AEW Dynamite Results (3/30) – Toni Storm Debuts, Moxley Vs. Lethal, Punk Competes

Welcome to our live AEW Dynamite viewing party. Tonight's special show will air live from the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina. Our live coverage starts at 8pm ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


CM Punk vs. Max Caster

We are kicking off tonight's show with CM Punk in action! Max Caster makes a Will Smith joke to start his rap, while claiming CM Punk's movies are what will put him to sleep. The two men lock up to start things out, with Caster then connecting with a knee strike to take control. However, Punk responds by bringing the younger star to the mat as he begins working on his injured shoulder.

Punk connects with a shoulder tackle and then goes for a crossbody, but Caster catches him in mid-air and drops him down to his knee. Punk then gets launched into the corner, but he comes back with a dive down from the top turnbuckle, following up with an atomic drop and a lower suplex.

Punk then goes for the knee to the corner but misses, and then he nails a big chop to the neck, followed by a fisherman buster. However, Punk is able to kick out. Caster then heads to the top rope but Punk scouts it and fires in some chops. He then hits a hurricanrana from the top rope.


This time Punk does nail the knee strike, following it with the running bulldog, and this time it is Max kicking out of a pinfall attempt. Caster then distracts the official, and Anthony Bowens pulls Punk's leg as he attempts a springboard. He gets hung up on the rope and Caster leaps from the top turnbuckle with a dropkick.

Caster misses with his Mic Drop, and that leads to Punk hitting a Tombstone. He follows that up with the Anaconda Vice for a submission victory.

Winner: CM Punk

- After the match, Tony Schiavone asks what Punk alluded to the match when he did the title belt pose. Punk asks the fans what it means. He says he doesn't know who the champion will be, either Adam Cole or Hangman Page. But he does know that before his time in AEW is over there will be more grey in his beard, there will be more scars on his head, and he will be AEW World Champion!

- Backstage MJF is with FTR as Mark Sterling is seen putting up pictures of Wardlow, which are alerts for security. MJF says he doesn't exist in this universe, but The Pinnacle does. He says they're going to get some wins, starting tonight with FTR. Dax Harwood interjects. He says MJF's their friend, but Wardlow is their friend as well.


MJF says they are his family, and Wardlow used to talk shit about them all the time. MJF then puts his hand out, and FTR slowly agrees to do it with him.

Jay Lethal vs. Jon Moxley

Jey Lethal extends his hand, but Jon Moxley slaps it away. The former ROH star tries to work the arm, but Moxley just throws him out of the ring, and then he gets out when Jay gets in. Jon sets in a side headlock as Lethal tries to counter with the head scissors of his own. Once again Lethal gets sent outside the ring, and then Moxley comes back and slaps him.

Lethal then goes back and forth with him in a forearm exchange which Moxley dominates. He then hits a German suplex and a string of punches in the corner. They fight on the top turnbuckle, and Lethal pushes him away as he hands up on the top rope via his leg. Lethal follows up with a huge dive to the outside which sends Moxley flying into the barricade. Jay then follows it up with a second one.

Lethal then begins working the leg of his opponent, but as they head to the top turnbuckle it is the former AEW World Champion who wins out with a superplex. The two then go back and forth with an exchange of strikes once again, and Moxley then drops his opponent with the King Kong lariat.


Jon goes for another but Jay reverses with the Lethal Combination, dropping Moxley to the mat, but he kicks out. Moxley looks for Paradigm Shift, but Jay reverses, and instead, he hits a rolling elbow. Moxley goes for it again but his knee gives out. This leads to a Lethal Injection attempt, which Moxley reverses into a submission.

Lethal gets out of it with a pinfall attempt, and he then follows it with a dropped brainbuster. Jay then heads to the top rope and nails an Elbow Drop, but Jon kicks out at the last second! Lethal looks for the Figure Four, but Moxley reverses and almost catches him out with a cradle. When they get back up, Moxley is able to connect with the Paradigm Shift, ending this one.

Winner: Jon Moxley

- After the match, Jon extends his hand, and Lethal shakes it.

- AEW then airs a video package for Marina Shafir featuring her AEW Dark matches.

FTR vs. Gunn Club w/Billy Gunn

Before the match begins MJF makes his way out to be on commentary. Dax Harwood begins working with Colten Gunn, and he gets the best of things early on. Austin then tags in, and he brings Dax down, and then walks all over his back. Cash Wheeler comes in and he gets in control of things, hitting some deep arm drags and then a dropkick.


