GCW One Night Only 2022 Results (03/24) – Joey Janela, Sean Waltman, Blake Christian & More

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- A video package plays showcasing Sunset Boulevard and the wrestlers appearing on tonight's show.

- Denise Salcedo is in the ring and introduces us to tonight's event.

Kevin Blackwood vs. Mike Bailey

Both men shake hands before the contest begins. Bailey and Blackwood immediately trade Wristlocks before reaching a stalemate. Kevin Blackwood shoulder tackles Bailey, but Bailey gets right back up. Bailey then locks Blackwood into an arm submission. Bailey kicks Kevin Blackwood in the chest which sends him down onto the canvas. Bailey and Kevin Blackwood trade a number of forearms. Bailey hits a flurry of kicks which sends Kevin out of the ring. Bailey then performs a Moonsault onto the outside to take his opponent out.


Back in the ring, Kevin Blackwood manages to take Bailey down and pulls his neck against the top rope. Kevin Blackwood then delivers a big Clothesline before attempting a cover. Kevin Blackwood follows up by hammering some big chops on the chest of Mike Bailey. Kevin Blackwood locks Bailey into submission in the middle of the ring. Bailey replies for a moment, but Blackwood sends him back down.

Kevin Blackwood delivers three huge forearms, but Mike Bailey responds with a big kick. Bailey hits another flurry of kicks to take Kevin Blackwood down, then lands a Standing Corkscrew. Kevin Blackwood delivers his own flurry of kicks and then hits a Backbreaker and dumps Bailey on his head. Bailey reverses a Piledriver into a roll-up, but Blackwood kicks out. Bailey and Kevin Blackwood exchange more forearms. Mike Bailey hits two kicks before Blackwoods hits his own, but Bailey counters and delivers a Double Knee Stomp to the chest.

Kevin Blackwood and Mike Bailey now trade slaps to the face. They kick each other in the head at the same time. They counter each other's moves, but Bailey manages to connect with a Spanish Fly. Kevin Blackwood has ahold of Bailey's leg as he stands, and Blackwood takes him down and delivers a number of German Suplexes. Mike Bailey eventually manages to deliver a Double Knee Strike on the apron and tries to follow it up with a move from the top, but Blackwood avoids and hits a Piledriver, however, Bailey kicks out of the cover. Both men trade more moves before Mike Bailey connects with the knees to the back from the top turnbuckle to win.


Winner: Mike Bailey via pinfall

Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne

They shake hands before the match begins. They lock up and Cartwheel gains an early advantage. Nick Wayne reverses and takes Cartwheel down on the mat as both men trade submission holds on the canvas. Both wrestlers then trade a series of near falls as they showcase their athleticism. Nick Wayne delivers Headscissors to Cartwheel. Cartwheel counters and turns Nick Wayne inside out with a Clothesline. Cartwheel sends Wayne into the corner and connects with an open-handed chop. He attempts another one but Wayne reverses and delivers his own to the chest of Cartwheel.

Cartwheel delivers a kick in the middle of the ring and performs a Standing Moonsault. Cartwheel seats Wayne on the top turnbuckle. Wayne manages to exit the position on the top and hits a Cutter on Cartwheel. Nick Wayne performs a Moonsault onto the outside to take out Cartwheel. Back in the ring, Nick Wayne goes for another Cutter, but Cartwheel absorbs it and delivers a Powerbomb. Nick Wayne hits a Superkick to Cartwheel, but Cartwheel replies with his own.

Wayne then spikes Cartwheel directly on his head. Cartwheel hits an Enzuigiri. Cartwheel hits a Legdrop, which sends Nick Wayne to the outside. Cartwheel follows up by diving onto the outside to take him out. Back in the ring, Nick Wayne fights back and delivers a Superkick and manages to connect with two Cutters to pick up the win.


Winner: Nick Wayne via pinfall

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sandra Moone

Sandra Moone rolls up Jimmy early, and he responds with his own roll-up. The fans chant for Sandra. Moone sends Lloyd into the corner and then executes a strike to the back of the head in the middle of the ring. Jimmy manages to drive Moone's face into the canvas and goes for the cover. Lloyd locks in a Headlock on Moone in the middle of the ring. Lloyd hits a Shoulder Tackle. Moone attempts to reply and connects with a Code Red. Moone hits an elbow and delivers a number of strikes. Moone hits a Powerbomb on Jimmy Lloyd onto the canvas and only scores a two count with the pin attempt.

Jimmy Lloyd delivers a Tombstone Piledriver, but Moone kicks out of the cover. Jimmy trash talks and Moone sends Lloyd into the mat face-first. Moone connects with a Destroyer which sends Jimmy to the outside. Moone dives through the middle ropes and plants Lloyd with a DDT on the concrete floor. Back in the ring, Moone goes to the top but Lloyd connects with a kick to the face. Jimmy Lloyd then hits a Musclebuster variation and then spikes her with a Package Piledriver but Moone gets her shoulder up. Lloyd hits a Superkick and then plants Moone into the mat to score the victory.


