At WrestleMania XX, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar faced off in a dream match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee. The match was booed out of the building by the fans when rumors online surfaced that both stars were leaving the company afterward. Kurt Angle spoke about the WrestleMania XX match on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show.

The former Olympic Gold Medalist talked about the reaction to the match backstage with talent backstage, revealing that some were laughing about the situation.

“They were surprised, but then again, they weren’t surprised,” Angle said, talking about the backstage reaction to the match. “We do understand that the fans are loyal to us, as long as we’re loyal to them and I do feel like they felt cheated that Brock and Goldberg were leaving. The boys, they weren’t laughing, they were like, ‘holy sh**, I can’t believe this is happening.’ The match was such a big match, something everybody wanted to see. Even the boys wanted to see it. When the fans crapped all over it, it was like, oh gosh, this is crazy. Some guys were laughing, some guys were like, oh god, this is horrible. Everybody treated it differently.”

Continuing to speak about Lesnar and Goldberg’s match, Angle revealed his own reaction to the match, and where he was when it happened. The former Olympic Gold Medalist also spoke about seeing Brock and Goldberg come backstage after the match and why he didn’t speak to them afterward.

“I was backstage watching it on the monitor and it was crazy, the fans really turned on those guys,” Kurt Angle said. “They sh*t on the whole match. This was a big feature match, a money match for the WWE. It’s a dream match that everybody wanted to see but because both guys were leaving the company, the fans didn’t want to see it anymore.

“I didn’t want to talk to them, I knew they were going to be upset. It just wasn’t the right time to approach them and say, “What happened out there? Why were they sh*tting all over you?’ It just wasn’t the best thing to say at that particular time so I passed on it.”

Along with Lesnar and Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin was added to the match as the special guest referee but even Austin couldn’t get the fans interested in the match. Kurt Angle spoke about whether or not he talked to Austin after the match and why he valued his opinion after matches.

“I wish I would have,” Angle said. “I love when Steve gives me his feedback and his opinions on stuff, he’s pretty funny about that but I didn’t even see him that night.”

On that night, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit closed the show by celebrating as the company’s champions. Former WWE commentator Jim Ross spoke about the reaction to Eddie and Benoit’s celebration backstage during that night. Ross also revealed what Brock and Goldberg made for their match and why Lesnar had tension with the company leading into his last match in 2004.

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