Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW’s Role In His Pro Wrestling Journey

Cody Rhodes is back in WWE after parting ways with AEW last month. Looking back, Rhodes views his time in AEW as a "beautiful chapter" for himself.

Rhodes quote tweeted another account on Sunday and the original tweet said Rhodes' recent return to WWE is good for the wrestling business as a whole because Rhodes left WWE, made himself a star, and helped create competition that makes it easier for anyone else to think about leaving WWE.


"A feather in our cap I never dreamed of," Rhodes wrote Sunday. "Wrestler/crew families eating well, industry legitimately changed, fans coming back and wrestlers returning, a beautiful chapter what the Elite and I helped create. Brought clarity to my next step, unfinished business."

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins and got the victory. Rhodes recently talks about when he first started thinking about returning to WWE and said it stemmed from a meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

"I can say that we had a meeting in Atlanta and I didn't expect the meeting to go bad but I thought, oh, I'll be presented with something that is not for me but I'll be able to say thank you so much and I'll be able to get closure on the first chapter," Rhodes said. "Because the first chapter ended really poorly. 'Hey, I'll see you next week,' 'no, you won't.'


"And hey, here's my post on how I'm gone guys, no one is keeping me down. I never got closure on that, I never got it from Hunter, I never got it with Vince, I never got it. That conversation was just sparkling and it was really 95% of that conversation was about my daughter."