Ricky Starks Does Not Travel With The FTW Title

On today's episode of SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio, AEW wrestler and current FTW World Champion Ricky Starks joined the show.

Tonight, Starks will go one-on-one with Swerve Strickland with the FTW World Championship on the line on AEW Rampage. Starks noted that on paper, he already has the upper hand.

"Here's the thing. Tonight. It's me and Swerve. FTW Championship on the line on AEW Rampage," Starks said. "A lot of people think we're evenly matched when it comes to confidence. Me personally, I was actually born with this charisma and this confidence. On the other hand, Swerve had to go out and buy out, through grills, glasses, and Pho jackets.

"I'm already in a winning betting pool here, in my opinion. On paper, I already have the upper hand, but I think two, don't forget we're going to be in Austin tonight. So that's my second home and they always show me love, man, so I'll have the home-field advantage as well."

Starks revealed overall, it has been a goal of his to make the FTW World Championship a lot more important and has now gotten to a point where Taz trusts him with the gold.

"You know what, ever since I actually won the title, it's been a very big goal of mine to – I don't wanna say revamp, but make it a lot more important than what the previous champion was doing with it. And so, obviously, Taz is very protective of the FTW Championship because there's a big history and it's a part – it's a huge part of him.

"So, not only do I have the pressure of making sure I retain the championship, but I also have the pressure of making sure that I do right by Taz. And represent that championship as best as I can to my ability. And I think we've gotten to a point him and I, where he can trust me, that I will not do wrong by him when it comes to the FTW Title."

Starks also revealed that he does not travel with FTW World Championship, which is the original title, but he leaves it in the hands of All Elite Wrestling production.

"I don't travel with it," Ricky revealed. "I make sure that production keeps it in a locked case in one of the velvet bags. When I have had to travel with it to like Universal, Orlando, I'm very very protective of it. So no, I'm not doing anything nasty with it like some of these people are. I just have a little bit more respect for it."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio with an h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.