In a new interview with The Straight Shooters, AEW star Eddie Kingston gave an update on the state of his mental health. In various interviews in the past, including his Player’s Tribune article in late 2021, Kingston has been candid about his mental health and addiction struggles.

For fans still concerned about Kingston’s mental health, he assures them that he is making progress with his coping mechanisms. Nevertheless, it is a daily battle that he faces and he’s learned to put his well-being as the #1 focus going forward.

“A lot of people have [reached out], and it was overwhelming at one point. But I’ve dealt with it a lot better. Again, I tell everybody, ‘I see your messages, man. I see them. I see them. I may not answer them, but I see them.’ You know? To be honest with you, I’m still struggling.

“I’m learning more different ways to deal with things. You know what I mean? So, I gotta be selfish and help myself first before I can even talk to anybody. I learned that a long time ago. If you ain’t right with yourself, you ain’t gonna help nobody or even help yourself. All I do is listen. I ain’t got no answers, man. If I had the answers, I wouldn’t have done the trailers of the Player’s Tribune.”

According to Kingston, All Elite Wrestling showed him a sense of loyalty by taking a chance on him despite his rough edges and backstage struggles. This is one of the reasons that he says he will stay committed to AEW and compete with them for the remainder of his career.

Yeah, I can just answer that now,” Kingston exclaimed before the question was even finished. “Where am I gonna go, dog? I’m good. I worked for this. I don’t care, I don’t. I worked for this. AEW gave me my shot first, right? You know what I mean? I’m a loyal guy. I’m not knocking anybody, just chill … but when people say, ‘Yeah, I’m here forever,’ that’s cool. That’s them. I’m telling you from me and my word is my bond. I ain’t got nowhere else to go and don’t wanna be anywhere else. I’m having a blast trying to beat up people in the ring, trying to be world champ. Wherever I’m at, trying to be better than I was yesterday.”

Furthermore, the fact that AEW is allowing Eddie Kingston to work with New Japan is icing on the cake for him.

“I’m like a dog, man, when it comes to loyalty. That’s it. My word is my bond and [AEW] fits me because they took the shot. If people wanna know any deeper, it’s basically they let me be me. There’s no character. There’s no, ‘You can’t say that.’ I got freedom. It’s just a really good environment when you shut out the negativity and understand this is the pro wrestling business. Not everyone is going to like each other. That’s it. Take care of your own stuff.”

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