The first legendary names to be inducted into the International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame 2022 Class have started to be announced. It was noted that several additional names will be announced in the coming weeks, and we will keep you updated on that announcement.

The following pro wrestling stars will be inducted into the 2022 class:

*Steve Austin.

*Mildred Burke.

*Riki Choshu.

*Dory Funk Jr.

*Karl Gotch.

*Jim Londos.

*Billy Robinson.

*Joe Stecher

For more info on this year’s Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame 2022, click here.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is scheduled to confront Kevin Owens on the KO Show during night one of WrestleMania 38, streaming on Peacock Network on April 2, 2022. Steve Austin create a video for social media where he accepted Owens’ challenge, and said that whether it’s a match, the KO show, a brawl, or whatever he wants to call it, Stone Cold is going to open one last “can of whoop a**”.

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