AEW Revolution Results – Hangman Vs. Cole, Dog Collar, Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match

Welcome to our Live AEW Revolution Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Addition Finance Arena, Orlando, Florida.


Leyla Hirsch vs. Kris Statlander

We are kicking off tonight's Buy-In event with the grudge match between former friends, Leyla Hirsch and Kris Statlander! Leyla charges at Kris Statlander several times, but the bigger wrestler is able to take her down every time. Statlander then tries to handspring over her opponent, but Leyla kicks away her arm.


Hirsch continues to work on that body part outside the ring, using the steel stairs to her advantage. Statlander gets back into things with a power slam, but Hirsch is able to kick out. Kris looks to go to the top rope, but Leyla pulls her down and sets her in the tree of woe as she then works an arm submission for the five count.

Leyla continues to pin point the arm, hitting a dropkick while she hands from the top turnbuckle. Kris fires back with a slap, but Leyla immediately pulls her into another arm submission which Statland turns into a pinning combination to try escape. Leyla attempts to springboard off the ropes but slips, and this allows Statlander to regain control.

She hits a few slaps, but Hirsch responds by rocking a big elbow strike and the two women then just brawl with big strikes. Statlander is able to rock her opponent with a big boot to the side of the head, which she follows with a Blue Thunder Bomb. However, Leyla kicks out, and Kris follows it with a big running knee strike in the corner.


Leyla catches Statlanders boot attempt on the apron and pulls her down face-first into the mat. Leyla then reverses an attempt at a Big Bang Theory, and she ends up connecting with a hurricanrana that sends Kris to the floor. Back in the ring, Leyla once again looks for a submission, but Kris is able to scramble her way to the bottom rope.

Kris then powers Leyla over the top rope after an attempted knee in the corner. The two then battle their way to the second turnbuckle, and Leyla ends up on the shoulders of her opponent. Statlander climbs up to the top rope with Leyla on top as she then drops her face-first to the mat. She follows that up by slamming Hirsch down, but Leyla kicks out again!

Statlander then goes to pull Leyla into the ring, but she uses a spare turnbuckle steel rod and smashes Kris in the face without the official seeing. She quickly gets back in, hits a springboard moonsault to earn the victory.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch 

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he welcomes Kenny Omega to the ring...but it is not the former World Champion. It is Don Callis, who comes out to Omega's music, teasing the fans. He asks the fans if they were expecting someone else? He says they don't get Kenny Omega tonight, instead, the fans get to hear from him.


Callis claims he and Omega gave people the greatest World Title run in the history of the business, while Omega was injured. He blames all of the fans for that. They begged for more five-star matches and sucked the blood out of Kenny Omega. He thought about bringing him down here tonight, but he was disgusted by the violence of tonight's show.

He says it will be a great night for The Elite, as he expects The Young Bucks to win the Tag Title matches. He also says that if Kenny Omega was here, he'd be winning the World Title. But since he's not, Don is confident Adam Cole will be leaving as World Champion. Callis believes he will be a fantastic transitional champion until Omega returns.

HOOK  vs. QT Marshall

QT Marshall says if he's learned anything in his career, it is that if you want something done, you should do it yourself. He says as much as he doesn't want to do this, he's going to show HOOK what being cold-hearted is really all about. As the bell rings, HOOK immediately avoids QT's attack and drops him to the mat.

HOOK brings Marshall down again and goes for a submission, but Marshall gets to the ropes. He then follows with some body shots and a head butt until the veteran kicks him to the stomach. But HOOK immediately gets back in control with a suplex as he then clotheslines QT out of the ring.


Marshall manages to attack the throat of his younger opponent when the referee isn't looking as he dumps HOOK outside. However, as he tries to follow up with a big boot, HOOK catches it and suplexes him to the floor. However, back in the ring QT grabs the trunks and pulls HOOK head-first into the bottom turnbuckle.