Winner: Jimmy Lloyd via pinfall

Matthew Justice vs. Dark Sheik

Dark Sheik hits two big Dropkicks which sends Justice to the outside. Justice then takes a seat on the front row. Justice returns to the ring with a steel chair, but Sheik connects with a kick to the chair, which crashes against Justice's face. Justice is busted open. Sheik is in the corner and goes for dive, but Justice smashes the chair against Sheik. Justice hurls Sheik onto the stage. Justice then hammers the chair into the back. Justice then pulls out a door and then smashes another into the head of Shiek.

Justice then delivers a Razor's Edge, sending Sheik over the ropes into the middle of the canvas. Justice goes back into the crowd, but Sheik hits a leaping big boot as he was on the apron. Sheik goes to dive through the middle rope, but Justice catches Shiek. He then goes to send Shiek through the door set-up on the outside, but Sheik punches Justice in the lower region. Justice lays on the door and Sheik delivers a Legdrop from the top through the door.

Back in the ring, Sheik goes for the cover but Justice kicks out. Sheik smashes a steel chair into the back and head of Justice. Sheik then delivers a German Suplex, and Justice lands on the steel chair. Justice crawls out onto the stage. Justice then dives over the top rope and sends Sheik flying backwards whilst holding a door. Justice then sets up a door on two chairs, but Sheik manages to send Justice through the wood.


Sheik throws a chair to the head of Justice and plants a DDT. Sheik builds a pile of debris and places Justice on top of it. Sheik goes for the Legdrop but Justice moves out of the way. Justice delivers a Spear but Sheik kicks out at one. Justice then plants Sheik through a chair. Justice goes to the top turnbuckle and connects with a Splash and picks up the win.

Winner: Matthew Justice via pinfall

- A 15-minute intermission is held.

Bussy (Allie Katch & Effy) vs. Gangsta Party (Lil Cholo & B-Boy)

Gangsta Party flips the bird at Katch and Effy. Allie Katch starts the contest for Bussy. Effy eventually is tagged in and he seductively dances his way into the match. Lil Cholo replies and send Effy down. Lil Cholo of Gangsta Party isn't happy with Effy's actions. B-Boy is then tagged in. B-Boy delivers a big chop to Effy in the corner, but this only fires him up. Cholo is tagged back in and hits a big Suplex to Effy. B-Boy then returns, kisses Effy and then punches him in the face. Lil Cholo is tagged in again and he doesn't want any of Effy's antics, but Effy bites Cholo's nipples.

Allie Katch is tagged in. She takes out both Cholo and B-B0y. She hits a diving Cannonball to both. Allie hits a Double Suplex and locks in a bridge. B-Boy sends Allie against the ropes and Cholo hits a Double Stomp but Effy makes the save. Effy takes both Cholo and B-Boy down. Effy takes Cholo to the top turnbuckle, but Cholo sends him crashing out of the ring. Allie and B-Boy trade punches in the ring. Allie went for a DDT, but B-Boy plants Katch into the mat, but she kicks out of the cover. Effy returns and delivers punches to Lil Cholo and B-Boy. The Gangsta Party send Effy to the top turnbuckle. Allie locks in a submission and Effy eventually locks in a submission. Both members of the Gangsta Party tap out at the same time.


Winners: Bussy (Allie Katch & Effy) via submission

Jai Vidal vs. Blake Christian

Blake immediately takes Vidal down onto the mat. He uses his quickness then eventually rolls up Vidal, but only scores a two count. Vidal now goes for his own pin, but Blake retreats. Vidal tries to get the better of Blake, but Blake replies with a Waistlock. Blake picks up the pace and delivers a kick to the face of Vidal. Vidal responds and sends Blake into the corner and delivers a series of chops to the chest. Blake Christian catches Jai with another kick to the face. Blake delivers an Armbreaker on Jai.

Blake delivers a flurry of chops to Vidal and he's now firmly in control. Blake works on the arm of Jai Vidal. Blake sends Jai into the bottom rope. He then hits a tribute to Eddie Guerrero as he flips over the top rope landing on Vidal on the canvas. Blake again works on the arm of Vidal bending and twisting it. Vidal fights back and connects with a big kick to the head of Blake Christian. Jai plants Blake into the canvas over and over again with his knees. Vidal goes to the top, but it gives Blake the opportunity to recover. He does so and lands a Standing Frogsplah to Vidal on the mat. Vidal manages to land a big DDT on Blake, but only scores a two count with the pin attempt.


Blake Superkicks Vidal as he was on the top turnbuckle. He follows it up by soaring over the ring post to take out Vidal on the outside. Back in the ring, Blake delivers a big kick and locks in a submission. Blake goes for his DDT finisher but Vidal counters. They then trade covers, but Vidal manages to pull Blake up and hit a Powerbomb. Blake delivers a released German Suplex then plants Vidal into the mat face-first to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

- Denise Salcedo announces GCW will return to LA on April 9.

Eli Everfly vs. Juicy Finau

Eli Everfly kicks and slaps Juicy. Juicy picks him up and delivers a Powerslam with one arm. He then delivers a standing headbutt. Juicy sends Everfly into the corner and delivers a devastating chop to the chest, and follows it up with a two-hand chop. Juicy gets caught with Headscissors, and Everly then plants Juicy onto the apron. Eli Everly then connects with a Moonsault from the top turnbuckle.

