GCW Announces IWTV Lawsuit Settlement, "The Settlement Series" Of Events To Take Place

A settlement has been reached in InternetWrestling.TV's lawsuit against Game Changer Wrestling.

IWTV filed the lawsuit in June 2021, alleging that GCW committed a breach of contract over pay-per-view events, claiming that they had exclusive rights to film, produce and digitally distribute GCW pay-per-views. GCW began airing their events on FITE TV in December 2020, which led to the lawsuit from IWTV.


IWTV originally claimed an estimated $500,000 in revenue loss. Their 2021 lawsuit, filed in a Pennsylvania court, said GCW held 36 pay-per-view events between December 5 and May 15, all of which were a violation of the agreement. IWTV said they notified GCW about the breach, but GCW kept promoting shows. The damages were in excess of $500,000 but could not be fully calculated until GCW provided revenue from those shows.

GCW tweeted on December 26, 2020 that they were formally requesting to be released from their IWTV contract, which came with "sadness and regret," adding that there was "apparently no other option." IWTV filed their lawsuit a few months later, and GCW had filed to have the suit dismissed back in August.


In an update, GCW announced today a settlement has been reached, and the lawsuit is over. IWTV will reportedly not receive any compensation in damages, and GCW will retain ownership of all content.

Furthermore, as a part of the settlement, GCW will provide IWTV with "The Settlement Series" over the next year, which will be a series of 8 live events. Details on the series will be announced in the coming weeks.

GCW called this a major step forward for the promotion. They also said this serves as a big win for indie wrestling and its fans. You can read their full statement below:

Game Changer Wrestling is pleased to announce that we have comes to terms on a settlement agreement with IWTV that brings an end to litigation between the parties.

This agreement represents a significant milestone for GCW, but most importantly serves as a victory for INDEPENDENT Wrestling and its fans.

This agreement also affirms our long held belief that GCW is the SOLE OWNER of our extended library, which includes all Game Changer Wrestling, Jersey Championship Wrestling and LA Fights events.

This is important not just for GCW, but for all independent wrestling promotions across the United States and abroad as we all navigate the ever changing landscape of professional wrestling.

Further, this agreement removes obstacles that had previously limited our ability to capitalize on our content and clears the way for us to move forward with ambitious plans to "change the game" in 2022 and beyond.

Most importantly, this settlement allows us to focus all of our efforts and resources on what matters... producing and delivering the best product possible for our rapidly growing and global fanbase.

Finally, while this agreement defines a conclusion to our relationship with IWTV, it doesn't mean it's the last time you will see GCW on the platform. As part of this arrangement, GCW will provide IWTV with "The Settlement Series", a series of 8 live events spanning the course of the next year. We look forward to announcing dates and details on these events in the coming weeks.

This last year has been trying. As a small business, our resources are not unlimited. Litigation was a last resort, but a necessary step in establishing our independence. At the end of the day, we thrive in the arena, and our resources are best directed towards the ring... not the courtroom.

Enduring this process would NOT have been possible without the support of our crew, our performers, and most importantly... the fans. Your loyalty has been unwavering and together, we have continued to make history and take both Game Changer Wrestling and independent wrestling to new heights.