FTR work a great double-team exchange, but that only gets a near fall. Austin escapes to the outside, and this leads to them distracting the official as Billy Gunn drops Wheeler with a huge right hand. Gunn Club then works together to keep isolating Cash, as they once again distract the official so Billy can get some shots in.

Cash hits a backdrop to get himself a break, but Colten tags in first and he stops the tag, hitting a splash in the corner and then a dropkick. Austin comes in but that allows Dax to get in, and he starts dropping Gunn Club with his right hands. He drops Austin with a lariat, but it isn't enough to get the win.

The two men then both try to hit a suplex as they stand on either side of the ring apron, but while Harwood seemingly has it done, Colten grabs his foot, which reverses the momentum. However, we are then taken backstage as Wardlow is here! He makes a beeline to the ring, smashing through security all the way.

However, while he does get to the ringside area, the number of security becomes too much. Meanwhile, Harwood gets held by Colten, only for Dax to move and then push Austin into him. He goes for a roll-up win, but Billy Gun gets on the apron and holds onto him. Wheeler knocks him off, and they hit Big Rig for the win!


Winners: FTR

- After the match, MJF goes to celebrate with them, but that leads to some tension between them. They shove a little, but eventually make up.

- Backstage the Jericho Appreciation Society are shown, with Chris saying it is the truth that he is the influencer. He says nobody else can join, and if they ask, they can GFY. Daniel Garcia then mocks Santana, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston. They take a peek at one of the curtains, but when they look at the other one, the trio are all standing there!

This leads to the groups brawling around backstage, and eventually to the ringside area. Kingston and Jericho get inside the ring, and Eddie drops him with the spinning back fist. Santana and Ortiz then take down the rest of the group. Jericho seems set for the Street Sweeper, but Jake Hager returns and cleans house.

The Jericho Appreciation Society then take control of the situation, with the numbers game being in their advantage. Jericho gets hold of his bat and beats down all of his rivals as the group runs riot. Jericho then begins whipping Eddie with a leather strap. He then nails the Judas Effect to Kingston for good measure as JAS stands tall.

- Mark Sterling is backstage and he says they went with the most prestigious opponent for Jade Cargill...The Librarian. Cargill tells her to go away, and Mark says they will have to go to option B, which is Marina Shafir.


Bryan Danielson w/William Regal vs. Wheeler Yuta

Bryan Danielson takes control early on, hitting his forearm strike to the chest. He then looks for several pinfall attempts, but Yuta blocks it with a bridge. Danielson drops him with a shoulder tackle, and he then unloads several kicks. However, Yuta then charges out of the corner with a dropkick.

Yuta goes for a drop from the top turnbuckle, but he gets caught with a kick in mid-air. Bryan hangs up Wheeler on the top rope and continues with more kicks, and he finishes it off by dropping down with a knee to the back of Yuta's neck. Wheeler attempts a couple of kicks, but Bryan drops him down with just one of his own.

Bryan hits several huge chops, but Yuta fires up and fights back, only for Bryan to take him back with several more. The two men then go back and forth with chops and strikes, with Bryan hitting a rolling elbow strike. However, Yuta bounces off the bottom rope and then hits a German suplex.

Bryan then hits a dragon suplex, showcasing his own skills, but Yuta kicks out again. Bryan hits some elbow strikes to the head, but Yuta then fires in some of his own after a smart counter. Yuta then goes for a wild attack, but Bryan avoids it and then hits the Psycho Knee! Bryan looks for his stomps to the head, but Yuta spits in his face!


Bryan then stomps away, hits a piledriver, and then locks in a submission to secure the victory.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

- Adam Cole and reDRagon appear, and they have the titles with their names written on in tape. Adam Cole says the actual champions are not here tonight, because they weren't invited to the party, and they are ashamed they took the titles from them. Cole says AEW needs a new era to take control.

Kyle O'Reilly then says he sees haters saying they don't have enough wins. But Kyle says they're wicked, and everyone loves them. Bobby Fish then says he will put their resume against anyone in the industry. They are the three baddest dudes in the company. Cole says the celebration goes all week long.

However, Adam Page then arrives in a Tesla with some horns stuck on it. He charges his way to the ring and starts brawling with the Undisputed Elite! He takes down reDRagon and then launches Cole across the ring. But as he goes for a Buckshot Lariat, the tag team pull Cole away.

However, as they try to escape, Jurassic Express and Christian Cage appear! They brawl with the group, and then Cole gets dumped to the outside, taking out his pals. The champions then take control of their own titles!


- Thunder Rosa says it is a shame her accomplishments were cut short, but she is the champion, and the first Mexican woman to do that. She fought her way to be the face of this division, but she doesn't want to just be the face. She wants to be the face of all women's wrestling. She thinks there is always bullies who want to pull her down.

Thunder says pillars get knocked down, but foundations remain, and she will be that. Thunder says she's ready. Rosa tells Nyla to use her words, or does she need Vickie to dumb it down. She wants to wrestle the best in the world, and she will defend it.

- FTR are shown backstage saying they might take things too seriously, but this Friday they will become the ROH Tag Team Champions. Dax says they came here to build their reputation, and that is why they want to face The Young Bucks. He officially challenges them.

The Bunny vs ??? (Owen Hart Tournament Qualifying Match)

The mystery opponent is none other than Toni Storm! She starts out with a huge forearm to The Bunny, and she continues throwing hands until The Bunny responds with a slap. She hits a knee lift, but Toni then goes for a misdirect and connects with a knee strike. The Bunny connects with one of her own then, sending Toni outside the ring.


She then charges in with a lariat. The Bunny then sends her opponent headfirst into the ring post, and back in the ring, she hits a sliding elbow strike. Storm then reverses with a backslide, but it doesn't get the job done and Bunny then hits a clothesline. She drives Storm into the turnbuckle several times before hitting a running knee.

However, she goes to the well too much, and Storm reverses, planting The Bunny face-first to the mat. They then go back and forth with punches, but Toni then hits an elbow strike and a lariat to take control. Storm nails a headbutt and then a hip attack in the corner followed by a fisherman suplex, but Bunny kicks out.

The Bunny fights back with a Death Valley Driver, but that doesn't get the job done. She then nails two big thrust kicks, but Storm manages to kick out and stay in this one.  Storm hits a German suplex and then Storm Zero, securing her victory!

Winner: Toni Storm

- Backstage Vickie Guerrero says Thunder Rosa fears Nyla. Rose then claims she is the foundation, and she refuses to be a footnote. She will cement her legacy in Thunder's blood, and she will be a genie, abracadabra, b**ch.

Andrade El Idolo w/Jose vs. Darby Allin w/Sting 

Sting leaves Darby Allin to do the match on his own. However, as Allin rides down on his skateboard, Andrade launches himself out of the ring to take him out. Allin launches him over the timekeeper's area, and then slams him down onto the table. He follows that by throwing Darby face-first onto the ring apron.


However, as he looks to continue the attack, Allin moves and Andrade hits the stairs. Darby opts to use his skateboard as a weapon then, attacking him with it. Andrade powers up Allin, trying to drop him onto the guard rail, but he fights back. That doesn't last long though, as Andrade grabs and throws Darby onto the stairs, which are pointing upwards, and he bounces off them.

Darby gets back into the ring and agrees to the match, and the bell rings. Andrade then turns Darby inside out into the turnbuckles. He then hits the running knees into the corner, but Allin gets a rope break. Andrade continues to dominate the match, keeping in control. However, as he launches him backwards, Darby lands on his feet.

He tries to fight back, but Andrade puts a stop to it, only for Darby to hit Code Red! However, Andrade is able to kick out. The former WWE star quickly responds with a high boot in the corner as he then kicks down on Allin several times. He fires back with several slaps, and the two men then go back and forth with them! But it is Andrade who wins out in the end.

Andrade tries to use a belt but the official takes it away, while that happens Allin uses his own to trip him and send Andrade face-first into the turnbuckle. He then connects with a Stunner, but it isn't enough and Andrade then nails a backbreaker. From the top turnbuckle, Allin hits a crucifix, and he then looks for a submission, but Jose tries to come down and get involved.


Sting appears and doesn't allow that, attacking him. However, The Burcher and The Blade then attack him, only for Allin to launch out of the ring to attack them. Darby looks for an attack by springboarding backwards, but Andrade catches him, hits a buckle bomb, and then the El Idolo for the win.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

After the match the group attack Sting, but the Hardy Boyz makes the save with some chairs, running interference to finish the show!