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Announced card

The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) vs. Big Starkz Brand (Billie Starkz, Calvin Tankman & Cole Radrick)

Bussy vs. 1 Called Manders & Levi Everett – GCW Tag Team Championship

Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver

Alex Colon vs. Tony Deppen

Alex Zayne vs. Nick Wayne

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joey Janela

Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon

– Nick Gage makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Gage asks where his gang is at. Gage says they could have gone to other cities in Ohio, but Gage made sure they came to Columbus. He builds up the hype for the show, before exiting the ring.

Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon

Dante goes for his finisher right off the bat, before Blake Christian reverses and attempts his signature maneuver. Christian hits the ropes and catches the kick attempt from Leon, but Dante eventually strikes Blake with a kick to the face. Dante is able to hit the Cutter in the corner, as Blake rolls out of the ring. Leon then dives through the ropes to take Blake Christian out.

Back in the ring, Blake takes control with a combination of kicks. Dante Leon sweeps the legs of Blake, before Christian regains control and sends Leon flying out of the ring. Blake Christian then dives over the top rope onto Leon below. Blake chops Dante twice as he is sat on one of the front row seats. Blake sends Leon back into the ring, and tries a 450 from the top rope, but nobody was home.

Blake and Dante trade chops on the top turnbuckle, as Leon manages to connect with another Cutter from the top. Blake Christian hits an explosive flurry of moves, which concludes with a Frog Splash from the top, but Dante Leon kicks out of the cover. Blake goes to plant Dante into the mat, but Leon reverses. Leon then hits another Cutter in the corner, but Blake gets his shoulder up. Dante goes for a Sunset Bomb from the top turnbuckle, but fails to connect.

Dante follows up with a Tiger Driver and then misses with a move from the top. Blake then plants Dante with a DDT, as the commentators note it is Johnny Gargano’s move. He then again plants Leon into the mat face-first to pick up the victory.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

– After the match, Blake Christian indicates he wants to face Gargano, and gets the fans to chant “Johnny Wrestling” in unison.

Alex Colon vs. Tony Deppen

Tony Deppen indicates there will be no weapons in this match, and it will be a wrestling match. Both men lock up to get the match underway. Deppen gets some initial control and as he sticks his middle finger up at the crowd. The crowd is split as they chant for both wrestlers. Deppen has Colon down on the canvas, but Colon ultimately counters. Colon locks Deppen in a Hammerlock on the mat. Deppen manages to lock in a choke, but Colon gets a hold of the bottom rope.

Alex Colon goes under the ring and throws some chairs inside. Even the fans join in, sending some of their own chairs in. Deppen throws them out of the ring. Back in the ring, Colon takes Deppen down with a flying tackle. On the apron, Deppen hits a Springboard Dropkick to send Colon to the floor, before taking a dive over the top rope to take him out. Deppen pulls out a door from underneath the ring and hits Colon with it. Colon replies with a chair to the face, before he sends Deppen into the second row chairs.

Back in the ring, Colon sends Deppen down with a chop. Colon sets up a chair in the corner of the ring. Deppen manages to send Colon face-first into the chair, then follows up by throwing it at the face of Colon. Colon ends up connecting with a big boots, that sends the chair into the face of Deppen. Colon dives through the ropes to take Deppen out. He then places Deppen on the door set up on the outside, but the door collapses. Colon gets another door, but Deppen rolls back into the ring.

Deppen sends Colon crashing onto the ring apron. Deppen then connects with a double stomp from the top rope, but Colon kicks out of the cover. Deppen brings a door inside the ring and sets it up in the corner. Colon counters, as he sends Deppen crashing through the door, as he follows up with double knees, but Deppen gets his shoulder up at the last second. Both men fight over a steel chair, but Colon gets the advantage, as Deppen kicks out of another cover. Deppen hits a Piledriver, but now Colon kicks out at the last moment. Deppen sets up two chairs and Powerbomb’s Colon through them, but Colon counters a big boot with a backslide to win.

