now.

We are down to the final three, but Dante Martin ends up taking out Cash Wheeler, but that includes himself. Harwood is then almost eliminated, but only by one foot. ReDragon then appears and distract him, and that allows the ‘Bucks to hit a double superkick to eliminate Harwood.

This leaves just Darius and The Young Bucks. Martin works well on his own, catching Nick with a leaping elbow and then a standing Spanish fly. He tries to eliminate Nick, but Brandon Cutler helps him. However, Daris then ends up pushing Matt into his brother, which knocks him out.

Darius then almost eliminates Matt, who clings on. He and Matt then end up brawling on the ring apron, going back and forth with punches. The Top Flight star holds his own until Matt Jackson hits a low blow, and this allows him to eliminate Darius.

Winners: The Young Bucks

– ReDragon then get into the ring to congratulate them, but Jurassic Express then appear, staring down their challengers.

– Chris Jericho says the wrestling world is buzzing, and he jokes that Eddie Kingston doesn’t know what a promo segment is, so he calls it a conversation. Jericho says he has been a big star for so long, while Eddie has not. Jericho says in AEW, he is the big one, and he questions if Eddie can actually beat him.

Jericho doesn’t think that Kingston has got what it takes. But if he does, he will shake Eddie’s hand and say he has his respect. But if he doesn’t he will laugh and tell him to GFY. Santana and Ortiz then appear, and they all fist bump. Jericho asks if they’re good and they nod in respect.

– CM Punk says he used to wake up and ask himself if he is the bad guy. He doesn’t believe that people think they’re the bad guy in their own story. Until a week ago, he thought Max was a bad guy, but he thinks what MJF did last week took courage, which he didn’t think he had. Punk says he can’t shake the feeling that he is being gaslit.

He makes it clear, Punk doesn’t think Max is lying. Where his question lies is his sincerity. Punk says there is a famous picture of him with Steve Austin, after lesser men framed him as someone who took his ball and went home, Punk didn’t lash out. But since he’s been here, he has seen Max knockout Dean Malenko. He has heard him bury Brian Pillman. He heard him say awful things about Darby Allin’s uncle.

One fact he knows is that hurt people, hurt other people. Punk doesn’t think he can say anything that is more impactful than anything he can do. Punk asks MJF to come out, the same one from last week. MJF then appears. Punk points out some of the things he did, such as mocking someone’s addiction until he lost his job, or pouring ashes on a wrestler from his manager. He says that stuff just eats you up.

Punk says this is bigger than wrestling. It is about an 11-year-old kid who looks up to MJF the same way MJF did to him. He might be wrong, but he woke up this morning, and he asked himself if he’s the good guy. The answer was he sure is trying, and he puts out his hand for MJF to shake. MJF pushes it away and hugs Punk instead, and Punk hugs him back. However, he then boots Punk with a low blow. He then hits the Heat Seeker, takes off his shirt, and reveals a t-shirt with the photo of them on it.

MJF welcomes down Wardlow and Shawn Spears, and he puts the ring on, and clocks Punk in the head. MJF then attacks him repeatedly with the ring, busting Punk open while FTR stop security getting involved. Spears then puts the dog collar on Punk, and MJF calls him a stupid old man. He says he is a snake, and the greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. This Sunday, he shows the world he is the devil himself. Spears then pulls the dog collar over the top rope, with Punk dangling until Sting, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin chase the heels away.

– Keith Lee is backstage, and Ricky Starks interrupts. Lee says if that happens again, there will be none of him left. Starks says Rampage is Starks country, with Hobbs saying he is the president. Ricky just wants to give him the heads up on that.

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Mercedes Martinez & Thunder Rosa

The women brawl immediately and this match gets underway. Mercedes Martinez launches Thunder Rosa into Britt Baker and Martinez follows up with a big boot. Jamie Hayter is able to tag in, and the two bigger women shoulder tackle several times until Mercedes takes advantage.

She brings in Thunder Rosa who starts lighting up with several kicks, but Rebel then gets involved. This allows Baker to jump in and hit a kick of her own, and Hayter maintains control from that point. She charges in with a big shoulder tackle and then a snap suplex to Rosa. Hayter tries to charge in again, but Rosa has the knees up.

