The bond between Erick Redbeard and the late Brodie Lee (known as Luke Harper in WWE) began to form more than a decade ago when both men were both in WWE’s developmental system.

Redbeard recalled they made their debuts as part of the Wyatt Family on NXT within weeks of one another.

“My debut on that show was a few weeks after Brodie had debuted as the first son of, you know, Bray Wyatt,” Redbeard told the Wrestle Buddy podcast. “So then I became the second son. Like, I was told like, a week before, even though he had practiced and done like, you know, promos together. Me and Luke were a tag team together.

“So like, you know, we were doing things before that, but like it wasn’t official until we were on that NXT show together, the three of us, and then it evolved after we did our first photo shoot. Vignettes were, you know, we brought the mask, and everything kind of evolved to when we made our first debut on the main roster.”

Following Brodie Lee’s death in December 2020, Redbeard was contacted to be part of AEW’s tribute show held in his late friend’s memory. Redbeard explained how his appearance came together.

“Shawn Spears had reached out about having me involved in that,” Redbeard recalled. “And to me, it meant a lot because there’s no funerals and I really wanted to say goodbye and that was my first chance seeing where he was that so happy at, you know, because he was. He was having the time of his life when he was there. And fast forward, I hadn’t heard from Tony (Khan), like, I didn’t reach out and then he just randomly reached out to me a few days before the show and, you know, we just, I obviously agreed to do it.”

Brodie Lee was the leader of the Dark Order faction in AEW and Redbeard says he has no interest in trying to follow in those footsteps.

“No,” Redbeard said. “That’s Brodie’s, that’s Brodie’s legacy. He created that in the short amount of time that, you know, he was with us and I want him to be always be remembered as the leader of that group. Always.”

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