AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam Results (3/16) – Steel Cage Women’s Title Match, Hardys Compete

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Adam Cole & reDRagon vs. Hangman Page & Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy starts things out with Adam Cole, and the former WWE star starts out aggressively. The two men then avoid knee strikes from each other, but the younger wrestler then connects with a dropkick to take control. Cole responds with a sharp knee to the chest, and in comes Bobby Fish, who starts working the arm.

However, Luchasaurus tags in and starts dropping every one in sight with big heavy chops. The heels end up on the outside and the big man tries to moonsault, but Fish kicks his leg away on the ring apron. He then gets sent into the ring post, and Fish continues his attack. O'Reilly then gets involved and starts beating down the bigger man in the corner, as they make frequent tags.

Luchasaurus is able to fight away though and Page tags in as he sends Fish flying while he then launches himself out of the ring twice in a row to take out the rest of his opponents. Back in the ring, Hangman hits a pop-up powerbomb, but Fish kicks out. He sets up for the Buckshot, but Bobby tolls away. Jungle Boy then tags and launches himself over the top rope to wipe out everyone.

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy goes to the top rope, however, Fish's partners end up being fought away as well. The three babyfaces all hit moonsaults at the same time, with the triple move connecting to everybody, on the floor and in the ring. Adam Cole then tags in and he begins to isolate Jungle Boy, allowing Fish to get back involved and start unloading with knee strikes.

Luchasaurus regains some control for his team, but as he lifts O'Reilly on his shoulders, Jungle Boy's dive misses into a superkick. O'Reilly then works a leg submission, while Cole has Hangman locked in one, but they fall into the legal men and break it up. Page then tags in and he and Cole begin beating each other up.

Page connects with Deadeye, but Fish takes him out. O'Reilly beats down the dinosaur, but as he's on his knees, Jungle Boy runs up him and hits a clothesline. Page and Luchasuarus then end up with an opponent each on their shoulders, and Jungle Boy hits a double Doomsday Device! However, Fish breaks up the pinfall.

Jungle Boy then targets Fish and begins attacking him, but Adam Cole manages to make a blind tag though, and he hits the Boom to pin Jungle Boy!

Winners: Adam Cole & reDRagon

- Backstage, Ricky Starks tells Keith Lee they whipped his ass last week as they got on his show. He says if he goes on Rampage again, they'll stomp him out again. Lee says, the same thing as when he punched him? He will see them on Friday.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta & Cuck Taylor w/Orange Cassidy, Danhausen, & Trent (William Regal on commentary)

Before the bell, Bryan Danielson goes straight after Wheeler Yuta and starts the match early.  Jon Moxley then comes in with a kick and a delayed vertical suplex. Bryan comes back in and continues his attack of Yuta in the corner. The two make frequent tags and continue to stomp away on their opponent.

Yuta showcases some fight though, hitting a dropkick to Yuta as Chuck Taylor then comes in and knocks Moxley off the apron, diving out to take him down again. Back inside the ring, Taylor links in a single-leg crab, but he gets a blind tag. Moxley then comes in with a big boot as he then hangs up Taylor on the apron.

Outside the ring, Bryan attacks Taylor, sending him into the barricade. He then tags back in and nails a big kick to the chest while he then bridges back to set in an Indian Deathlock. Moxley comes back in with a short dropkick and then some chops. Bryan works the back of Taylor, and Moxley comes back in again, but he smashes Wheeler to the floor first for good measure.

Moxley then hits a Piledriver, but he is able to kick out just in time. Bryan then misses with a dropkick in the corner, but he is still able to get back in control to stop a tag, as Jon then returns. Taylor catches him with a knee, and he falls into a tag. Yuta hits an inverted atomic drop and then a forearm into the corner.

Yuta eats a forearm, but hangs onto the bottom rope, only to be taken down with a clothesline as he bounces back. Yuta continues fighting though, hitting a German suplex into a bridge, but Moxley kicks out and then hits a cutter to Yuta. They then hit a combination assault, but Chuck breaks the pin.

He takes Moxley out of the ring, but Jon bites him and then hits the Paradigm Shift. Yuta then eats a lot of kicks from Bryan, but he avoids the big one only for Moxley to come in and break things up. While Yuta fights him too, Bryan then hits a suplex into a bridge, but doesn't get the win.  Bryan then stomps on him again as Moxley comes in to win the match with the Bulldog submission.