HOOK manages to connect with a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridged pinfall, but Marshall kicks out and then drops him to the mat. He heads to the top rope, but HOOK knocks the top rope which drops QT down and he connects with an overhead throw. Marshall then walks into Red Rum, and he is tapping out!

Winner: HOOK

House Of Black vs. Penta Oscuro, PAC, & Erick Redbeard 

Malakai Black and PAC immediately go back and forth with some huge strikes and attacks, working at a fast pace. Penta Oscuro and Buddy Matthews then both come in and stare each other down, he looks for the classic taunt, but Matthews grabs the fingers and attacks them, but as Penta picks up the pace he launches him out of the ring.

Oscuro aims to hit a dive, but Matthews jumps back in to stop it with a staredown. They then exchange brief pinfall attempts, kip-up, and staredown once again. Now it's time for the big men as Erick Redbeard and Brody King tag in. They charge at each other countless times with neither man giving any ground up.


They brawl as their tag team partners begin fighting on the outside as well until Redbeard hits a dropkick and then a sliding dropkick to the outside. He then takes out Matthews and Malakai with a double clothesline as he follows it with a running crossbody to King. Penta tags in and Brody uses a cheapshot to allow Black to tag back in. He drops him with a nasty back elbow, but Penta kicks out.

Matthews returns and begins his attack with a sharp forearm. Penta connects with a kick to Buddy and PAC comes back in with several massive strikes and a single-leg sliding dropkick. PAC heads to the top rope but Malakai runs to distract him. The Englishman sends Black to the floor, but Matthews stops PAC from coming in, hitting a draped DDT to the mat.

King tags in and connects with a huge chop to the chest. Black returns and continues grinding down PAC, but he keeps kicking out as House Of Black make frequent tags. PAC avoids a double team with back elbows and Penta hits the ring with a double crossbody. He rocks Matthews with a backstabber and then a sling blade to Black and Matthews.

He then grabs Black, rolls through, and leaps into a destroyer to Matthews, but the House Of Black star kicks out! Redbeard makes a blind tag and he leaps over the top rope with a senton to Matthews as he then clotheslines him out of the ring. Black tags in though and comes in with some kicks, but Redbeard lanches him up into a cutter which almost gets the win until the pinning attempt is broken up.


Redbeard then gets hit with a knee, but that heads to PAC who tags in. Each wrestler then heads in, taking each other out with shots until PAC connects with a poisonrana to Black. However, he gets dropped by Brody King, until Erick returns and the big men throw hands once more.

Redbeard gets knocked to the ropes and as he bounces back, Brody lifts him and hits the death valley driver, which leads to all six men being down! PAC then launches Black with a release German suplex as he then dives over the top rope to attack Matthews. Meanwhile outside, Redbeard sends King crashing through the guard rail.

Penta and Black continue to brawl on the ring apron, and the masked man hits the Fear Factor! He rolls him into the ring, but Black is not the legal man. Matthews then appears with a Curb Stomp, but PAC breaks up that pinfall. He is then taken out by Black's spinning kick. Erick Redbeard makes his way back to the action, and he catches Matthews as he leaps in, but Black hits him with the back heel kick.

However, Redbeard is not knocked out from it. He fights back and then looks for a Chokeslam, however, Black connects with the mist in mid-air and Brody King gets in with a Piledriver. This allows Malakai to get the win.


Winners: House Of Black

Main Card 

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston

We are kicking off tonight's main card with the Demo God, Chris Jericho, and a sing-a-long from the Orlando crowd. Eddie Kingston charges his way to the ring and he immediately drops Jericho with the half and half suplex, which lands Chris on his head. He rolls to the outside, but Chris goes after him and slams him onto the mat.

Back into the ring, Kingston hits a neck breaker. Kingston continues the attack in the corner with a big chop, but Chris separates things with a slap to the face. Outside of the ring, Jericho connects with a stiff forearm, but Eddie comes back with a big chop of his own. Jericho focussed on the eye again, and he then punches down to the head.

Jericho doesn't appreciate the fans siding with Kingston, and he takes a moment to flip them the bird. Kingston fires in some chops and then pulls his gear down to push Jericho to do more. They then go back and forth with countless chops and it is Eddie who wins the day with machine gun chops.

Jericho once again goes for the eye, but Eddie responds with a finger poke of his own and then a quick DDT, which gets a near fall. Eddie bits at Jericho in the corner, but he sends Eddie into the turnbuckles face-first and slams a clubbing blow to the back of his neck as he bounces back.


Jericho attacks the eye once more, propping Eddie to the top turnbuckle, but Kingston bites once again. However, the legend fires back with another attack to the eye and a hurricanrana, but Eddie kicks out. Chris exposes the turnbuckle, but Kingston fights back by launching the veteran across the ring.

The two men brawl on the ring apron, and Jericho suplexes him down to the floor. Eddie misses wildly with a spinning back fist, and Jericho responds with a couple of German suplexes. Jericho connects with a Lionsault, but once again Eddie kicks out. Kingston keeps fighting though, dropping Jericho with a clothesline, but Chris then sets in the Walls Of Jericho from a reversal, but Eddie reaches the ropes!

Jericho then gets frustrated with Aubrey Edwards and he pushes her, but she shoves him back. Kingston then gets back up and hits two suplexes, following it up with the spinning back fist, but Jericho just kicks out in time! Kingston looks for the Northern Lights Bomb, but his back gives out, and this sets up the Codebreaker, and this time it is Eddie kicking out just in time.

Eddie tries to keep fighting, but he runs into another Codebreaker! However, the former AEW World Champion does not go for a cover this time. He misses with the Judas Effect, and Eddie rocks him with two of his own spinning back fists as he then sets in the Stretched Plum submission, and the Inner Circle leader taps out.


Winner: Eddie Kingston

- Eddie strolls over to Chris and tells him he respects him, as he puts out the hand, which Jericho agreed to shake if he lost. Jericho doesn't shake it though, and instead, he lives the ring to a chorus of boos.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match 

Jurassic Express (c) vs. The Young Bucks vs. reDRagon

Kyle O'Reilly kickstarts things with Jungle Boy as they go back and forth early on until Bobby Fish tries to jump in. The distraction works well for Kyle, who is able to take control, and Fish then tags in with the duo working together with sharp kicks to drop the champion. The YOung Bucks then tag in and try to work together, but Jungle Boy deals with both of them.

He smartly bounces off the top ropes to send Nick Jackson scampering. Luchasaurus then scares away all four of the heels, but Jungle Boy launches himself out of the ring to take them all down. However, back inside, the former champions isolate Jungle Boy, with a kick to the knee taking him down on the ropes.

Nick then holds Jungle Boy on the ropes as Matt hits a senton onto him. The four men then target Luchasaurus on the outside, beating him down. However, there is then some dissension as Matt goes for a cover, but Kyle breaks it up. He then tags out to them as reDRagon take their turn hitting double teams to Jungle Boy.


They hit a backbreaker, but this time it is Nick Jackson who breaks things up. However, he doesn't tag in The Young Bucks. However, Jungle Boy fights back and this allows The Bucks to tag in to Fish. Jungle Boy then slides away from The Young Bucks and looks to finally make a tag. However, Fish pulls away Luchasaurus. The Young Bucks then hit a dropkick combination, but O'Reilly breaks up the cover again. He and Matt Jackson then fight, which allows Jungle Boy to go for a roll-up.

Luchasaurus finally tags in and he wipes out everyone. They all end up in a corner each and he charges in to take them all out. Matt Jackson avoids him, but he eventually catches the brothers with two kicks and then hits a moonsault from the apron to the floor, wiping out reDRagon.

But, back in the ring, The Young Bucks hit several kicks of their own. However, he catches Nick Jackson as he stands on the top rope, only for Nick to reverse with a destroyer! Luchasurus fights back with a double Chokeslam to the Bucks, and then a Chokeslam for Bobby Fish onto Kyle as he maintains his control.

