Nixed WWE 2K22 Storyline Saw Dana Brooke Become "The Shiend"

WWE Games apparently had storyline plans for the new WWE 2K22 video game that involved "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss and current WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke.

Reddit user and WWE Games modder Pepsiguy2 has revealed a storyline that was part of the cut content from WWE 2K22, featuring Brooke joining Wyatt and then being possessed by The Fiend. Brooke would've then become "The Shiend" in the female MyCareer mode of the game.


"Hi fireflies! Hello there! And welcome to a very special episode of The Firefly Funhouse! As you know, I love making new friends, and I recently made a very special one! Her name was Dana Brooke. But now, she's got a new name that's oodles better! She's now known as The Shiend!," the Wyatt character said in the nixed storyline.

Brooke, as The Shiend, ended up going against Alexa Bliss, who was billed as Wyatt's "former associate" in the storyline script.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing one of the most haunting debuts in WWE history, as The Shiend faces off in her first ever match against Bray Wyatt's former associate, Alexa Bliss," the promo for the storyline said.

The storyline included a Hell In a Cell match between Bliss and The Shiend, and apparently an Elimination Chamber of Horrors.


"It's time to meet HIS creation. Someone who will make Alexa Bliss' life a living hell... inside Hell in a Cell. I always thought that HE needed a friend. Meet... THE SHIEND," promo for the storyline also stated. "It's official: the WWE Universe will meet The Shiend when it takes on Alexa Bliss in a Hell in a Cell Match!"

You can click here for more dialogue from the cut storyline.

There's no word on why this storyline was nixed from the game, but it's likely due to the WWE release of Windham Rotunda, who played The Fiend. The real-life storyline alliance between Wyatt and Bliss ended at WrestleMania 37 when Bliss assisted current RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton in his win over The Fiend. It was rumored that the Bliss – Fiend storyline would continue, but it never did. Rotunda was pulled from the storylines and then released in July.