Video: Big E Suffers Broken Neck On WWE SmackDown

Big E suffered a broken neck during tonight's WWE SmackDown on FOX.

As noted at this link, SmackDown saw Ridge Holland and Sheamus defeat Kofi Kingston and Big E in tag team action, in a match that saw Pete Dunne debut as Butch, and help the heels get the win.


There was a spot during the match where Holland tossed Big E at ringside with a belly-to-belly suplex, but he dropped him on his head. Medics immediately came over and tended to Big E while Kingston finished the match.

As seen in the fan video below, Big E was stretchered out by medics. He later took to Twitter and posted a selfie video to announce that he suffered a broken neck during the spot with Holland.

"I can't thank all of you beautiful people enough, for all of your concern, and your messages, it's very heart-warming," Big E said. "I can move all my digits [fingers], you see that? That's nice, it's always a good thing. Strength feels fine, but unfortunately right now, they tell me my neck is broken. So there's that. But once again, thank you everybody. I'm gonna be alright, I'll be good. Don't worry, go to sleep, don't worry about 'ol me. But for real, thank you and I appreciate all of you, for real."


There's no word yet on the severity of Big E's injury, but we should know more soon and will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more on Big E's status. You can see his selfie video below, along with footage of the injury and Big E being stretchered out: