On this week’s AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho revealed that Kevin Owens called him shortly after Jeff Parker and Matt Lee of 2point0, FKA EverRise in WWE, were released by WWE last July.

Jericho mentioned how Parker and Lee were grateful to him for getting them jobs with AEW, which eventually led to 2point0 becoming part of his new stable, the Jericho Appreciation Society (JAS).

“Why do they appreciate me? A year ago, I got a call from my former best friend Kevin, who said: ‘hey, I need some help for some buddies of mine who just got fired [by WWE],” Jericho revealed. “Can you please put them on Talk is Jericho so they can get a job?’ So I brought these two men into my house, even though I’d never met them before. At the end of that podcast, I realized these guys have passion and desire. AEW hired them. That’s why they appreciate me.”

Earlier in the segment, Jericho revealed new names for the two members of 2point0.

“We don’t use made up names in The Jericho Appreciation Society, we use our real names,” Jericho emphasized. “From now, [Matt Lee is] ‘Daddy Magic’ Matt Minard, and [Jeff Parker] is ‘Cool Hand Edge’ Angelo Parker.”

For those who missed the JAS segment on Dynamite, you can click here for a complete recap.

As seen below, Kevin Owens seemingly reacted to Chris Jericho’s promo via Twitter. Meanwhile, Jericho also put over his new stable as the “most talked about act in the business” through a tweet late Thursday.

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