WWE Main Event Results (3/2): Veer Mahaan In Action

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Veer Mahaan makes his entrance as Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick check in on commentary. Storm Grayson is already in the ring.


Veer Mahaan vs. Storm Grayson

They lock up. Mahaan pushes Grayson to the mat. Grayson eventually connects with a pair of elbow strikes to the midsection of Mahaan. Grayson hits the ropes. Grayson goes for a clothesline, Mahaan remains on his feet. Grayson goes for a clothesline again, Mahaan still remains on his feet. Grayson ducks a clothesline attempt by Mahaan. Grayson connects with a shoulder-block that sends Mahaan backward to the ropes. Mahaan hits a clothesline on Grayson. Mahaan hits a pair of splashes on Grayson in the corner. Mahaan hits a Thesz Press on Grayson. Mahaan pins Grayson for the win.

Winner: Veer Mahaan

A recap from RAW is shown featuring Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeating RAW Tag Team Champions Otis & Chad Gable of Alpha Academy.


A recap from RAW is shown featuring the in-ring confrontation between AJ Styles and Edge.

A recap from SmackDown is shown featuring the confrontation between Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

A recap from RAW is shown featuring Finn Balor defeating Damien Priest to win the United States Championship.

A recap from SmackDown is shown to close the show featuring the contract signing for WrestleMania with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.