Christopher Daniels is now expected to be back in All Elite Wrestling, as Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The former SCU member returned to television on AEW Dynamite this week, in a losing effort to Byan Danielson. However, this was not a one-shot deal to just promote the Ring Of Honor announcement.

Daniels had not been seen on AEW television for seven months due to his eye injury and booking decisions. But, he will now be back wrestling for AEW moving forwards. Prior to this appearance, his last match for AEW was on May 12th, when SCU was defeated by The Young Bucks. This loss led to the team having to split up.

During a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Daniels spoke about the backstage role that he has taken up outside the ring. During the time he has not wrestled, the veteran has helped sign talent for AEW Dark tapings.

“I’m more involved with signing and/or bringing guys to events,” said Christopher Daniels. “Whether it’s Dark tapings in Orlando or live events on the road. Honestly, it’s really Tony’s decision. Because he pays attention to the scene, not just AEW. Not just other large companies in the US, but the independents. So if there’s buzz around a name and he’s interested in that, he’ll shoot me a text. ‘Hey, what can we do to get this person here, or that person here.’

“And then it’s sort of on me and a couple of different people to put that meeting together. Between Tony and the person in question. So, it’s really — it’s Tony’s baby. And so Tony has the idea of, ‘I want this guy here,’ or ‘I want this young lady here,’ or, ‘What do we do to get her?’ And then it’s sort of my job to hunt them down and figure out how to get them to the spot.”

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