Winners: Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson w/William Regal

- After the match, the rest of the Best Friends walk to the back, but Wheeler Yuta heads into the ring. He offers his hand to William Regal, who slaps him across the face. Yuta then squares up to him, which alerts Bryan and Jon. The two have a war of words as he then heads to the back.

- FTR are backstage, and Cash Wheeler says Tully Blanchard had lost focus, and when you do that, you lose the job. Dax says things got out of hand, but this leads to The Young Bucks appearing. They joke about their style and hair, and say it doesn't matter if they hire the best there is. But they'll always be the second best.

- The Acclaimed are shown backstage cutting a promo on Keith Lee. But Ricky Starks breaks them up and tells them it's about time they deal with the new faces. However, Shane Strickland appears, telling him Friday's is now Swerve's house.

- The Jericho Appreciation Society are out next for their announcement. Matt Lee says if it was up to him, there would be no sing-a-long, but that's why Jericho is a better man than him. Jeff Parker says that's why he deserves to be idolized for his contributions to the industry and as a human.

Chris then tells the fans they're lucky to be alive in his era. For over 30 years, people have lived through him and his great matches and promos. He even builds companies like this one, he says with no Jericho, there is no AEW. However, he says the fans take him for granted, he reads what they write on social media and it is hurtful.

Jericho says the people don't appreciate him, the roster of AEW doesn't appreciate him, and neither did The Inner Circle. Sammy walked out on him, Santana and Ortiz disrespected him, and their friend Eddie Kingston embarrassed him. Chris says these men appreciate him. They appreciate each other, because they can't relate to the rest of the roster. They're nothing more than pro wrestlers.

Chris says a pro wrestler hasn't been a legendary millionaire, but Jericho isn't that. He is a sports entertainer. Daniel Garcia then says if Jericho is going to call himself a sports entertainer, then he is too. Jericho says Garcia appreciates him because there was a car crash where one wrestler got injured, and Jericho had never heard of them.

He donated money to them, and then he walked again. Jericho says he got a call a year ago from his former best friend Kevin, who wanted him to put his friends on his podcast, those men were 2.0. Then they got hired, and that's why they appreciate him. Jericho also says 2.0 is a stupid name, and he gives them new ones, which he says are their real ones.

Jericho then says Jake Hager is his right-hand man, and he is the hand of the king. Hager says they are the JAS, and they beat up pro wrestlers. Jericho says this is the latest reinvention and the date that the era of the sports entertainer begins. He tells us that is entertainment.

- Serena Deeb cuts a backstage video package, making it clear she's going to end the career of Hikaru Shida.

TNT Championship Match 

Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Wardlow

Scorpio Sky takes the fight to Wardlow, but he just picks him up and drops the champion to the mat. However, Sky comes back in with some kicks and strikes into the corner. He then bites the head, but Wardlow just gets angry and he charges him into the corner several times before dropping Sky to the mat.

The fight spills to the outside and Sky takes advantage, charging Wardlow into the ring apron. Back in the ring, he continues to attack his legs with strikes. But the bigger man turns things around with some big chops. Despite that, he takes the big man back down into the corner, stomping away on him.

However, Wardlow tries to power out only for the champion to hit several more strikes, but the challenger then connects with several belly-to-belly suplexes. Sky looks for the cutter over the top rope, but Wardlow then attempts to hit a Powerbomb, only for Sky to scramble out. However, Wardlow is able to hit a one-armed Chokeslam.

Wardlow then goes for his finisher once again, and he nails it. He then connects with a second as the symphony is in full swing, as a third one happens. He looks for four, but Dan Lambert gets on the apron to provide a distraction. This allows Sky to roll out of the ring. Wardlow then looks for one on the floor, but Shawn Spears then appears with two chairs.

He encourages Spears to come to the ring, but as Spears talks with the referee, MJF appears and sends Wardlow into the ring post. As Wardlow gets into the ring, Sky rolls him up for the win.

Winner (and still champion): Scorpio Sky

After the match, Austin Vanderford jumps Wardlow and starts brawling. However, the big man then fights back against everyone, leaving Wardlow and MJF. He gets hold of MJF, but before he can hit the Powerbomb, Spears nails a chair shot. The group beats him down again, as Spears hits Wardlow with a chair shot to the head.

MJF then pays off Dan Lambert, and MJF uses the ring to drop his former bodyguard.