Winner: Alex Colon via pinfall

– Alex Colon gets on the microphone and challenges John Wayne Murdoch to a rematch. Colon says, whether it’s tonight or tomorrow, he’s going to get his hands on Murdoch to take the title back from him.

Alex Zayne vs. Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne extends his hand, and Alex Zayne shakes it. Nick Wayne shocks Alex Zayne immediately with a Headscissors and Dropkick, and then dives over the top rope to take him out. Zayne then delivers his own Headscissors on the outside. Zayne delivers a big chop across the chest of Nick Wayne. Zayne goes for another, but Wayne counters with a kick to the head, but Zayne counters with a Suplex onto the edge of the ring.

Back in the ring, Zayne drops his weight on Wayne, but the Nick Wayne kicks out of the cover. Zayne delivers another chop, but Wayne reverses and delivers his own. Zayne ultimately connects with a kick to the head on the mat. Zayne then locks in a stretch submission as Nick Wayne sits in the middle of the canvas. Nick Wayne ends up out on the floor, but Zayne performs a Springboard Moonsault onto Wayne on the outside.

In the center of the ring, Wayne takes some shots from Zayne, and it fires him up. Both wrestlers trade forearm strikes. Nick Wayne then plants Alex Zayne on his head. Wayne is feeling it now and hits a Suplex, then follows it up with a Code Red variation. Zayne goes for the German Suplex, but Wayne lands on his feet and connects with a standing Spanish Fly. Wayne goes for a Cutter from the second rope, but Zayne counters. Wayne then manages to lock in a roll-up pin to secure the victory.

Winner: Nick Wayne via pinfall

The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) vs. Big Starkz Brand (Billie Starkz, Calvin Tankman & Cole Radrick)

It is revealed AJ Gray isn’t there due to travel issues. Matthew Justice and Cole Radrick start off the match. Billie Starkz immediately tags herself in. Justice delivers a kick to the midsection and a chop to the chest. Starkz responds by connecting with her own flurry of chops. Justice then connects with a big forearm to send Billie down. Mance Warner is tagged in. Billie fires away on Mance, but he delivers a forearm to send her down. Calvin Tankman is tagged in. Calvin charges towards Warner, but he pulls down the top rope to send him to the outside.

Warner and Justice work on him with steel chairs on the outside, but Billie and Cole dive through the ropes to stop them in their tracks. Billie Starkz works over Matthew Justice with a steel chair, as Calvin and Cole go to work on Mance Warner. Mance eventually grabs a chair, and smashes it on the back of Cole Radrick. Calvin sets up a door on a chair at ringside. Big Starkz Brand regain some control, before Mance sends chairs flying towards Billie and Calvin.

Justice smashes the door on Calvin Tankman and Billie Starkz, and then sends it crashing into the head of Cole Radrick. Calvin is sent back into the ring by Mance. Justice stomps on him, and connects with a steel chair to the midsection, as he lay on the mat. Both Mance and Justice go to work on Tankman, but Calvin takes them down with a double Clothesline. Calvin goes to the top and delivers a Double Crossbody to take Mance and Justice out.

Radrick is tagged in and unleashes a flurry on Justice and Warner. Cole hits a Cutter on Justice, and then Starkz connects with a German Suplex. Tankman and Warner go at it in the middle of the ring, as they trade chops. Calvin then Powerbombs Warner onto Justice, and then follows it up with a Powerbomb onto the canvas. The cover is broken up by a door thrown in by Justice. Cole then hits a Lionsault through a door onto Justice. Justice accidentally connects a chair into the head of Mance. Billie then uses the chair, and follows it up with a Swanton Bomb to Warner, but misses with the move on Justice. Mance then puts Billie through the door, but she kicks out of the cover at one. Justice delivers a Spear to Billie, and Mance Warner scores the pin.

Winners: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) via pinfall

– We now have a 15-minute intermission.