The big man runs into a boot, but he then sets Matt onto his shoulders as Jungle Boy runs the ropes to connect with a huge Doomsday Device, but Matt kicks out! Fish pulls Jungle Boy to help Matt Jackson, but as he goes for a superkick, he misses the champion and hits Fish. O'Reilly tags in and he and Matt start fighting.


Nick and Fish stop them, but then they brawl, and then everyone gets involved with strikes. Kyle gets sent to the ropes twice in a row, and he bounces off them as he, Matt, and Jungle Boy hit a triple clothesline as everyone is wiped out! Kyle then nails a knee strike to Jungle Boy, and they then hit a great double team. However, Jungle Boy kicks out.

Kyle sets in a kneebar as Fish connects with a diving headbutt to the chest. However, Matt comes in with an Elbow Drop to break up the submission. He gets taken out by Fish, but Nick then wipes him out. Meanwhile, Luchasaurus tags in and he cleans house once again.

Matt Jackson then tries to use the belt, while Kyle O'Reilly ends up taking it from him as he nails Jungle Boy, but he kicks out! Fish takes out Matt Jackson, and they then hit Hi-Low, but Luchasaurus breaks it all up. The Young Bucks hit stereo superkicks to Fish, while they then work with Kyle to take down Jungle Boy.

They then superkick Kyle and launch out of the ring to hit Luchasuarus, following it up with the BTE Trigger to the legal Jungle Boy. O'Reilly breaks that pin up, and Matt then dumps him outside. Jungle Boy fights back from their next plan, running up Matt to launch his brother across the ring as he then suplexes Nick.


The big man flips from the top rope to wipe out everyone else on the outside. Luchasaurus kicks the spray can from Matt Jackson and they hit Jurassic Express to retain their titles!

Winners (and still champions): Jurassic Express

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match 

The match starts with everyone brawling, and it leads to the three big men being the last ones standing. Orange Cassidy rolls in and stands in the middle, hitting his slow kicks to each of them. Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs then go for Keith Lee, and Cassidy runs up them and tries to win the match.

Outside, Christian Cage hits all three big men with the ladder, taking them down. But as he goes in the ring, Ricky Starks dropkicks him out. However, he is pulled down from the ladder by Orange who hits a dropkick. He starts climbing the ladder with his hands in his pockets, but Cage pulls the ladder away.

He attempts the Killswitch but instead, he ends up sending Orange outside the ring, as Starks also gets sent out. Hobbs pulls Christian down, stands on Cage, and then gets his fingertips to the ring. However, Christian fights back and connects a reverse DDT from the ladder. He aims for a Spear, but Keith creeps up behind him and slams Cage into the ladder.


Lee leapfrog over Cage and Starks, and they then eat a running crossbody. Orange tries to jump into him, but the Limitless One grabs Cassidy and uses him as a battering ram to everyone else. Lee then scales the ladder, but Wardlow is on hand to say no. Lee just walks down the ladder and they have a staredown until Hobbs uses a ladder to smash them both out.

Hobbs and Starks both then stand at the bottom of the ladder, shake hands and race up. However, Cassidy pushes them both down. Lee and Wardlow then end up holding the ladder, but Cassidy pulls himself up and stands on it to go for the ring, but they shake him and he gets a low blow on the ring.

Christian tries to run up the ladder that Lee is propping up, but Hobbs pulls him off. He then sends the ladder crashing into Lee in the corner. The ladder props up in the corner which Hobbs climbs, and he connects with a delayed vertical suplex from the ladder to Cassidy.Hobbs looks for a spinebuster to Cage onto a ladder, but he reverses and then Spears him onto the steel.

Starks and Cage fight over the ladder, and Ricky set it in the corner as he dives through it to Spear Christian. Wardlow stops Ricky from climbing and sends him down, but as he climbs the ladder, Starks and Cassidy jump on his back. He still manages to climb up, as does Hobbs, and Lee, and then everyone ends up on the two ladders.


