Sheamus Says It Would Be A Major Mishap If He’s Not On WrestleMania 38

Veteran WWE Superstar Sheamus says it would be a major mishap on WWE's behalf if he's not on the WrestleMania 38 card.

Sheamus recently spoke with's Joey Hayden and commented on teaming with Ridge Holland, and what the future holds for Holland. Sheamus noted that they will be bringing their "Fight Night" to WrestleMania, but he did not elaborate. The Celtic Warrior also predicted big things for Holland.


"It's been great," Sheamus said of teaming with Holland. "If he listens to me, which he has been listening, I think he's going to do really, really well. He's got a great look. He's got a great background. He's a former professional rugby player, so you know he's tough as nails. He's got very good instincts in that ring and natural ability. He's just got to, as I said, for anybody starting out it really is hard. It's hard to get into this.

"Even coming from NXT to the main roster, it's a different world. From what I've seen now, I think he's great. Me and him have created our own 'Fight Night' which we'll be bringing to WrestleMania, the 'Donnybrook Lane Lads' coming down for 'Fight Night.'"

Sheamus continued and said Holland is a huge asset to him. He also revealed how he's been training harder since he started teaming with Holland.


"We know what we've got to do. We bring an aggressive, hard-hitting style. We're afraid of nobody. He's definitely a huge asset to me," Sheamus declared. "He keeps me on my toes, to be honest with you, as well. Because I've been training harder and heavier since we started tagging. Everything to me when we're together is a competition, so we've been lifting more weight than I have in a long, long time – probably too much, I'm feeling it today. But yeah, his young blood is injected into me a little bit, and we're pushing each other in the right direction."

Sheamus and Holland have been feuding with Big E and Kofi Kingston as of late, and that feud will continue in a tag team match on tonight's WWE SmackDown. Sheamus was reminded how he was part of a group (The League of Nations with Rusev and Alberto Del Rio) that defeated The New Day at WrestleMania 32 in 2016, which also took place from AT&T Stadium. He was then asked if he might lock up with The New Day at WrestleMania again this year, and that's when he said WWE would be making a major mishap if he's not on The Grandest Stage of Them All this year.

"I mean, that would be funny, right? Faced the New Day the last WrestleMania we were there. Obviously, in a different position now, in a different dynamic now," he said. "But yeah, I want to be at WrestleMania, everybody does.


"If I'm not on WrestleMania then that's going to be a major mishap on WWE's side, you know what I mean? Because I've been bringing it, having banger after banger matches during the pandemic and after. So, I'm on a new lease right now. But obviously want to go there, take on whoever it is – whether it's New Day, whether it's Usos, it doesn't really matter to us – we just want to go in there and show people what we can do."