- Mark Sterling questions why Alex Marvez doesn't have any green. He asks who will be the lucky one to face Jade Cargill on her 30th match. Jade questions who will be doing that as well.

The Hardys vs. Private Party

Marq Quen tries to hide in the corner first, which leads to Matt Hardy starting a, "delete" chant. However, it quickly leads to all four men getting involved and brawling. Matt works the arm of Quen, and Jeff then comes in as the brothers work together, which includes some classic Hardys offense as he runs and leaps off his brother's back.

Matt then works his way back in, but he gets rattled with an enziguri. Isiah Kennedy comes in and the duo hit a good double team of their own. Matt then looks for a Razors Edge, but Kennedy scrambles away. He pushes the face of Jeff, who tries to get in, and that causes the referee to be distracted.

Private Party then pulls Matt into the ring post by his legs, and they then launch him into the barricade. Private Party then take Matt's Delete attack in the corner, while Jeff once again argues with the referee, allowing the heels to get plenty of cheap shots in. Matt looks for a Side Effect, but Quen sends him out of the ring.

Hardy drops Kennedy on the outside with a punch, but he turns around and Marq is flying at him over the ropes. The young team continues to isolate Matt. They try to mock them with the running leap in the corner, but Matt catches Kennedy and hits a Side Effect onto his partner. This allows Matt to tag in, and he gets things rolling with several pinning predicaments.

Jeff goes to the top rope, but gets distracted. Private Party thinks about Gin & Juice, but Matt runs interference. This then sets up Jeff for a splash, but Kennedy is able to kick out. Private Party then look for Silly String, but the Hardys counter with double Twist Of Fates as Jeff follows with a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winners: The Hardys

Andrade El Idolo then heads to the ring with The Butcher and The Blade, and The Bunny. The Hardys stand their ground, and Darby Allin and Sting then make their way down to the ring.

- Red Velvet is shown backstage, and she promises to put a stop to Leyla Hirsch this Friday.

Steel Cage AEW Women's Championship Match

Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa gets a big entrance with a band, and she comes out to a huge reaction in front of her own fans. Britt Baker tries to climb the cage immediately, but Rosa pulls her down for a fight. This is something Britt does several times, with Rosa pulling her down each time.  Rosa hits a big kick to the face and then a clothesline to drop the champion.

Rosa then looks to use the environment, launching Britt head-first into the steel. We are wasting no time with the blood here, Britt is bust open and she gets dragged across the steel by her face to make that worse. Thunder then continues to exploit the injury slamming her into the steel repeatedly.

However, Britt fights back, pushing Rosa into the steel herself several times. The champion then hooks Thunder around the ropes and starts slapping her. Britt hammers in several knee shots as well, with the challenger also now bleeding. This time it is Rosa's time to eat the steel, as Britt launches her into it.

The champion then pulls out a bunch of chairs from under the ring, but she misses when attacking Thunder, and she charges in with several clotheslines. Rosa then gets the chair and uses it several times before hitting the Stunner! Rosa then charges into the corner and follows it with a double knee strike.

Rosa hits the dropkick into the corner, but Britt kicks out. The referee then gets taken down with a superkick accidentally by Baker, and then as they go for a roll-up, the official is knocked out of the ring. Thunder hits the Fire Thunder Driver, but there is no referee to count! Rosa goes to the top rope, but Britt swats at her with several chair shots.

She then sets up a mound of chairs together, and she hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash, but there is no referee. Aubrey Edwards makes her way in, but Rosa kicks out! The two women then go back and forth with punches as Britt and Aubrey go back and forth arguing. Britt then sets up four chairs, all stood up this time. She then puts some more across, and sets others on top to create a menacing pile up.

Rosa fights her way out of it, and the two of them stand on the top rope going back and forth, until Britt falls back with her spine landing on the chairs. Britt kicks out of the pinfall, but she then hits a superkick and goes to get some thumbtacks and she uses the bag to swing at Thunder's head.

Rosa counters Brit's plan but she then gets a back body drop onto the tacks, only for Rosa to kick out! Baker looks for the Lock Jaw, but Thunder bites out of it, yet Thunder then slams Britt's hand into the tacks and then powerbombs her onto them. However, Baker fights back again, smashing a chair into her face.

Rosa then hits the Fire Thunder Driver into the thumbtacks, and we have a NEW Women's Champion!

Winner (and NEW AEW Women's Champion): Thunder Rosa