Cody Rhodes Returns To WWE At WrestleMania 38

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Cody Rhodes has made his return to WWE.

Tonight's WrestleMania 38 Night One event saw Rhodes make his return as the opponent for Seth Rollins, hand-picked by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon as the storyline goes. Rhodes defeated Rollins in tonight's return match.

Rhodes had a special entrance as he was raised from under the stage. He was introduced as "The American Nightmare" and received pyro and a huge pop on his way to the ring. The back & forth match ended with two straight CrossRhodes, the signature right hands and Bionic Elbow of the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and then one more CrossRhodes for the pin to win. The announcers did acknowledge how Cody has been away from WWE, and how he's wrestled around the world, but there was no mention of AEW.

This was Cody's first WWE match since May 16, 2016, when he lost to Zack Ryder at a WWE Superstars taping, while working as Stardust. Rhodes helped launch AEW, as a talent and Executive Vice President, but left the company back in February after his contract expired and he was unable to agree on a new deal with AEW President Tony Khan.

Rhodes is reportedly scheduled to be a regular member of the RAW roster moving forward. It's been reported that he signed his new WWE contract around three weeks ago.

Stay tuned for more from WrestleMania Saturday and more on Rhodes in WWE. Below are several shots of tonight's return at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX: