Full List Of Scott Hall References On WWE RAW

On this week's RAW, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and others found subtle ways to pay homage to the memory of the late WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall.

Owens began the show by using Hall's "Hey Yo" catchphrase before referring to himself as the "happiest Canadian of all time" because he's going to interview WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38.


Later on in the show, Owens made a reference to the iconic closing line from Hall's WWE Hall of Fame speech in 2014. While consoling a demoralized Seth Rollins in a backstage segment, Owens told Rollins: "Tough times don't last, but tough guys do!" Hall had closed his HOF speech with the phrase, "Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don't last; bad guys do."

Finally, during his main event bout vs. Rollins, Owens used the fallaway slam to send Rollins crashing to the barricade. The fallaway slam was one of the signature moves in Scott Hall's in-ring repertoire.

Meanwhile, Priest did the signature "Razor Ramon walk" ahead of his match with Balor. Later, he would also hit the Razor's Edge on his opponent. Balor himself threw up the "Too Sweet" hand gesture, which was made popular by Hall and the nWo faction.


According to some fans, Rhea Ripley and Seth Rollins did Hall's signature "spooky fingers" taunt at different points of the show.

WWE also aired a tribute video package honoring Scot Hall's memory, which you can see below along with clips of The Bad Guy references on RAW.