Booker T Sees Potential For Stone Cold To Take An “Undertaker Role” In WWE

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has said he's open to being involved with WrestleMania 39, following his successful comeback match at WrestleMania 38. Another WWE Hall of Famer feels there is room for Austin to have an even more prominent role with the company moving forward.


"I wouldn't say just a WrestleMania guy or anything like that," Booker T said on The Hall of Fame podcast. "Starpower is everything. Saudi Arabia, to have 'Stone Cold' on that card right there? Boom, I'm sure the people over there would love it, man. To see Austin in Cardiff, Wales? Man, that would be awesome because I'm sure the guys over there haven't seen him in such a long time. To see 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin live, up close, in person – that would just be a moment for those guys just to see Steve Austin.

"Forget about him in the ring," Booker T continued. "To see him, take a photo with him, shake a hand, tell a story, whatever it may be, that crowd would get its money's worth if Steve was a part of it. Steve may be the new Undertaker – the guy that [shows] up to pop the crowd, give the crowd that moment that they're gonna remember for the rest of their lives, and me personally, I think that's a damn good position to be in."


Booker T suggested that WWE may be finding itself short on special attractions right now. Triple H was forced into retirement earlier this year by health issues. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are two other retired legends who may have wrestled their last matches. There appears to be a void that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin could fill if he's willing to do so.

"He's the last one left, man," Booker T said. "I mean, I don't think Shawn Michaels is gonna be the guy to fill that role or anything like that. I can't think of any other names besides myself and that's just not something that I really want to do at all. Bring me a match and a check and I'm all down for that, but as far as being that guy, I can't think of too many people outside 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin who could take it and make it something totally special when you see it on the marquee that fans go, 'That right there. I gotta see it,' just because. No other reason, I just gotta see it. So definitely, he could be that guy who slips into the 'Undertaker role' and be that three-time-a-year guy to come out and just do something."

If "Stone Cold" Steve Austin decides to return for another match, Booker T has an opponent in mind for him. Like Austin's WrestleMania 38 opponent Kevin Owens, it's someone who also had a high-profile match at the event.


"Sami Zayn would definitely be a guy that, if I had to pick, Sami Zayn would be a guy that I know I can put in that position and get exactly what I need out of him," Booker T said.

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