Ric Flair Podcast Host Quits Amid Raging Twitter Beef

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was embroiled in a war of words with Mark Madden on Sunday, after the latter announced his decision to quit Flair's Woo Nation Uncensored podcast.

Madden initially thanked Flair for the opportunity to host the podcast, while explaining his reasons for quitting. This was followed by Flair pointing out that Madden was, in fact, fired.


Flair also confirmed that he will be joining Conrad Thompson's podcast empire.

Love & Appreciate You @MarkMaddenX, But Actually, I Relieved You Of Your Duties! Best Of Luck With Your Work! I'll Be Back & Better Than Ever Next Monday! Going Home To My Son In Law @HeyHeyItsConrad!

In response, Madden accused Flair of lying to him about ending the podcast.

And BTW, you didn't have the balls to tell me you were firing me. You said the podcast was cancelled, period. Your son-in-law had to tell me the truth. Why couldn't you just let it go? Why couldn't you just be a friend after 35 years?

Through another tweet, Madden rued that Ric Flair had gone from "the greatest wrestler ever" to what he had become today. In response, Flair took a jab at Madden for getting cancelled by the Pat McAfee Show as well.


Later, Madden revealed Flair was bound for AEW prior to the controversial Dark Side of the Ring episode, and that AEW President Tony Khan "disinvited Ric from his b'day party." You can see the tweets below.

Madden was best known for his time as a color commentator on WCW Nitro.