JBL Gives His Take On What Makes An Actual “Good Heel”

During the latest After The Bell podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer JBL gave his thoughts on what a good heel should be. He believes that anyone who likes being told they are a good heel, is not that. For him, someone in that role should be hated, with fans wanting to see them beaten up.


"I had people tell me they like people saying, 'you're a good heel.' If somebody says you're a good heel, you're not a good heel," he said. "Because a good heel is not somebody you recognize as a heel. A good heel is somebody you go, 'I hate that guy.' Would you pay to see somebody beat him? They go, 'yeah, I hate that guy.'"

JBL then discussed the impact that social media has had on the ability to become a heel. He claims to have seen some talent doing heel work on television, and then sharing images of their kids online. It's something he thinks is exposing that the business is a work.

"I have seen guys do some type of dastardly heel tactic or whatever it is. And then they put on their social media their kids and a bible scripture. Like, dude, there's nothing wrong with your kids and a bible scripture, that's wonderful. But not if you want to be a heel, you've got to stay in character. This social media kills a lot of these guys. Because they just expose the fact that what they're doing is a work."


During his career, JBL was able to work effectively as a heel at points. He went deep into things, at this time. He even demanded that WWE didn't create any merchandise for him at that point in time.

"First time I saw a JBL shirt, I literally called Vince and said, 'what are you doing putting out a JBL shirt?' He said, 'I had no idea we had one put out.' I said, 'I don't want some fan (wearing one)' Vince goes, 'I know, take it off.' So, I never let anybody put out a JBL shirt ever. It was out for a short time, and I got it taken off.

"Because I don't want some kid in the front row wearing a JBL shirt. And somebody thinking, 'oh, he must not be a terrible bad guy, because he's got one fan right there.' I used to see a section where people wear the hat, and the suit. After a while, the towel and all that stuff. I would get on the microphone, and I would just lambast these guys."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit After The Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.