On the outside, Everly slaps Juicy. He goes onto the stage and attempts to take out Finau, but Juicy catches him and Powerbombs him onto the stage. Back in the ring, Juicy stands on Eli and walks over him. Juicy drops three Legdrops, but Eli Everfly kicks out of the cover. Finau lifts Eli up and walks around the ring before dropping him onto the canvas with a Suplex. Juicy hits a Bodyslam and then hits a Juicy Elbow. Finau takes Eli up to the top turnbuckle, but Everfly counters with Sliced Bread. Eli spits in the face of Finau. Juicy responds with big slaps.


Juicy rolls to the outside, as Eli dives from the top and delivers Headscissors into the fans' chairs. Finau immediately returns to the ring. Eli tries to showboat, but Finau hits a Samoan Drop. Juicy goes for a Powerbomb but Eli counters. Finau connects with a huge Lariat. Juicy sends Everfly onto the stage. Juicy then grabs two steel chairs from underneath the ring. Finau sets the chairs up together on the stage. Juicy then Chokeslams him through the chairs. Juicy picks Eli up and throws him back into the ring, but Everfly kicks out of the pin attempt. Eli grabs a chair and smashes it against the back of Finau. Juicy responds and slams a chair against the head of Everfly. Everfly then hits a Code Red from the top, but Juicy gets up and hits the Juicy Driver to win.

Winner: Juicy Finau via pinfall

- WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman is then introduced by Denise Salcedo. Sean joins the commentary team for the main event.

- Joey Janela speaks before his match. He says he's starting to love the hate a lot. Janela talks about GCW running The Roxy Theatre tonight. Janela says that happened because of him. Janela says he's been here since the beginning. Janela says that X-Pac was here at the start and they were a tag team. Joey says he was getting paid nothing compared to Sean's thousands whilst he was passed out in the locker room. Janela says the reason Ninja Mack is here is because of him. Janela says Jungleboy is getting big paychecks and banging Anna Jay is because of him. Joey once again asks where his flowers are.


Joey Janela vs. Ninja Mack

Joey cheapshots Ninja Mack to get the match underway. Janela sends Ninja Mack crashing into the turnbuckles. Ninja Mack uses his quickness on the canvas and tries to lock in a submission, but Janela drops him on his back. Ninja Mack delivers a number of kicks and sends Janela out of the ring. Mack then dives through the middle ropes. Janela regains control once they are back in the ring. Joey hits a Suplex and sends Mack into the corner. Janela then pulls down his trunks and moons the crowd.

Joey Janela locks in the Bodyscissors submission in the middle of the ring. Mack manages to roll Janela up with a small package, but Janela immediately restores control and sends Ninja Mack back down. Janela sends Mack against the ropes, but Joey manages to drop Ninja Mack onto the canvas once more. Janela lifts Ninja Mack up with one arm. Janela comes up short with a move from the top, but Ninja Mack moves out of the way. Mack then takes Janela down with a kick to the face.

Ninja Mack eats the big boot of Janela, but he immediately responds by kicking Joey off the top turnbuckle. He plants Joey with a DDT, but only scores a two count with the cover. Mack goes to the top, but he wastes too much time, which allows Janela to recover. Janela then hits a Super German Suplex from the top turnbuckle. Janela delivers a big kick to the chest of Mack. Joey brings a wooden door into the ring and sets it up in the corner of the ring. Ninja Mack takes flight over the top rope to take out Janela.


Ninja Mack delivers a 450 Splash in the ring, but Joey kicks out. He then gets the knees up as Mack tries another move from the top, which allows Janela to send Ninja Mack crashing into the wooden door. Ninja Mack hits a Hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle and follows it up with a German Suplex. Ninja Mack locks in an Armbar. Janela delivers a big chop to Mack on the outside and hits some big strikes to the face. Joey then hits a Piledriver on the apron. Janela then spikes Mack in the middle of the ring, but Ninja Mack kicks out of the cover.

Janela and Ninja Mack trade strikes and both collide as they connect with a Clothesline. Janela hits two Superkicks. Joey goes to the outside and pulls out a steel chair from underneath the ring. He grabs another chair from the stage and throws it at Ninja Mack. Joey then grabs a wooden door. He sets it up on two chairs in the ring. Ninja Mack kicks Joey in the head and puts Janela on top of the door. Mack goes to the top and hits a 450 Splash through the door. Janela gets his shoulder up with the pin attempt.

Mack sets up a chair in the face of Janela sat in the corner of the ring. Mack goes for Coast-to-Coast, but Janela smashes the chair against him. Janela then smashes the chair over Mack's back. Joey then hits Mack with the X-Factor. Joey then calls Sean Waltman into the ring. Ninja Mack manages to lock Janela into a Sleeper following Waltman's distraction on the stage after Janela goaded him over from the announce table. Janela passes out and Ninja Mack wins.


Winner: Ninja Mack via submission

- That's all for GCW One Night Only 2022!