All six men are fighting each other down, and it ends with Hobbs and Wardlow. They have one hand each on the ring, and then they brawl and both fall down. The three big men are in the ring together again. Keith Lee uses the chance to launch Orange out of the ring and into Ricky and Cage.

Hobbs gets sent out and Wardlow then clotheslines Lee out of the ring. The three big men then brawl up the ramp, with the two men working against Keith Lee. Wardlow and Hobbs then rip a ladder in half, but Hobbs turns on Wardlow and hits him from behind. He then takes control, using the ladder as a weapon.

Hobbs and Lee brawl to the announce table, but as they are fighting, Wardlow comes from nowhere, knocking them off the stage and down to some tables on the concrete floor below! Back in the ring, Christian sets a ladder bridge to the middle rope, but Starks fights him away. Ricky climbs up, but as he gets up, Danhausen appears! He curses Starks and then pulls him off the ladder as he runs away.

This allows Christian to climb up, but he then gets pulled down by Ricky. This allows Wardlow to hit a powerbomb to the veteran. Wardlow leaps up to the ladder bridge in an incredible piece of athleticism, and he then powerbombs Starks onto the ladder bridge to win the match!


Winner: Wardlow

- Tony Schiavone is then shown on the stage to host a contract signing. He showcases the name on the paper several times before announcing who it is...Shane Strickland is All Elite! He signs the deal and says the real is back. He could go on about the dream matches, or the titles he is going to take. But he has a question for the fans...whose house?

TBS Title Match 

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti

The two women face off straight away and exchange slaps. However Jade Cargill then looks for Jaded early on, but Tay is able to reverse out of it as she looks for an arm submission. Jade then reverses that with a knee submission which leads to Tay getting the ropes, and she then mocks Tay's judo background.

This leads to Conti hitting several huge pump kicks to the face, following up with a swinging DDT. Mark Sterling helps on the outside, but Conti launches herself into him, while Cargill attacks Anna Jay for no reason on the outside. The champion then sends Tay into the steel stairs, but back in the ring, the champ goes for Jaded once more.

That doesn't work, but after Jade goes for a roll-up, Conti kicks out which leads to a chair shot from Anna while the official isn't looking, but that isn't enough! Tay then drops Cargill to the mat, but once again the champion kicks out. Conti hits a superkick, but Jade blocks the Tay KO and connects with the Eye Of The Storm, and this time it is the challenger kicking out.


Cargill follows it up with a Frog Splash, but yet again Tay kicks out. She takes a moment outside, using Jay as a shield, pushing her to one side to nail a knee strike to the face. Back in the ring, Conti hits a Piledriver, but once again the champion kicks out. Conti looks to go to the top rope, but Cargill pushes her, and she headbutts the camera on the corner. This allows the champion to hit Jaded to retain.

Winner (and still TBS Champion): Jade Cargill

Dog Collar Match 

MJF vs. CM Punk

CM Punk's music hits first, but it quickly changes into MJF's, which gains some heat. Instead of his usual music, CM Punk makes his way out to his old Ring Of Honor theme song, while also wearing ring gear from that period. Punk stars out by pulling the chain, but MJF yanks it into his eye. He tries to get out of the ring several times, but each time Punk yanks him back, choking him.

Punk then wraps the chain around the top turnbuckle, which leads to him yanking MJF several times. He tries to apologize to Punk, and gets a few sharp kicks for his efforts. MJF slides underneath him, hitting a kick as he then dumps Punk down to the mat. MJF then uses the steel chain as a weapon, whipping his opponent.

Punk fights back and hits his rising knee in the corner, but as he looks for the running bulldog, MJF yanks the chain, dropping him down. He attacks the head which gets busted open. MJF then demands he is given "the f**king mic" and he tells Punk to quit. Instead, he tells Max to "eat sh*t." He then goes to the top rope to try and talk trash to the fans, but Punk pulls him down.


He then hits a headbutt down to the waistline with his bloody head as he whips MJF and then uses the chain to hit a Russian leg sweep. This time he gets to use the chain and hit the running bulldog, and that is followed by several whips of the chain. Punk then covers MJF's fingers with the metal as he attacks it with knee strikes.

MJF fights back by digging his fingers into the cut on Punk's head, and he then locks in the sleeper. Punk falls down and tests the arms, but on the third, Punk fights up. Punk looks for the GTS, but MJF blocks and then he sets in an arm submission which Punk reverses into the Anaconda Vice.

MJF aims for the heat seeker, but Punk blocks it. Punk then wraps up the knee in steel and cracks MJF in the fact with a Shining Wizard, which sends him out of the ring, which busts open MJF. Punk then uses the chain to wrap around the eyes of MJF as he yanks away. The fight then spills to the outside as Punk launches MJF into the steel steps.

However, as Punk tries to wrap up the knee in the chains and slam into MJF, he avoids it, which leads to Punk hitting the stairs. Despite that Punk uses the chain to punch MJF several times. He looks for a GTS but his back gives in on him. This leads to the brawl heading to the ring apron where MJF wants a piledriver, but Punk reverses and hits his own.


Punk then aims for the Elbow Drop, but MJF avoids it and he picks up a bag and drops in thumbtacks! He hits the classic Punk knee in the corner and looks for the bulldog, but Punk starts biting. The two men then tease a bump into them, but neither does, with Punk hitting a kick to the head.

They go to the top rope as Punk looks for the Pepsi Plunge, but MJF fights away. He then hits a superplex, which lands Punk into the tacks himself, but he still kicks out of the cover. MJF then calls for Wardlow, who appears, but he forgets the ring. Punk then pulls him and he hits a GTS as MJF falls back to the thumbtacks.

Wardlow then remembers where the ring was, he pulls it out and leaves it in the ring...for CM Punk! MJF spits at CM Punk in a final act of defiance, but he smashes him in the face with the ring, and this one is over.

Winner: CM Punk

AEW Women's Championship Match

Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

The two women get straight into things, with Britt Baker taking control early on. She launches the challenger into the corner, and follows it with some stiff forearms. However, Thunder Rosa turns things around until they start hitting several strikes, only for Rosa to win out, dropping Britt across her knee.


However, Rosa misses with a charge into the corner, and that allows Britt to slam her to the mat. The official is then diverted, and that leads to Jamie Hayter adding to the attack. Baker continues that attack in the corner, stomping away on her opponent. She then yanks the arm into the ring post while pushing her foot into Rosa's head.

Once again, Britt distracts the official, which allows the women on the outside to attack Rosa. However, Thunder fights back with some forearm strikes, only for Baker to bring her down to the mat, slamming her head into it repeatedly. Thunder hangs up Baker on the second rope though and she follows with a running stomp.

Rosa then hits a Northern Lights Suplex, but Baker kicks out. Despite that, the champion gets back in control with an air raid crash, and this time it is Thunder kicking out of a pinfall attempt. Baker then nails an elbow to the back of the head, and then a pendulum suplex. Rosa responds with a superplex and then a neck breaker.

She then charges in with a sliding lariat, but Baker is able to kick out. The two women then go back and forth with punches and slaps, but Britt then counters one of them into the Lock Jaw, but Rosa reverses to a pinfall attempt. Britt reverses with one of her own, and then Rosa drops Britt down to the mat, gaining another near fall.


Baker then connects with the Avalanche Air Raid Crash, but Rosa is once again able to kick out! Thunder then hits a huge Piledriver, but Rebel distracts the official, so no count happens. Rosa attacks Rebel, and she acts injured which distracts the official again, with Britt using the title, hitting the Stomp onto it. However, that only gets a near fall!