Nate Webb vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Lucky 13 vs. Gringo Loco vs. Steve Scott vs. ASF vs. Yoya in a Scramble Match

Steve Scott starts off the match by delivering a Superkick to ASF’s face. ASF balances himself on the shoulders of Gringo Loco and delivers a Headscissors to another opponent. Gringo and ASF go at it by exchanging slaps. ASF hits Gringo with a Headscissors, and then connects with a Stunner. Steve Scott returns to the ring and takes a selfie as he locks ASF into a submission. Yoya enters and takes down Scott. Lucky 13 now enters, and drills a big knee to the face of Yoya. Jimmy Lloyd then re-appears and connects with a Shoulderbreaker to Lucky 13.

Nate Webb now enters the fray, and he has a stand-off with Jimmy Lloyd. Gringo Loco then springs off the middle rope and arm drags both Lloyd and Webb at the same time. Different wrestlers take turns in diving over the top rope to take out their opponents on the outside. In the ring, Steve Scott jumps from the top turnbuckle, but misses with his attempted move. Scott has ASF now on the top turnbuckle as Yoya returns. Jimmy Lloyd is dropped on his head, before Gringo Loco dives from the top to deliver a Cutter. Gringo connects with a Powerbomb from the top to ASF. Webb takes down ASF and Lucky 13. Webb delivers a Chairsault to Lucky 13 to win.

Winner: Nate Webb via pinfall

– After the match, Charles Mason chokes Nate Webb out with piano wire.

Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) vs. 1 Called Manders & Levi Everett – GCW Tag Team Championship

Effy and Manders begin the contest. Effy slaps Manders, and an open-hand strike war begins. Effy hits the ropes but fails to knock Manders down. He tries again but fails. He goes for a third time, but Manders teases Effy instead. Effy rode on the back of Manders for eight seconds, as the fans counted. Levi is tagged in. Levi and Effy lock up, and Levi gets the upper hand. Effy broke Levi’s churner and he brings it into the ring. Allie is tagged in and she sends Levi down. She delivers splashes in alternating corners to take out Manders and Levi.

Levi manages to connect with a running knee strike to Allie, and then he sends Effy into the ringpost. Manders drives Allie down into the canvas. Manders is tagged in and he works on Allie in their corner. Levi is tagged back in to further dish out some punishment. Levi prevents Allie from tagging in Effy, as Manders is tagged back in. Manders knocks down Allie with a body block. Allie fights back to fire away at Levi and Manders and delviers a double DDT. She manages to tag in Effy, and he is fired up. Effy hits Levi with a TKO on top of Manders.

Effy goes underneath the ring and grabs a door and some chairs. Levi drives Effy through a door in the corner. Manders bodyslams Allie on top of Effy. Levi double churns Allie and Effy. Manders delivers a number of hard chops to Effy in the corner. A door is now set up on top of two chairs, and Allie Powerbombs Manders from the top, but missed the door. Effy puts the door up against the turnbuckles, but Manders sends him through it. Manders delivers a big Lariant to Allie, and Levi follows up with a Diving Headbutt, as Allie gets her shoulder up from the pin attempt. Effy hits a steel chair on the head of Levi and Manders. Allie uses the door to hit both of them. Following a double Zack Ryder by Effy, Allie connects with a Piledriver on Levi to win.

Winners: Still GCW Tag Team Champions, Bussy via pinfall

Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver

Both men shake hands before the match gets underway. Shelley locks Oliver in a standing Hammerlock. Oliver manages to turn things around on the mat, but Shelley immediately counters to work on the left arm. Both wrestlers hit the ropes, as Oliver connects with a Dropkick to the left leg of Shelley. Shelley gets back up and takes Oliver down. Oliver connects with a Cutter through the middle rope. He looks for a dive over the top rope, but Shelley returns to the ring, and moments later has Jordan Oliver locked in a Border City Stretch.

