Video: Roman Reigns Shows Gratitude To Hometown Fans At WWE Live Event

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns broke character to thank fans in Pensacola, Florida after Sunday's live event in his hometown. Reigns showed gratitude toward fans for showing up at live events despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


"Man, it's good to be home! You guys know the travel schedule," Reigns said. "We're all over the world all the time. Obviously, we're going through this pandemic, we've been fighting through lockdowns and quarantines. And we're still here, you know? All day I've been thinking, like, what do I say? How do I express how I really feel? How do I keep this concise and not crazy long and have a good message? And, I don't have to say anything. Just like – a massive amount of gratitude. In fact, I think we talked about this on Friday night on FOX's SmackDown, but man I feel blessed.

"I feel blessed to be able to do what I want with the people that I love, in front of the people, people. Our journey is our journey. We did it our way and you know – it is what it is. But I challenge everybody here to follow your journey and whatever your destination is."


Reigns would also refer to Pensacola as the "best kept secret in the whole world."

"I run into New Yorkers, people from L.A., and they're like 'where you from?' and I say I'm from a small little beach town. Pensacola is the most beautiful built ... best keep secret in the whole world," Reigns proudly said. "It really is! The Tribal Chief ain't scared to go on vacation, you know what I mean? I've been to a lot of different beaches, I've been to a lot of different small towns.

"And this one, I'm not just being biased, this is the best one. So I challenge all the young ones here – let it go. Knock out your course, follow the journey no matter what the adversity. Just like all of you should feel, this is MY city! This is MY little beach town! And I will never say this anywhere else in the world. I don't care if I go to Rome, Paris, London, New York .... Pensacola, we acknowledge YOU!"

The live event at Pensacola saw The Bloodline (Reigns & The Usos) defeating Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods in a Six-Man Match. Woods was making his in-ring return after suffering a leg injury back in January. With Big E expected to miss at least 6 months of in-ring action, it appears Woods will replace his injured New Day stablemate in WWE's storyline plans heading into WrestleMania 38.


H/T to SK Wrestling for the transcription.

You can see a video of Roman Reigns addressing his hometown fans below.