Britt then sets in the Lock Jaw, but Rosa reverses and puts that move in herself. She then locks in the half straight jacket, which Britt taps out to, but Rebel is once again on the apron distracting. Thunder has seen enough, and she hits a spear through the ropes to Rebel, following it up by attacking Jamie Hayter. However, as Rosa gets back into the ring, Britt connects with the Stomp to retain.

Winner (and still champion): Britt Baker

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson 

Both men feel each other out early on here with a lot of grappling, and they then spill to the outside while doing so. Bryan Danielson gets straight back into the ring, but he then hides in the ropes, which Jon Moxley responds to by slapping Bryan. He fires back with a slap of his own and then a sharp kick to the back as Bryan does some jumping jacks in front of him.

Moxley asks for another slap and Bryan obliges as he fires back with chops and a kick to the back himself.  They go back and forth with strikes until Moxley drops Bryan with a lariat and he then hits several kicks until Bryan grabs the leg and hits a dragon screw to separate them.


He then comes in with a lot of forearms and kicks to Moxley in the corner, methodically taking him apart. However, Jon then fires up and he unloads in the corner, until Bryan responds with a kick to the lower abdomen. Bryan hits his running kick to the corner several times as he trash-talks the former World Champion.

Moxley responds with a German suplex, but Bryan then connects with a roundhouse kick. Danielson looks to charge in, but Moxley launches him to the floor. However, they then switch positions as they seemingly know what the other is thinking, and it ultimately leads to the two men just punching each other and head butting outside the ring.

Bryan and Moxley are then both bust open coming from this, and the two of them continue trading aggressive knee strikes and more head butts. Bryan reverses the Paradigm Shift, but he then eats a King Kong Lariat. Moxley then rakes the back in the corner, but Danielson fights his way out and sends Jon flying across the ring from the top rope. However, this only gets a near fall.

Moxley then locks in a sleeper as he reverses from a strike of Bryan, but he reveres out of it only for Moxley to start hammering down with elbow strikes. Moxley then stomps away on Bryan's head like Danielson normally does, and he then locks in the Bulldog submission, but he escapes with a suplex.


Danielson then hits a kick to the stomach and the running double knees, but Moxley kicks out! Now it's time for Bryan to stomp away as he then locks in the triangle sleeper, with Bryan hitting Jon with elbow strikes at the same time. However, as Moxley keeps the submission in, Moxley smartly reverses it and he takes a pinfall victory!

Winner: Jon Moxley

- After the match the two men continue brawling...but William Regal is here!!! He gets a huge pop as Regal gets in the ring and separates them both. Regal then slaps Moxley in the face as Bryan applauds him. However, he eats a slap as well! He then brings the two men together and tells them to shake hands, which they do.

- Tony Schiavone then gets on the microphone and starts running down the AEW Dynamite card.

Matt Hardy, Andrade El Idolo, & Isiah Kassidy vs. Sting, Darby Allin, & Sammy Guevara

Darby Allin immediately charges into the ring and clotheslines Andrade over the top rope, with this one turning into chaos immediately. All six men are brawling around the ringside area, with Jose taking a beating as well. Sting andDarby sit Jose on a chair, putting a trash can over him. Darby then dives out of the ring and smashes into him.


However, he eats a massive chair shot to the back straight after, while he throws the trash can into Sting's face. Sammy Guevara gets launched into the barricade, but Sammy and Darby work together to take out Andrade. Meanwhile, inside the ring Sting nails Matt Hardy and Isiah Kennedy with the trash can and Sammy leaps from the top rope into a cutter.

Andrade gets back into action and launches Darby into the turnbuckles. Andrade and Hardy then work together to attack Guevara, which leads to him eating a Twist Of Fate. However, Sting breaks up the pin. He then fights against Matt Hardy, launching him into the barricade. But Marq Quen then appears, helping to attack Guevara with a chair.

Sammy dumps him into the fans, but Private Party then hit Silly String on the outside. In another section, Sting nails Matt Hardy with some chair shots, and then into a guard wall further around the corner. The Butcher and The Blade then turn up, and they start attacking Sting and Darby Allin, with The Butcher swinging Allin into the steel guard rail.

Meanwhile all the way back at the entrance, Kassidy finds himself on top of the entrance prop with tables underneath. Sammy fights his way up and he hits a Spanish Fly from that spot, through a table, and onto the ramp. Back on the other side of the arena, The Butcher and The Blade are also setting up a bunch of tables as well.


Sting and Matt Hardy brawl all the way up into the crowd, being surrounded by fans as they fight above with the fans, with all the tables below. Darby Allin fights Andrade onto them, and Sting launches himself off the balcony to crash through three sets of tables! Back to the ring now, and it is Matt Hardy and Darby Allin brawling. He sets Darby through the chair for a Twist Of Fate, but Darby reverses and spikes the chair at Matt.

He then drops Matt through the chair with the Scorpion Death Drop, and follows it with the Coffin Drop for the win.

Winners: Darby Allin, Sting, & Sammy Guevara

AEW World Championship Match Handman

Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole

The two men start out with a collar and elbow tie up, which gets a break by Hangman Page slapping the chest of Adam Cole several times. Cole then hits several elbow strikes, but Page fires back with some chops of his own. Cole attempts to go to the outside, but Page dives out to him and keeps the fight going.

He launches Cole into the guard rail several times, and then hits the running boot as Cole is draped on the apron. Cole turns things around by focusing on the arm of his opponent, firing him into the steel stairs several times. Back in the ring and Cole continues the attack, focusing on the arm specifically.


Page attempts to turn things around, lifting him up Cole reverses in mid-air, turning it into a backbreaker. Page fires back with some slaps, but Cole then feints a low kick and hits one to the leg instead. He looks for the Panama Sunrise, but Page nails a superkick in mid-air instead. He then catches Cole again, this time with a fallaway slam.

This one then heads to the outside where Hangman hits a huge buckle bomb and then a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the outside for good measure. Page wants the Buckshot Lariat, but Cole rolls out the other side of the ring. He tries to reach out and get him, but Cole rocks him with a boot to the face and then a backstabber.

However, as Cole charges in after, Page reverses with a Liger Bomb, which gets a near fall. The champion then looks for another moonsault, but he eats a superkick in mid-air instead, but Paige kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Cole tunes up the band HBK style, but Hangman sees it coming and hits the Deadeye!

The two men then go back and forth with punches, as Cole tries to expose the knee, but Page stops him and slaps Cole instead. He responds with a pump kick, but Page then hits a rolling elbow. But Cole continues to push, which leads to a crossface being set up. Page reaches the ropes and escapes.


Cole drops Hangman straight down onto his knee, but the champion keeps fighting in. Both men then scale to the second turnbuckle, going back and forth with punches for domination. But it is Hangman that comes out on top, launching his opponent as he goes with him, crashing on top, but Cole kicks out.

Hangman sets up his finisher, but reDRagon appear which provides a distraction. Cole then hits a superkick to the back of the head and he follows it with a Panama Sunrise onto the floor. However, when they get back into the ring, Hangman kicks out again. They distract the official again, which leads to a low blow, a Panama Sunrise, and the Boom. Cole does not lower the kneepad though, and that may have saved Hangman, as he kicks out again!

Hangman fires back with a clothesline, but as he goes for a Buckshot he eats a superkick, which Cole follows up with a flurry. reDRagon then set up a table on the outside, but Hangman quickly reverses and hits the Deadeye through it.  The Dark Order then make their way down as they check on the champion.

They brawl to the back, which allows Page to hit the Buckshot Lariat! However, they are right next to the ropes, and Cole gets a finger on it. Cole ends up tied to the top rope with Page's belt buckle, but he fights back and then gets free, only to walk into a superkick. Page then lowers his kneepad and hits his own version of The Boom. Hangman follows with the Buckshot Lariat and retains!


Winner (and still champion): Hangman Page

- After the match, Hangman Page heads to a knocked out Cole, and shakes his hand to show respect.