Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Mustafa Ali posted a new message to social media, and this time, he says he’s sending a “warning” to the fans.

“A humble and fair warning, as soon as all this gets sorted, I’m gonna absolutely body all of your faves,” Ali writes.

For anyone unfamiliar with the slang term “body” when it’s used as a verb, it means to kill someone, referring to leaving them as only a lifeless body.

As previously reported, Ali’s started having issues with WWE when he asked to take “one show off” upon the birth of his child. Instead, he hasn’t been featured on WWE programming since November 2021. It led people within the company to believe that his paternity leave was being extended, however, a lot of other reasons reportedly led to this extended absence.

The idea for his next gimmick, a “New America” idea, was apparently scrapped at the time because the higher-ups questioned how successful it would be. Vince McMahon wanted “something Mustafa Ali would never have done” instead of what was being pursued. This reportedly led to a “heated argument between the two” and the WWE star hasn’t been featured on television since.

Stay tuned for updates on Ali’s future.

You can see the full tweet below:

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