Shelley goes straight back to the left arm of Jordan Oliver. Shelley works methodically on Oliver, and continues to wear him down. Oliver manages to land a kick to the head of Shelley, and delivers a flurry of strikes and moves. Oliver delivers a big boot to the face of Shelley in the corner, then hits another big running kick in the center of the ring. Oliver goes for a Powerbomb, but Shelley counters it into a Facebuster. Shelley hits an Air Raid Crash and Oliver kicks out of the pin.

Shelley manages to lock in another Border City Stretch. Shelley holds onto Oliver’s left arm and delivers multiple chops to the chest. Oliver counters and connects with a Powerbomb, before locking in a Boston Crab. Both men trade open-handed chops to the chest, as Oliver gains the upper hand. Shelley sends Oliver face-first into the turnbuckle. Shelley connects with a Superkick, as Oliver replies with a German Suplex. Shelley manages to lock in the Border City Stretch for a third time to make Jordan Oliver tap out.

Winner: Alex Shelley via submission

– Alex Shelley says this match was special to him and special to Jordan Oliver, He says Oliver’s trainer was the late Jimmy Rave. Shelley says Jimmy did good with Jordan Oliver and thanks everybody.

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joey Janela

The crowd were split as the match began. Joey Janela got the initial upper hand. He grabbed a bottle of p*ss and drank it, before doing the Triple H spitting pose on the apron. Janela has a hold Murdoch with a side Headlock. Murdoch plants Janela with an Atomic Drop, and then takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Murdoch chops Janela in the corner, before he stomps and bites on his fingers. Janela turns the tables, and connects with a knee to the head in the corner of the ring, before unleashing some chops to the chest of Murdoch.

Both men now exchange hard chops, but Janela gains an advantage and works on John Wayne Murdoch against the turnbuckles. Murdoch sends Janela through the middle rope, and then dives from the apron onto Joey. Murdoch grabs the p*ss jug and drinks some, then spits some of it in Janela’s face. Back in the ring, Janela chokes Murdoch with the second rope. Janela works on the left leg of Murdoch. Janela locks in a Figure Four Leglock, as he displays his delight. Janela puts a thumbtack into the head of Murdoch, that he found in the bottom of his wrestling boot.

On the outside, Janela looked to take out Murdoch, but John moves out of the way, and Joey crashes against the chairs set up for the fans. Murdoch then dives onto Janela sat on one of the chairs. They return to the ring, and Janela once again gains an advantage. Joey locks in a Boston Crab, but Murdoch grabs the bottom rope. Murdoch takes Janela off his feet with a big elbow, and then follows it up with a Clothesline.

Joey takes a steel chair from Murdoch, but hits himself in the face as it bounced off the top rope. Janela slams the chair against the throat of Murdoch, following it up by delivering a double stomp. Janela takes Murdoch to the middle of the ring and plants him face-first into the canvas, but Murdoch kicked out of the pin attempt at one. Murdoch and Joey trade German Suplexes, before Murdoch connects with a big kick to the face. Janela hits a Brainbuster. Murdoch connects with a Destroyer, before knocking heads after two pinfall attempts.

Janela pulls out a door from underneath the ring. He sends it crashing into Murdoch with a chair on the outside. Joey sets up the door on top of two chairs. Janela places Murdoch on top of the door, then climbs to the top of the building and drops the elbow. Joey sends Murdoch back into the ring, but only scores a two with the pin attempt. Janela grabs a steel chair and smashes it on the back of Murdoch. Murdoch then Suplexes Joey Janela through the steel chair. Murdoch sets up a door on top of two chairs in the ring, and hits a Destroyer from the top rope through the door to win.

Winner: John Wayne Murdoch via pinfall

– After the match, Ultraviolent Champion John Wayne Murdoch addresses Alex Colon. Murdoch said it was tough talk earlier tonight, and tells Colon to come to the ring right now. Colon comes down to the ring and they brawl, before they are pulled away from each other.

– That’s all for GCW Find You Again 2022!

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