Despite that, Jamie regains control with a body slam. Thunder fights back and is able to tag out, and Martinez charges in taking out Hayter with a suplex. Britt Baker then comes in and hits a thrust kick to Martinez , but she’s unable to get the Lock Jaw set and Rosa tags back in. Britt hits a strike, but Rosa responds with a huge one of her own.

They go back and forth with some shots, but Rosa gets the best of it with a deep valley driver. Hayter breaks up the pinfall attempt. Martinez ends up attacking Hayet outside the ring, and this allows Rosa to take down her Revolution opponent and score the pinfall victory.

Winners: Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez

– Tay Conti tries to do an interview until Jade Cargill arrives and says nobody gives a sh*t about her karate.

– Sammy Guevara then appears with his cards during a break, pushing his upcoming match on Rampage.

Wardlow vs. Cezar Bononi

Cezar Benoni uses his strength to attack Wardlow first, but when he sends him to the ropes, Wardlow is able to hit a Powerbomb immediately. The symphony begins and he then hits another two to get the win.

Winner: Wardlow

– After the match, Shawn Spears tries to use his chair to attack Cezar, but Wardlow grabs it and stops him. The two men go dace to face, but Spears ends up backing away.

– A video package airs for the House Of Black, saying they helped Penta giving him new levels of violence. Buddy Matthews says they don’t cast judgment, they seek the truth. The truth is, they are the house. And the house always wins.

– Backstage, MJF meets Wardlow and says that if he wins the ladder match and the TNT Title, he can keep it. However, he adds that it won’t happen anyway. This leads to Wardlow saying that’s because he is always watching his back, and MJF then slaps Wardlow. The big man squares up to him, but MJF reminds Wardlow that he is not employed by AEW, he’s hired by him.

Adam Cole & ReDragon vs. Hangman Page, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds

Adam Cole starts out, but he backs away from the World Champion and tags in Bobby Fish. Hangman Page immediately takes the fight to him, launching Fish into the corner as he stomps away. However, Fish fights back and Kyle O’Reilly comes in. Despite a double team attempt, Page runs through them and then drops Fish onto his partner.

John Silver then comes in and he and Kyle exchange strikes. Alex Reynolds comes in and they work some combination offense, and then a dropkick to Kyle. The former NXT star then lights up Alex with his striking ability. Hangman Page manages to tag in, but he gets goaded away, and the heels take advantage.

They take a shot from behind and then drop Page’s partners. Cole then wants to tag in and looks for the Panama Sunrise, but Page stops it. Cole connects with a kick to the knee but misses with the Boom. Page then aims for the Buckshot, but Adam smartly rolls away. Silver tags in, but ReDragon are able to isolate him. Fish leaps over the rope and drops onto John, as he then works the leg.

They then hit a double suplex as Fish grinds his elbow into the jaw of his opponent afterward. Cole comes in and continues to work down Silver. The Dark Order star fires back with some shots of his own, but then O’Reilly kicks him as Fish tries to stop the tag. Silver makes the tag and Cole backs out as O’Reilly gets dropped.

He then wipes out Fish before hitting a fallaway slam to Kyle. He powerbombs O’Reilly, but he is able to kick out at the last second. Cole then tags in and comes face to face with Page and they start brawling as their partners then join in. All six men just brawl, but Silver picks up the pace with his strikes until Cole drops him. But he is immediately slammed to the mat with a clothesline from Page.

The champion tags in Alex, but then gets sent to the floor. Cole takes advantage and hits a pump kick to Reynolds, but he charges in with one of his own, only for Alex to eat a superkick and then the Boom.

Winners: Adam Cole & ReDragon

After the match Cole attacks Reynolds again until Page makes the save. He then fights off all of his opponents. But before he can hit the Buckshot Lariat, Fish swipes the legs. The three men then use duct tape to tie Page to the ropes. ReDragon hit the high-low on Silver and then Reynolds is hit with a Panama Sunrise, as Page has to watch. He tries to headbutt Cole, but he responds with two superkicks as he then puts the title on Page.

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